Is this valid criticism I'm getting?:

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Hey guys,I could really use some advice how to approach this little "problem" I'm having with one of my watchers on Deviantart who keeps offering "helpfull critique". I'm planning to do a story (well,a comic) about angels/demons,heaven and hell,you know,classic stuff.I have only posted conceptart of the characters and descriptions,keep in mind I don't have anything written yet and noone can see yet how my story will look like.I've put a lot of effort into characterization and in the worldbuilding,everything has rules,cause and effect,and by this time,if I change everything,it would cause major plotholes into the story.

The villains of the story live in the Sheol dimension,and are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.The main character is an average demon dude who gets sentenced to imprisoment in Sheol,and has to find the exit that is guarded by the horsemen.Everyone uses guns that are powered by their mana,and the shape of the weapon is totally irrelevant,the winner is the person with the strongest amount of spiritual pressure.

So,this person took an interest in my story,but soon started complaining when he saw the weapons characters used.Or he didn't think the designs "fit them" and aren't "majestic" enough.

He has TONS of suggestions and writes essays on my page what would make it look better. The problem is,I have to draw all this things,and it's hard for me as it is.And they guy in question isn't an artist,he is a 3D programmer and admitted to me he can't draw himself.I have no problem taking suggestions from a non-artist,but this guy is getting more demanding and critical,and when I did what he told me and used the resources he gave,he complained again about guns looking "generic". I only have a pen tool and have to draw everything from scratch, and poor quality photos he gave me from one angle and he has privilege to model his designs in a program and rotate it from every possible angle.As a non-artist he really doesn't understand how difficult it is for me.When I asked him for more help and explained why this isn't enough,he told me "I already told you everything.Use Google images"

The problem escalated when I posted my main character design.and he complained he looked generic,and wanted me to make the Horsemen the main characters.But he hasn't even seen the story,and is already making assumptions that couldn't be more wrong.

I have some qoutes of his critique and to be honest,he seems a bit obsessed with changing my story to his own liking.

" I think more red color on his clothes would be a good idea, make it more army uniform like (just my opinion) but my real objection is his weapon; sniper rifles are weapons of assassination rather than weapons of war. I'd think giving him something with high fire rate (two Uzi guns or a Minigun) or large area of effect (Grenade launcher, rocket launcher or just a grenade belt) or a mix of both (I could totally imagine him with two Uzi guns, a grenade belt along his shoulder and a RPG 7 on his back or maybe a Minigun with a bullet belt crossing the grenade belt.)"

And more :

"Now death is the last and most powerful of the horsemen so I’d expect a more majestic outfit than that; at least a big long coat to match that crazy hair, but that is just my opinion. The weapon is also… he looks more like a little hetman with a scary mask than a harbinger of the end. I recommend a gun-blade or a scythe-rifle"

I really think he is becoming unreasonable and doesn't understand there is a person behind the screen that has to draw all this things,and I would really love to listen to him but I don't have the time,nor are my skills strong enough to pull that off.

Also,I think he totally misinterpreted what my story will be about.It is not a futuristic SF story with guns and explosions,battle is just a tiny part of the story and I can already see him displeased because there is "too much talking" and "not enough action".

Sorry for the wall of text,but these is the first are the only critiques I'm actually getting,and I really don't want to come across as an arrogant person who doesn't accept critique. But I can't really think this guy is trying to change a story to something that will never happen.And I cannot deliver all of the things he wants me to,I would,but I'm not that good of an artist yet. I'm just starting to ignore him,but I would like your opinion about this.

2 KyleJacobs11th May 2013 07:35:23 AM from DC - Southern efficiency, Northern charm , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
Sounds like you already know whether or not it's valid, but if you need us to confirm it - fuck that guy.
3 ohsointocats11th May 2013 07:44:36 AM from The Sand Wastes , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Holy shit, it sounds like he's trying to hijack your work. Tell him to draw his own.
4 SaintDeltora11th May 2013 07:48:52 AM from The Land Of Corruption and Debauchery , Relationship Status: I'm just high on the world
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Complain about him to the mods. (assuming Deviantart has them)This guy does not derseves your attention.
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5 Madrugada11th May 2013 08:09:38 AM , Relationship Status: In season
I quite agree with Oh So Into Cats. Tell him to make his own and stop trying to hijack yours. Saint Deltora also makes a good point.

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6 Vincentquill11th May 2013 11:38:05 AM from Dublin , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Tell him to write his version himself. That should make you both happier.
7 nrjxll11th May 2013 03:20:48 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Seconding the above responses. I've occasionally seen people like this, and consider them extremely annoying and rather childish.
8 Wolf106611th May 2013 03:42:39 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Reading the "critiques", the phrase that sprung into my mind was "piss off and write your own fucking story, then."

Is there any way to block the guy from commenting on your stuff? I don't use deviantart, so I wouldn't know what stuff is in place to curb the activities of wankers like that.

But just stick to your guns and do it your way. You're the one who has the ideas and if your story makes it clear enough in the way its executed that the "look" of the guns matters nothing compared with the spiritual power of the weilder, then most people are not going to mind. One mouthy little turd doesn't represent society at large.

I do suggest that wherever you display/publish your finished work, you do so in a fashion where that person can't make unmoderated nasty comments.

You know the characters, your look for them is the one that's most appropriate.
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Just going to copy/paste some of the quotes.

"my real objection is his [...] crossing the grenade belt.)"

This would actually make sense as a criticism if he actually backed up the opinion as to why weapon A > weapon B. I mean, if he thinks a sniper rifle isn't suited for a guy who's main tactic is charge in and blow stuff up, then yeah, it makes a bit of sense. But I don't have the context to judge. Plus, he actually doesn't back up his opinion, so that doesn't matter anyways.

"Now death is the last and most powerful of the horsemen so I’d expect a more majestic outfit than that; at least a big long coat to match that crazy hair, but that is just my opinion. The weapon is also… he looks more like a little hetman with a scary mask than a harbinger of the end. I recommend a gun-blade or a scythe-rifle"

I agree a lot with your read. There's a little bit of an actual criticism, if you don't mind distilling it (that he feels the outfit doesn't match the character). Of course, as you note, it's hard to draw something, especially if you're going to have to do so over and over. This is really your call, but it sounds like you've got a good handle on it.

I agree a lot with the above - there is garbage all over. There are some slightly valid thoughts, but they aren't defended in any way. If you're REALLY curious and don't mind reading walls of text, you can probe him on the subject. Else, I'd just throw it away.

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10 nrjxll12th May 2013 03:25:00 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
If there's valid critiques in there, they're accidental. This is a blatant "abandon your story to tell mine" demand.
11 chihuahua012th May 2013 04:03:23 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Yeah, critiquers that try to make people stories their own are quite annoying and are to be avoided. Beyond a few basic rules of respect and such, it's your call on what to do with your work.

By the way, here's how you can block someone, if you don't already know.

This guy is not offering con-crit. He's not pointing out, say, flawed anatomy or botched perspective or whatever. He's just bitching. So yeah, ditto to all of the above. Block him and focus on your work.
I agree with everything else that's been said. It's your work. Don't let him stand in your way. I find it funny that you can only block 500 people from your profile page. What kind of person would need to block 500 people? It sounds like the person who uses up his blocks doesn't want any feedback.
14 Tiamatty17th May 2013 11:16:24 PM from Now on Twitter , Relationship Status: Brony
It sounds like you appreciate at least some of the feedback, and have tried to take his comments into consideration. So be polite about telling him to back off. Just explain that, as far as the art goes, what you do is different from what he does, you don't have the same tools he has, and you're working within the confines of what you do have. And tell him that you have certain things in mind for the characters, a certain vision of them in your head, and there are some things you're not willing to change. You can also point out that the story won't be action-heavy, so he doesn't go in expecting one thing and getting another.
Sorry for the late reply,and thank you so much everyone. Don't worry about it,what he's doing isn't block worthy,he is just being kind of boorish,trust me,he isn't being malicious at all,he does acctually like my art alot and always compliments it,he just thinks he's helping,but,yeah,not really helpfull. I'm going with Tiamattis suggestion,trust me guys,while sometimes I did get the urge to send him you know where,but y'know I think it's the best just to respond with civility and explain there won't be a story he's expecting and that I'm not breaking any gun artistic lisence. Thank you again everyone!
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