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27 Grahf15th Sep 2013 10:14:43 PM from Nowhere in Particular , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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New episode:

Connery Zepelli is best.
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grin Kyaa indeed, Erina! SPEEDWAGON~!

... and shirtless Dio-sama, I guess.

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Oh my gosh, I just had the weirdest thing happen. My brother and I are eating steak for lunch at our grandpa's and my brother came in and asked how I liked my steak. My answer? Medium rare, complete with an "um" at the beginning xD
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31 Grahf2nd Dec 2013 07:40:53 PM from Nowhere in Particular , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Comment Special:

... So, as I'm lurking through Youtube for seeing the latest news about this series, what do I find ? That a couple of french abridgers are making their own take of an abridged version of Phantom Blood. Here's the link to their channel. The series is called Jojo's bizarre adventure : la série abrgée, which means... Well, Jojo's bizarre adventure : the abridged series.

So after having watched it, I can safely say, while I feared a simple rehash of Antfish's series, that they're actually not doing a simple translation, or completely ripping off Antfish. They're putting their own spins on the characters, they're producing their own jokes, and on a whole this is actually quite complimentary ; although, of course, as they're riffing the same material than Antfish, a few similarities are bound to occur. A big difference however : Antfish's Jonathan is a kindhearted and smart gentleman ; frenchguys' Jonathan is a complete doofus ( he STILL doesn't get the hint when he finds a letter from Dario Brando that says "Dio killed me").

The voice acting is different in many ways. No "Dio = Tim Curry" or "Speedwagon = Pops" here, they have their own vocal identities, although Dio is still suave as hell and Speedwagon kind of a drag. But on the other hand, it also feels less memorable ; you're more focused on the jokes than on their voices and it sometimes feels that any character could have said this line or this one. To stay on the negative sides, the technical quality is sometimes off in the first episodes (bad microphones and software, mainly), but the quality increases once we reach the third one.

They're also working faster than Antfish (being at the very least two helps a lot, and they also get some help from other french abridgers), as the latest episode (out 2 weeks before this post) ends with Tarkus' defeat, despite the fact they started a few months after Antfish. We'll see if they can keep this schedule. Speaking of the latest episode (the fourth one), it is GLORIOUS. Not only do they put hilarious lines, they're also completely embracing the similarities between early Jojo and Fist of the North Star : Zepelli, before going to Tibet, tried to train with Toki... Who straightforwardly told him to "go fuck himself". And the final battle with Tarkus is just one FONS reference after another. While still being absolutely AWESOME.

tl;dr : a fun thing to watch if you speak french and a good alternative to Antfish's series, just like it's possible to like both Abridged On Titan and Attack on Titan Abridged.

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33 Grahf12th Oct 2014 03:55:37 PM from Nowhere in Particular , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Gentlemen, a new episode is ... not out yet. But, it is, however, on the way.
34 Mrsunshinesprinkles13th Oct 2014 03:50:01 AM from In your heart , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Oh man it's been forever. This is a pleasant surprise.
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35 Grahf3rd Nov 2014 02:10:47 PM from Nowhere in Particular , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
... Uh. I found it... Underwhelming. I honestly had a better time watching the three first episodes and the comment special. I can't really say how exactly, it just... I don't know, miss the spark that was making this series stand over others.

Also, to be honest, wrestling jokes completely fly over my head, so that didn't help, at the very least.
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