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The name is rather uninformative, and relies heavily on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or MS T3k. Without the 3k, it sounds like some sort of sexual tension trope.

I suggest renaming it to something that doesn't rely on MS T3k, describes the trope better, and making MST a redirect and custumising it to the new title.

The trope itself needs a good deal of cleanup since there's quite a lot of Linking to an Article Within the Article.

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2 SeptimusHeap28th Jul 2013 06:49:09 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
It has 271 wicks and 987 inbounds. Is there any misuse?
The title isn't descriptive, and as I said, there are some Circular Links that need to be removed.

And the description is a bit long winded despite getting the point across in the first sentence.

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4 Spark928th Jul 2013 07:00:57 AM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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This is an established term, meaning anything from Micro Systems Technology, Master of Sacred Theology, Media Standards Trust, Mountain Standard Time, and Military Sexual Trauma. If anything, this title should be a disambig.
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5 SeptimusHeap28th Jul 2013 07:07:08 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I have no issues with the description; the first sentence is good. I can fix circular links as soon as maxwellsilver's lockout ends.

I personally usually request a better reason than "it's unclear" when renaming a trope with almost 1000 inbounds, so I am going to submit a [tdown] until such is forthcoming. Others may think differently.

Should it just be changed to Complaining or Need Help?
7 SeptimusHeap28th Jul 2013 07:19:18 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Complaining is only when you are reporting a pge for being complainy.

Needs Help, for general problems that don't fall under the Projects fora's threads' jurisdictions.
8 SeptimusHeap28th Jul 2013 07:24:48 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Doubleposting, but I've found this Wikipedia article. It seems to refer to the same thing as our article.
Since Wikipedia has a slightly different name for it, perhaps we could rename it MSTing or Mi S Ting, which is more descriptive than just MST, then make MST a redirect and customize it to display the new title.

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10 AnotherDuck28th Jul 2013 07:45:36 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
MST is the name for the type of fanfic. MSTing is the act of writing such a fanfic. Both are established terms. I've only very rarely seen it written as Mi S Ting outside talking about how you pronounce it.

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I don't see a good reason to change this, given that it is a pre-exsting term with a Wikipedia article of a similar name and it has lots of inbounds and wicks.
MST sounds like it refers to the show, Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I've never seen it refer to fanfic. We usually oppose trope names that are entirely an acronym unless there is profanity involved (like BFG). Trope names with acronyms also do poorly in searches.

I found Acronym Trope Names. It's broken up into several sections, the first of which is "Acronyms to Keep". I'm not entirely aure what it means, but I think it refers to the acronym trope names that were decided to be kept in a previous cleanup.

Edit again. Acronym Trope Names is outdated. Many of the tropes listed in the first section have since changed.

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13 AnotherDuck28th Jul 2013 10:24:09 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
MST as a fanfic term isn't so much an acronym as plainly the name for it. A MST fic and a Mystery Science Theatre fic are two different things. It comes from there, sure, but it's never used as such.

I'll also note it's a lot less common nowdays than it used to be. Partially because Fanfiction Dot Net doesn't allow them anymore.
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Apparently the term does originate from MST3K because it's about giving another person's fanfic an MST3K treatment.

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15 Larkmarn28th Jul 2013 10:47:35 AM , Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
This is fine.

It's a widespread fanfic term, no one's managed to provide any evidence of misuse, and it should be clear enough given this site.
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I think it should be called MSTing. Never heard of Mi S Ting before; I always figured it would be pronounced eM-eS-Tee-ing, but whatever.
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17 Clarste28th Jul 2013 02:08:53 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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MSTing makes sense to me because it implies it can be used as a verb, and separates it from the list of other abbreviations mentioned earlier.
18 Spark928th Jul 2013 02:14:10 PM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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I agree, it should be MSTing. That's what it's actually called, and (unlike "MST") it's an unambiguous term.
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19 AnotherDuck28th Jul 2013 05:22:41 PM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
I don't really mind naming it MSTing, but unless it's actually proven to be problematic as it is, I wouldn't vote for a change.
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I don't recall misuse being the only reason to rename a trope.

Then, almost 1000 inbounds does indicate the name is popular elsewhere.

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21 SeptimusHeap29th Jul 2013 02:31:15 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Misuse is not the only reason to rename something, but you definitively need a strong argument with a trope of ~1000 inbounds.
This is one of the names I would support renaming if it wasn't so popular. Unlike UST, it can't be simply spelled out as doing so would make it into Mystery Science Theater, which isn't appropriate for the trope.

I'd keep the name as it is now unless misuse is indicated or all acronym tropes are to be renamed.
23 Spark929th Jul 2013 03:44:24 AM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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Since this is a such a small change, I think it would work if we just rename the trope page and leave he wicks to Wiki Magic.

Alternatively, use the software punctuation trick to render MST as MSTing.
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I think using a custom title to add letters to a name instead of renaming it is confusing and unnecessary.

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25 SeptimusHeap29th Jul 2013 04:02:30 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Yeah, no custom title renames, please.

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