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This is a pretty big problem I've seen with the wiki. Everyone puts Added Aliterative Appeal on trope pages, even though it's just an index for alliterative trope titles.

Should we rename it to Alliterative Trope Titles or just retool it into a page for... some form of alliteration? (Does "alliteration" count as People Sit on Chairs? I'm not sure.)
This issue has come up before.

The only real consensus gathered last time this came up is that simply "Alliteration", as you put it, is far too broad for a page topic, as that would be akin to having pages like "Rhymes" or "Prose" that don't convey anything rather specific.

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Is there a way to "tag" it like the YMMV tropes are without actually making it YMMV?
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No, the other one.
Honestly, I don't think it is a problem. Though the alliterative tropes should naturally be used if applicable first and foremost.

Alliteration is a literary device, often used as a mnemonic aid. While it may not have a meaning in and of itself, it does help with the flow of the text, much like rhymes, and its got an aesthetic appeal.
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I don't see a problem with an Alliteration page that's marked Too Common For Examples. But we can't have an meta-index of trope titles that's misused as a trope. Something's gotta be fixed there.
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I see absolutely no problem with how it currently is.

We don't really have to make a separate meta page or rename it.
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I have no problem with this being used as a trope, so as long as it is a trope.
We already have the separate meta page. But we use the name for something else. That's the problem.

How about we make an Alliteration page and leave Added Alliterative Appeal a redirect for it? And then rename the current Added Alliterative Appeal "Alliterative Trope Titles" or something? That'll be way easier than trying to combat the current misuse.
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What is the separate meta page?
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That is the same page.
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So in other words @8 is proposing the same thing as @7, plus a rename. Going to have to say no to that - 1500+ inbounds and no rename reason at all.
13 AnotherDuck15th Sep 2013 08:24:36 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
Redefine as exampleless supertrope + index? Which is basically how it's used anyway.
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Started going through wicks for Added Alliterative Appeal, just to see how exactly the page is being used, especially since my time in curating the index itself has attracted a lot of people who don't fully grasp the rules and outlines for alliteration that are on the page.

Picking at random...

Is anyone else starting to notice a couple of trends emerging here?

Before anything should be decided on, we should be combing through all these wicks to check correct usage, redirect to more specific alliterative tropes like Alliterative Name where applicable, and cutting back on completely unnecessary Word Cruft.
15 SeptimusHeap15th Sep 2013 09:25:33 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Seems like people using the supertrope for the subtropea (fairly common problem) and people not understanding alliteration at all.

A wick cleanup is an option, but <broken record> do we have the manpower for that? </broken record>.
I'm saying to rename "Added Alliterative Appeal" without changing any of the wicks because the wicks nearly all refer to alliteration, which isn't what Added Alliterative Appeal currently is for. So let's redefine "Added Alliterative Appeal" as alliteration, and make a new name for the titles index.

However, we already have pages for Alliterative Name and Alliterative Title, so those 1,200 wicks (~100% misuse) will need cleaning up no matter what route we take.

Clarification: Some people in this thread think that Added Alliterative Appeal is currently an alliteration supertrope. It isn't, though I suggested we make it one. It is currently an index of alliterative trope titles, none of which themselves have anything to do with alliteration. It is also, far more briefly, an index of tropes related to alliteration.

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17 SeptimusHeap15th Sep 2013 09:29:36 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Not seeing a reason for a rename. Just chuck away the index to Alliterative Trope Names if it comes to that.
If we don't have the manpower, then we get the manpower.

Obviously, as the person who already curates this index for these sorts of things, I'll be willing to volunteer.
"Just chuck away the index to Alliterative Trope Names if it comes to that."

That's exactly what I suggested.
20 m8e15th Sep 2013 09:59:11 AM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Looking through some random wicks I see that some examples are quotes where people say something alliteraded. Most of them for humour.

Edit: AAA is also used for characters that often talks with alliteration, like the Valant Gramarye and [[Characters/DCAU-Batman The Animated Series Antagonists The Penguin]]. An alliterative version of Rhymes on a Dime.

Stuff like:
"Blackbeard's Big Bad Bitchin' Boat... Barbecue"

"On the Führer's birthday... A barrage of Katyushka rockets will tear Berlin to pieces. With your bullets... With your bayonets... With your bare hands... Do the same to their wretched soldiers!"

—>Roger: This crazy Kraut is crackers! He crashed in here and crassly tried to kill us.
Carmen: Oh, Roger, what alliteration!

"Fucking faggot Frenchmen".

—> Martel: Maybe the pervert in the park had a present in his pants, huh?

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[up]What of the other random wicks you said you've looked through? When I just did my random search, these sorts of examples were a clear minority among a multitude of other kinds of use, and I highly doubt that everything you clicked on at random very coincidentally happened to fit only ONE type of usage.

Also, what pages are these from?

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22 m8e15th Sep 2013 12:46:20 PM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Never said that all of them was that type of misuse, most of them looked like your examples. My point is that I found a misuse that might be a missing trope, or maybe two.

  • Alliteration for fun/as jokes.
  • Rhymes on a Dime but with alliterations instead of rhymes.

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Alliteration for fun/as jokes and Rhymes on a Dime but with alliterations instead of rhymes.

And of this sort, I've noted instances that appear like notices of In-Universe story occurrences and editors working it into whatever they're writing for no immediate, relevant reason for what they're supposed to be explaining.

It should also be noted that Rhymes on a Dime outlines specific characters in stories as frequently rhyming when regularly speaking as a prominent trait of personality, gimmick, or quirk. The most accurate alliterative counterpart to this is a character speaking alliteratively on a frequent basis for the same reasons.

One brief rhyming sentence or two wouldn't be a valid example of Rhymes on a Dime, and I haven't seen ANY examples in any wicks I've looked at of fictional characters behaving this way with alliterative language.

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Bump. Any progress?
I have to say, I don't get the point of the index to begin with. Here's a list of all alliterative trope names.



No thoughts yet on what would be a tropable definition, though. Maybe make AAA a supertrope for the alliterative tropes?

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