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Kind of surprised that no one has been talking about this little gem, especially with the craziness happening in the most recently scanlated chapters. Going to bypass the "personally followed" thread this time.

Yukari the Qualia is a story of Gaku, your average high school girl, who befriends a strange girl, Yukari, who apparently sees everyone, even herself, as a sort of humanoid machine. How you can go from a cute story about friendship between two girls to a multiversal story of one girl's drive for revenge and justice just has to be read to be believed.

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I've seen the title as Murasakiiro no Qualia

And, yes, I quite like it
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I'm surprised at the coherence of this, but then again, it's supposed to be like Shin Sekai Yori, a series based on a HUGE single book.

But craaaaaazy stuff, these past few chapters. Who's willing to bet that this "Gaku-chan" makes a call to the past telling that Gaku-chan to never let Yukari go in the end, huh?

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I'd be kind of annoyed if that happened. Not because it's a cop out, but because it should have been the first thing she tried if it's possible
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Take note, she only started weaponizing her ability to conference the infinite myriad of her alternate reality selves from the past AND the future only recently.

But yeah, you WOULD think it'd be the first thing she should have tried. Then again I don't think anyone expected Yukari to end up DEAD.

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Unless she does not have that power now, and gets an upgrade later.

I love this series (I put an entry in Save Scumming). It has more, better, faster genre shifts than Medaka Box, making it extremely compelling and hard to predict.

I found myself wondering earlier if Gaku can ever change carriers or plans on her cel phone arm.
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I'm not sure how it was in the original book, but manga Gaku seems to be always narrating in past tense... Which makes it confusing as to whether or not its being narrated by the same "Gaku-chan" we've been following from the start of the manga, or one of her other counterparts who's already gone past that particular "branch" of probability.
"Well, that escalated quickly." Sum up most of my toughs about this one. 'cause damm.

Was it just me who felt some part of me burning with irrational fury during that "the world needs geniuses to move forward" monologue?
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Is this the one where Alice diatribes to Gaku? Because this can be explained by JAUNT basically brainwashing her about their supposedly "benevolent" motives.
Well, that was a lot of words to explain why Gaku could return to the past. Also, confirmation that she's a closeted bisexual and the first time the narrative switched midcall. That last one probably isn't important, but I thought it was neat
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