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1 RedneckRocker9th Apr 2013 05:09:13 PM from None Of Your Business
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For those who aren't aware, in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a recurring motif in clothing, furniture, etc., is a question mark. So I thought I'd do something similar with one project.

The setting is very, VERY inspired by the RPG Scion (i.e., Clash of the Titans meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer). So I thought that I'd have a similar idea throughout the setting.

My original thought was that there'd be different symbols depending on pantheon (such as a runestone for a Norse demigod, a skull for the Loa, maybe a yin-yang for the Celestial Bureaucracy, etc.) Another option would've been a "universal" symbol that represents the various pantheons. But sadly, nothing came to mind. Any suggestions/recommendations on which way to go?

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Geometry. Various geometric shapes or patterns. For instance a fractal triangle.
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Numbers (especially one, three and nine) are usually symbolic or significant in many cultures. Animals are usually used to symbolize things and are pretty consistent in what they symbolize.

Also, a circle with a dot in the center is a symbol that I see pop-up a lot in different cultures.
The circle with a dot in the center is, if I recall correctly, the astrological symbol of Sol.
Poker cards.

Ace, Queen, Jack, Joker, King, all the numbers and the shapes Spade, Diamond, Club, Heart.

Protaginist could be Ace, significant female character a Queen of Hearts, antagonistic male a King of Spades, Wild Card a Joker and Jack an important McGuffin.
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