Mighty No. 9 - Spiritual Sucessor to Mega Man by Keiji Inafune himself:

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I feel terrible for saying it, but it looks like its time for the vultures to feed.

I worry about the IPs, but Capcom hasn't been doing right lately. I hope the titles can go to places where they will flourish if the worst case scenario comes to pass.
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As fond as I am of Capcom due to growing up on some truly fantastic games, this only serves to highlight what we've been saying for a while now: either Capcom wins back their fanbase by cleaning up their act and truly listening to the fans for input or they sink. It's as simple as that. I'm hoping that they actually don't go under, but they do need a reality check.
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403 Recon512th Sep 2013 10:58:04 PM from Southeast Asia
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If the I Ps do end up being released, I actually hope they are put to rest (commercially) and are succeeded by spiritual followups - like Megaman possibly being succeeded altogether by Mighty No. 9.

Give those I Ps themselves some time for the effects of Capcom Sequel Stagnation to wear off. SF and MH especially need that treatment.
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You'll never see it coming.
In that scenario, why wouldn't Inafune try to buy back the rights to Mega Man? I have nothing against what he's doing now, but it's clear this is Inafune showing how he'd do the series if he wasn't constrained by Executive Meddling. The man even offered to finish up Legends 3, remember?

If anything, it'd be more sensible for Inafune to merge the two into the same general world. Saying that Mighty No. 9 should outright replace Mega Man (if such a thing were to happen) is akin to how people thought there wouldn't be any more Guilty Gear because ASW was working on BlazBlue.
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405 Recon512th Sep 2013 11:26:15 PM from Southeast Asia
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They shouldn't be merged because Mega Man itself can be revisited later. Besides, a new franchise holder might just decide to go off on yet another new tangent like Capcom did so many times.
All of this is incredibly ironic since it was Inafune who set them on the death course to begin with.
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This again.

But yeah. Capcom... Good luck. If someone like Arc Sys can get Darkstalkers out of your cold dead hands would really mean a lot.
If anyone buys them out, I imagine they're gonna do it all at once, not just one at a time.
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That's... a lot of IPs to buy all at once. I'm not sure there's anyone that would want to buy all of Capcom...
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410 DragonGeyser13th Sep 2013 03:31:39 AM from a computer, DUH.
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Not even EA would be willing to pay for all of Capcom should it go down.
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411 Recon513th Sep 2013 04:16:20 AM from Southeast Asia
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SF, Mv C and MH would be snapped up quite fast by an equally profit-driven type and potentially run even further into the ground. Megaman would most likely be split between different enthusiastic devs/pubs who are interested in different sections of the franchise - i.e. Classic through Advent wouldn't be picked up by the same dev as BN while Legends would go to a third.
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I could see CyberConnect2 buying back Asura's Wrath from them, at any rate.
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While its unlikely all of Capcom will be bought as a whole, its also unlikely franchises will be broken up and sold that way, either. If Capcom goes under, its probably a safe bet that all of Mega Man will go to the same place. Street Fighter and Final Fight will also likely go to the same place.

Hmm. Wouldn't it be some kind of special for P* to get DMC, Viewtiful Joe, God Hand and Okami out of something like this?

Of course, that's assuming Capcom fails and its metaphorical corpse can be divided up so cleanly. I'd be happy to see Capcom realize that they're fucking up and change things, really.

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It's probably a bit off-topic to ponder who would go after which Capcom IPs should they go under, but eh, what the hell, I'm up for pointless speculation.

Mega Man - if I was to guess, I'd bet there would be a bidding war between Nintendo (who has always loved Mega Man - remember how they were responsible for releasing Mega Man 6 in the US?) and Comcept (Inafune would totally love to bring Rock home), with Nintendo probably winning due to larger coffers.

Street Fighter - I'd almost certainly give the nod to Bandai Namco on this one, although I'd actually list Disney Interactive as a dark horse (it'd make it much easier to produce future Marvel vs. Capcom games).

Resident Evil - I feel like EA would be all over this, for various reasons.

Dead Rising - On the other hand, I bet that Rockstar and Volition would compete for this, and the winner would turn the series into Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row, but with zombies. Eh, I can think of worse ideas.

Darkstalkers - Someone cheap will walk away with this, and it's a damn shame. My dream would be for Konami to get it and have an epic Darkstalkers and Castlevania crossover, but while I'm wishing for things, I'd like a million bucks and a pony.

Ace Attorney - I think Nintendo would nab this one as well, but with less competition than for Mega Man.

Breath of Fire - Squeenix would love to get their hands on this. I'd bemoan the direction of recent Final Fantasy games over this... but did anyone else play Dragon Quarter? Yeah, call me crazy, but I don't think they could screw things up much worse.

There's a few dozen more that could be discussed, but that's off the top of my head. Sadly, I bet someone cheap would go after Gotcha Force, which was too awesome for words.

Oh, hey, Mighty No. 9, didn't forget about you. It could be me having unrealistic expectations, but it looks like things are starting to really slow in terms of incoming donations. Hey, don't look at me, I already promised at the $60 level (I wants me a box, dagnum it!) I know that the last couple of days will present another rush of donations... that said, I'm starting to worry about getting Challenge Mode. Well, considering that I'm already getting the other items I wanted (extra stages and boss rush mode), I can't complain.
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It's kind of a moot point anyway. From a forum thread at another board:

But this is all based on their cash-on-hand, this isn't a representation of the company's actual value. According to their corporate info, they currently have an annual Revenue(Total Income) of $109.7 million and Net Income(After costs) of $29.8 million. So they're not top of the list and but they are also aren't about to go bankrupt.

(and to be honest, considering he's using Kickstarter on this game, I don't think Comcept would feasibly be able to buy ANYTHING from Capcom even if it WERE going bankrupt)
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416 HandsomeRob13th Sep 2013 08:15:57 AM from Shining time station , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
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Nintendo buys Megaman, and does that thing where they let another company handle releasing games. That company happens to be Inafune's Comcept.

Everyone wins.
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417 Sorastitch13th Sep 2013 08:22:11 AM from Last Seen in The Shadowlands
except for Beck, who will have crippling identity issuses
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418 Recon513th Sep 2013 09:01:29 AM from Southeast Asia
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What crippling identity issues? I wouldn't put it past Inafune to start claiming that he is what Megaman should have been from the beginning.
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Beck VS Mega Man

I'd play it.
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or we have a crossover game of ultimate destiny.
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@Capcom's empty pockets: Shit. That was some heavy news to hear about them and their finances. I wish I could give them a shitload of money to keep making good games, but it doesn't just work that way.
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just a little bit to confirm the consoles' version.
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I like the design sketches for Mighty No. 3.

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