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From the description, it seems that a lot of links to Menstrual Menace should more properly be linked to No Periods, Period as an aversion, or a new trope (or an existing one) about women being cranky during that time of the month. This was brought to my attention after (1) reading the actual Menstrual Menace page where it states that it's supernatural, and (2) when I saw it on A Hairy Problem, where the second example might count, the first one definitely does not.

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It seems that a lot of the period tropes (Menstrual Menace, All Periods Are PMS, No Periods, Period) are in need of looking over, as there seems to be some confusion.
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It's supposed to be about women or Action Girls who are supernatural or in supernatural settings becoming even more aggressive and powerful during the period. I've seen one instance of misuse in an example of Animaniacs. The correct trope should be All Periods Are PMS.

Edit: I actually can't find the example at the moment, but I may run a wick check soon.

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We voted to fix No Periods, Period (move the 99% of the article that was aversions to its own pages) but the effort died.
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The reason why the No Periods, Period effort died is because it wanted to YKTTW something.
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Well, it looks like someone has added a new trope, All Periods Are PMS, which would probably fit better in most examples than Menstrual Menace.

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Not new. That dates back to 2012 according to the YKTTW archive.

Incidentally, it got out of YKTTW with just one hat.

[down]Ok, never mind then.

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Any YKTTW that was launched before the Hat system was installed shows only one hat. I believe the "Hat's Thig was added about a year ago or so. If the page is older than that and has an attached YKTTW, the hat count is irrelevant.
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All Periods Are PMS is relatively new - I remember reading the YKTTW during the No Period Periods discussion.

All Periods Are PMS, like most All X Are Y pages, doesn't work very well. Those pages only work when they cover the assumption that all X are Y - therefore they only list subversions, lampshading etc. As it is, the page is just PMS - every example of a character experiencing PMS, every example of a character not experiencing PMS and every example of anyone ever referring to PMS.

However, we should have a page about how PMS is portrayed. I think the YKTTW suggested a name like PMS: Psycho, Moody, Sullen.

But of course, All Periods Are PMS is still a million times better than No Periods, Period, which is horrifically broken.
It's because Most Writers Are Male that mentioning periods is notable at all. All Periods Are PMS probably needs a better name, but I don't know about a trope of portrayal of PMS in general. No Periods, Period should be exampleless or stick to Lampshade Hanging like Nobody Poops.
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The No Periods, Period TRS.

I personally believe that these tropes may need a coordinated cleanup effort.
That discussion agreed to remove aversions from No Periods, Period and make a new page called Period Problems. So shall we stick the page's current contents into a YKTTW named Period Problems? (Granted, much of the current content isn't about period problems, or necessarily about any trope at all).
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I suppose you could take out a chunk of this page that fits Period Problems and YKTTW it.
And can I take the rest and dump it in a sandbox? We already voted by crowner to limit to delete aversions.
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I have no issue with that.
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I think part of the issue is the name. If it was Supernatural Period, it would cause less confusion than Menstrual Menace. Most of the links to Menstrual Menace would probably fit All Periods Are PMS.

Edit: perhaps a rename of All Periods Are PMS to The Dreaded PMS, if the name is that much of a problem?

Edit 2: [down] agreed.

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Get out of my mind, idea! I already have an idea in there!
That sounds better than the current name, but let's decide on whether it should be renamed first.

I actually think we should work out how to clean up all the period related tropes.
Good suggestions so far [up] and [up][up].

I went ahead and cleared all aversions from No Periods Periods, and I'll now throw up some YKTT Ws.
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I agree with a general cleanup of these tropes. Some of them have bad names and others have misuse concerns.

Eta: I have also moved the list of deleted examples to No Periods Period Aversions; sandboxes ought not to be in Main/.

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Thanks - I started some YKTTW threads, all up for grabs.

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Another thing that would probably help would be creating a supertrope or index for the menstruation tropes
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An index would be a good idea, but I also remember we had an index of breasts which was cut.
23 SeptimusHeap19th Aug 2013 11:45:18 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Breasts have strong sexual/erotic connotations that played a role in the cut of the index (—> Keep Abreast Of This Index); I do not know of any similar implications of menstruation.
They're not exactly everyday conversation material. That's why I brought it up, though I get your point.
They're not exactly everyday conversation material
Are you a girl?

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