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Anomaly of Time and Space
Didn't see a thread for this, so here:

Been playing a lot of these lately, and there are some really stand-out stories in the crowd. And being art games and all, I'm sure people have lots of ways of interpreting these.

Company of Myself and the Time one are apparently the really popular ones (I first played the latter years ago), and they're both very good, though I'd also highly recommend Depict1, Loved, Alight, and Tower of Heaven.

Oh, and of course this thread isn't limited to stuff on Newgrounds. That just happened to be a good collection I found.

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Tower Of Heaven is one of those few "art games" that happens to have an actual GAME attached to it. Passage might be an interesting idea, but I really couldn't connect to it.
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Anomaly of Time and Space
Depict1 and Alight are definitely actual games, but very moving and/or thought-provoking ones nonetheless. Loved is also a legitimate platformer, it's just incredibly short.
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Depict1 and Tower of Heaven were both pretty great, but my personal favourites are The Majesty of Colors and - which isn't actually listed for some reason - The Bright in the Screen. :D
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