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1 ramuf19th Apr 2013 06:28:49 PM from the Shining Throne
This most probably has been done before, but I don't see why we can't do it again.

Who is your favorite character, and why? I supposed I will start.

My favorite character is a fun guy by the unpronounceable name of Me'Hron. Me'Hron is the god of war of my little universe. He is simply my favorite because in a world where only the badass survive, he is the most amazingly powerful.
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If you mean from my own work, I'd say the Quiet Bard Nigel, because he's a Noble Demon compared to the other members of his house.

If you mean from any work, I'd say Seymour Guado for his kickass aeon, dark Willow or Glory for their magic and sassiness respectively, Bellatrix Black for her psychotic devotion to Voldemort, and Nancy because magic made her crazier than she already was.

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3 Gaon20th Apr 2013 07:22:32 PM from Grim Up North , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
My protagonist Fausto Cross was my favorite. I fell in love with the idea of him being a man who fights to protect humanity from demonkind, while not understanding or caring for humanity in specific. His entire quest is pointless from a personal point of view: He is fighting for a world he doesn't understand, and for a society he can't connect with. Sociopathic Hero played up for existential analysis.

Out of all the characters I mentioned in tvtropes, he received the most criticism.

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4 ramuf20th Apr 2013 10:46:44 PM from the Shining Throne
Mayhaps I should have been more specific. I meant from one's one writing.

I always thought that Me'hron's character was amusing because he was the war god, and he hated war. Maybe it's contrived irony.

And, I feel stupid for this, how do you make something a link? I am such a newbie.
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Me'hron sounds like it'd be a pretty awesome name for a god of boredom. grin

(I imagine he's Never Heard That One Before... grin)

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6 ramuf20th Apr 2013 10:54:49 PM from the Shining Throne
Considering that Me'Hron is supposed to be a few billion years old, he's certainly heard just about everything tongue
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It's a three-way for me. All men!

First, we have Dragon-in-Chief Dadaleus. For one, he's a Magnificent Bastard. Two, he out schemes the schemers, and they don't even give him a second thought. Three, he's a Father to His Men. And lastly, he's just so fun to write.

Two, we have Delma. Chivalrous Pervert, Big Brother Mentor, and all around funny, giving me a chance to through in some good old fashioned blue humour.

Then we have Jacques. Anti-Hero. Farm Boy turned revolutionary. Bad Ass. Plus, he has the most Character Development out of everyone excluding maybe "Well Done, Son!" Guy Arato.

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