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Not Thriving: Antepiece get usage counts

To be precise, examples of the sub trope go in the subtrope page. Examples of the supertrope go on the super page. Split the examples where ever you can.
Still new. Still learning. Asking questions and making mistakes.
Uh, gotcha, but it feels like most examples of this supertrope would be filed under the subtropes. I mean it'd be quite a big deal if there were some form of instructive level design that is only done in <6 games or whatever, and if you're talking about more than 6 then why not make a subtrope? And indeed if you are talking about something appearing in <6 games, one would think that another designer would come along and use it in theirs.
Like the interesting note on god hand: that applies to the supertrope, not the antepiece. It's talking about general Conveyance, not specifically Antepiece.
Still new. Still learning. Asking questions and making mistakes.
Supertropes generally only have examples that don't fit any of the subtropes.

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Total posts: 79
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