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Do you call something a hunger strike when the prisoner tells her captor she doesn't want to eat but changes her mind a few minutes later?
Depending on context, that might be a failed / subverted Hunger Strike.
This trope seems to be using an oddly specific example and name, but then implies that it can apply to anything. "Other forms of rejection of comforts in captivity are possible: a nicer cell (or The Presidential Suite), a clean set of clothing, etc." Personally, makes me think of Elizabeth in Pirates of the Carribean being forced into that dress by Barbosa. We could make this trope simply about the food, but do we currently have another that would cover refusing creature comforts in general from the bad guy? Food would be a common one, but its not the only possibility.

Regardless, I'mNotHungry sucks as a name. Way too ambiguous
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And another [tup] for Hunger Strike, courtesy of yours truly. ;)
The quote at the top of the page is from Beauty and the Beast where she tells the beast that she's not hungry but when he's not looking goes looking for food. The original creator completely meant for it to fit since she says the title, but if we change it to a lasting Hunger Strike then it would stop counting as a (straight) example. Elizabeth in Pirates of the Carribean also changes her mind very soon after she says she doesn't want to eat.
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No, the other one.
If she tries to eat while he's not looking it still counts, though. She still gives the appearance to him she's not eating, which is the point. Whether she actually eats or not isn't relevant.

I do wonder if it would count if it was a personalised variant, such as a character refusing to eat food from a particular person.

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Bump. Can I call a crowner now?
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There is no crowner here to begin withtongue
This trope seems to be "refusal of hospitality" more than "hunger strike. Hunger strike as in "refusing to eat as a form of political protest" is certainly tropeable, but I'm Not Hungry seems more like "refusing to accept something nice from a personal enemy".
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No, the other one.
[up]I'm not sure I see a significant difference.
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A hunger strike generally is presumed to be indefinite in duration, lasting until some outside circumstance is attained.

Refusal of hospitality can be (and in fiction, often is) a one-time thing, frequently in response to No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine.

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Yeah, a Hunger Strike would be "I refuse to eat until [X] happens", where X is usually a political goal. It may extend all the way to the point of starving to death, which usually makes the one doing the hunger strike a Doomed Moral Victor.

By contract, what I'm Not Hungry seems to be getting at is more a response to No, Mister Bond, I Expect You to Dine (that's a really awkward trope title, incidentally) or Captive Date, where the antagonist is acting "civilized" with the expectation that the protagonist will do the same. I'm Not Hungry is a way to refuse to play the game without just throwing a tantrum and possibly provoking violence. It's more likely to be a one-time (or at least limited duration) thing, and the person doing it is much more likely to give in simply because they're hungry or else manage to get food secretly somehow (something that someone on a hunger strike will almost never do, and be portrayed negatively if they do).
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No, the other one.
I'll rephrase: I'm not sure I see that difference as significant.
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It's the difference between "I refuse to eat at all until these political prisoners are freed/my people are granted civil rights/women are allowed to vote/etc" and "I refuse to eat with you because you're holding me against my will and you expect me to have a nice meal with you".

They're pretty distinct.
40 Madrugada14th May 2013 02:04:18 PM , Relationship Status: In season
They don't serve anywhere near the same purpose in a story. They are not interchangeable. They are distinctly different as storytelling devices.
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Okay, so now what?
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Looks like we need to 1) rewrite the description to match what we've decided in this thread, 2) start a rename crowner, and 3) start a Hunger Strike YKTTW
Just adding my voice and opinion.

I think the trope was probably intended to include both rejection of hospitality as a protest against having been kidnapped (not a hunger strike during formal imprisonment) and refusing to eat because of fears of possible poison or drugs in the food. But poisoned food could easily be its own trope.

I support making this trope only about refusing to eat as a protest against having been kidnapped.
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Maybe expand this to rejection of any hospitality to the prisoners. Tropes Are Flexible, I don't see why this should be limited to food.
I support, "rejection of hospitality as a protest against having been kidnapped."
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I would agree with that.
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Clock is set.
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So, what we're going for more of an aversion of Stockholm Syndrome, which has a page image also referencing Beauty and the Beast.
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Sounds like.

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