Criticism for Webmanga idea?:

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1 Hungerismygame3rd May 2013 04:37:18 PM from Virginia Beach, VA
I've gotten some mixed opinions about an idea for a webcomic which I have been developing for over a month. Since there are so many writers on this site, I would like to see what fellow tropers thing.

"Shortly after transferring to a new school, Ray begins to receive threatening notes from an anonymous admirer. When one of these threats is carried out, the sender gives him an ultimatum: "Kiss me before the end of the school year, and I'll tell you everything... However, if you fail to figure me in time, or I hear about you kissing anybody else, the truth will disappear forever." Now he must win the devotion of three girls, all the while knowing that one of them is a murderer."

Please don't be afraid to be honest, whatever you may think.
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2 AceofSpades3rd May 2013 05:23:51 PM , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
This sort of thing is better suited for the world building or writer's block forum, since this one is about discussing webcomics that already exist. The other two are specifically for discussing ideas the way you want. Many of the people who post here don't actually write comics.

Also, that... I don't know, I think a guy would want to avoid romance with a girl if he genuinely thinks she's a crazy stalker.
3 Hungerismygame3rd May 2013 05:35:55 PM from Virginia Beach, VA
Oh, sorry T.T I don't use the forum very much. Should I delete this post? (And, if so, how would I do that...?) Also, he doesn't necessarily want a relationship with anybody; he's just playing along, because he wants to find out the truth. If he were to find out who she was at any moment, the playing around would stop.
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4 AceofSpades3rd May 2013 07:41:56 PM , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Eh, I don't think we can delete posts. Just don't post anymore and it'll get pushed to the bottom.

Anyway, I sincerely wish you luck with this project; I know that first endeavors can seem intimidating.
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What's this truth? Otherwise, it sounds nice, though if the threats are really dangerous I'd want to stay the hell away from that person, not with them.
8 doorhandle5th May 2013 05:54:43 AM from Space Australia!
Any reasons why he doesn't just report this to the police?
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