Unclear Description: Costume Inertia

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26 SeptimusHeap7th Oct 2013 04:54:07 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Votes bump!

All else in the red.

27 theAdeptrogue7th Oct 2013 08:32:29 AM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Only one option is in green now. Are we done? tongue

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28 SeptimusHeap7th Oct 2013 08:52:10 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Needs a few more votes. 15 is a good rule of thumb.
29 Willbyr25th Oct 2013 10:26:47 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Calling for Costume Exaggeration.
30 Larkmarn25th Oct 2013 10:44:11 AM , Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
Cleared out the Costume Inertia examples from Costume Exaggeration.

All that's left is to decide which one gets the picture. I'll make an IP thread, I think we're done here.
31 SeptimusHeap25th Oct 2013 10:54:18 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I'll finish the tagging immediately, also Costume Exaggeration needs some crosswicking.

One month too late, but the crosswicking's done.

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Alternative Titles: Costume Inertia
11th Aug '13 1:49:12 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
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