Create a premise from a song:

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This is a tough one to do.

I will give a song for someone to make a premise out of. That person will then give a new song to the next poster to make a premise out of.


Exile Vilify; An amnesiac man travels the earth in pursuit of a person who's the only link to his past. But does he want to know the things he had wrought in his previous life?

Next guy can start with Adele's Skyfall:
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Armageddon has happened, Hell is winning the War. Humanity is effectively wiped out from the planet, and only one Archangel Michael (alongside a depowered God, who is now on the brink of death) is left alive. He must undergo a spiritual quest to face Lucifer himself as the last hope of this realm, in this quest, he will question his allegiances to Heaven, his loyalty to God, if humanity is worth saving and if he's on the right side.

As the sky falls...

[don't question where the Hell I took that plot from, either, that was some weird shit]

[[Woodkid - Iron]]
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