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Misused: Brand X
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Misused: Brand X get usage counts

Mind-Altering Substance
Brand X is full of examples that might be better served in Bland-Name Product (like all of those "Pineapple" or "Pear" brand computers). It's probably also being wrongly used.
Dragon Writer
This is a messy pair of pages. The picture on BX is not helping either.

IIRC, Bland-Name Product is supposed to be about parodies of (well-known) name brands, while Brand X is supposed to be about disguising/hiding brand labels on-camera .

BX also claims BNP is a Sub-Trope.

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 3 Another Duck, Mon, 16th Sep '13 10:03:19 AM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
Isn't Brand X basically just where the real brands aren't used? Which can either be hiding them or using fake brands. Bland-Name Product is a fake brand that references a real (or several) brand.

Anyway, supertropes often do collect examples that should go on a subtrope instead, so that particular problem isn't exactly new.

I do think the description goes a bit too much into law stuff, which is only related to the trope as far as justifications and origin for it goes. That can probably be moved to Analysis or something else.
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 4 Larkmarn, Tue, 17th Sep '13 8:34:08 AM Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
Yes, Brand X is when they create a generic brand wholecloth. Bland-Name Product is when they create a new brand, but it's specifically referencing a real life brand.

So a computer running Doors operating system would be Bland-Name Product, but if it were running Operating Operator system, then it would be Brand X.

So you're saying Bland-Name Product is a lawyer-safe Shout-Out?
Still new. Still learning. Asking questions and making mistakes.
 6 Another Duck, Tue, 17th Sep '13 1:04:23 PM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
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 7 rjung, Wed, 18th Sep '13 1:54:48 PM from 4th and Main.
Playing tricks on EVIL!
And how does Fictional Counterpart fit into this?


 8 Another Duck, Wed, 18th Sep '13 2:57:23 PM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
I'm not sure if it's different enough from Bland-Name Product, but it seems to be about the same, only about corporations rather than products. It also seems to be (supposedly; I've not looked at the examples) when you need to tailor it to suit the show's needs, which makes it part Bland-Name Product (which is just disguised to make it different), part original (for the purposes of the plot).

Either way, both are subtropes to Brand X.

edited 18th Sep '13 3:00:24 PM by AnotherDuck

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I am not sure if I understand the difference between Bland-Name Product and Fictional Counterpart. Here is the current example on VideoGame.Sim City.

  • Bland-Name Product:
    • Some of the larger buildings in SimCity 3000 and later are modelled after real world buildings, but named differently. For instance, 450 Sutter appears as "Vu Financial" and the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Building (also known as 150 New Montgomery Street) is "The Galvin Corp". Some may even recognise Battersea Power Station as the form of the Coal Power Plants.
    • The newspaper in SimCity 2000 mentions some fake names. Journalists may win a Bullitzer (not a Pullitzer). Professors can receive the Nodel Peace Prize (not the Nobel Prize in Medicine). Athletes may win a gold medal at the International Games (not the Olympic Games). The game scenario for Barcelona mentions the 1992 Global Games (not the 1992 Summer Olympics).

The first bullet (for the buildings) had used A.K.A.-47, but when I noticed that A.K.A.-47 is only for guns, I switched to the supertrope, Bland-Name Product. I then added the second bullet (for the newspaper). Buildings like 450 Sutter and prizes like Pullitzer are not retail-shop products. Should this example use Fictional Counterpart instead?
I feel like these might suffer similar problems with Expy and Counterpart Comparison...

 11 Willbyr, Mon, 4th Nov '13 4:32:49 PM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Clock is set.
 12 rjung, Mon, 4th Nov '13 7:31:35 PM from 4th and Main.
Playing tricks on EVIL!
What's the action under proposal?


 13 Willbyr, Fri, 8th Nov '13 6:38:40 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Clock's up; locking up.
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