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1 PsychoFreaX25th Mar 2013 07:59:17 PM from Transcended Humanity
Does anyone have any tips for writing fights that are like ones from certain shounen manga(mostly 90s) like some of the ones in YuYu Hakusho and Naruto?(though I'm planning mine to be better >:D)

It's like when the villains power serves as a kind of obstacle and The Hero must figure a trick with their own power. I've been thinking of these for a long time but never managed to really talk about it with anyone.

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Is this for a comic or are you actually writing it out?
3 PsychoFreaX26th Mar 2013 04:54:42 PM from Transcended Humanity
At the moment at least, writing it out.
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There's an amusing book called "Even a Monkey can Draw Manga" It sums up Fighting Shonen criminally well.

Short version: Control adversary inflation and have the hero get trounced early, turn to training, and eventually overcome the opponent. Rinse and repeat.

Even as old as that book is... It really can be applied to any Jump comic. If it ain't broke...
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5 PsychoFreaX28th Mar 2013 08:21:12 PM from Transcended Humanity
Not really what I'm after. At least in the 90s and early 20s shounen fights had more tricks to it. Only occasionally though, but it's better than today when it never happens. You know, something like this(Keep in mind, Kurama's power is to manipulate plants like roses and seeds into weapons) or others I'm going to write.

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As far as I can tell, Shounen fights are based around two things: movement and power.

Movement changes speed: it can go from slow and introspective to fast and intense (imagine a scene where a guy explains his awesome new technique and then actually uses the technique). Portraying movement and time through writing is a thing that every writer needs to learn even though it can be very difficult. I'd recommend reading old pulp stories (such as the works of Robert E. Howard) to learn some tricks you can use. They were always simple but action-heavy.

Power in Shounen is heavily based in Japanese spirituality. The physical power of a character is reflective on who they are as a person, what their virtues are and how strong are their beliefs. Goku from DBZ has the spirit bomb as his ultimate attack; it gathers the energy of living things to destroy evil. That demonstrates Goku's virtue of viewing life as precious and demonstrates his desire to defeat evil and protect those around him. That redhead dude from Yuyu Hakusho had a rose whip: whips are swift, elegant and fluid while roses are romantic. His weapon tells you about his character. Villains' power may reflect their cruelty, ambition and so forth. The stronger a character's conviction, the more powerful a fighter they are. Usually when a character is beaten in combat, it effects them emotionally and defeating the one who beat them is portrayed as a step in recovering from the emotional trauma of their defeat. It's all very Bushido and samurai-y. In Japanese culture, weapons and power are an extension of the warrior's will rather than tools that a warrior uses.

That's all I got. Hope it helps.

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Ah, so you wanna go JoJo-style with lots of duels involving entertaining tricks and strategy? Well, I'm afraid I can't offer much advice beyond 'be creative' (because that's at the heart of what makes them work, really), but remember to adequately foreshadow your gambits so they don't feel like an Ass Pull, stick within the logical limits of your characters' established powers and abilities, and try to avoid Talking Is a Free Action - it's bad form in general, but a written medium in particular doesn't need it because you can use the narrative to explain what's going on rather than the characters.
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8 PsychoFreaX29th Mar 2013 05:11:43 AM from Transcended Humanity
Thanks Iaculus, reminds to watch more of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. I watched a bit of it but don't think I'm up to the really good parts yet.
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