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Thought this ought to be a fun thread. Just list various tropes and describe how your work plays with them! :)

The Chosen One: The identity of "The Chosen One" is determined by a prophecy, or by any other particularly mystical means. His identity is determined by a board of magic-assisted statisticians. At any given time, The Chosen One is the person who is most likely to save the world in the event that a world-ending threat occurs. When the protagonist first learns of the existence of The Chosen One, the protagonist himself is The Second Choice, ie, the person who is second-most-likely to save the world in the event of a world-ending threat.
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Good Scars, Evil Scars: Hisui is covered from her ankles to her neck and wrists in burn and knife scars, and later receives another burn scar on her face in the shape of a hand. Yet despite being so terribly scarred, she is the second closest thing the story has to a good person.
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  • Secret Circle of Secrets: the circle is so secret that the only member we ever directly meet is a fairly mid-level mook with absolutely no idea what The Cult he's a member of believes, how it's run, who is involved or what they're after (beyond his own speculation), and whether or not they're even the evil occult group they've convinced him they are. His only justification is that they saved his life at one point and that "it's better to be in than out". By the end of the story all the information given is ambiguous and it's impossible to distinguish what was part of their plan and what only looks like it might be.

  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: the characters are all trapped in one lasting about six months, and the only character who possibly retains her memory of it disappears in the first chapter. However, it's implied that they've gone through the loop so many times that some unconscious memories have somehow started to persist, and the consequences of this come up whenever events suddenly go off-course (extreme panic, sense of unreality, depersonalisation from a massive disconnect between their memories and perception of reality, etc.)

  • Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: happens briefly to one character, and the effects on an ordinary unprepared person of possibly experiencing God Himself are extremely unpleasant, to the point that he almost completely loses his mind.
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  • Hard Work Hardly Works: Zigzagged. Some characters win through hard work, some don't. Example: The strongest antagonist is viewed as a prodigy as he trumps everyone with only around a year and a half's worth of formal training. but in actuality was only that strong because of the colossal amount of battle experience he has.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil: Justified. The main character's broken-as-hell ability has a set number of uses; the Big Bad sends him progressively stronger enemies precisely because he wants the protagonist to use up his power.

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Here are some played-with tropes in Tales From Crown Town.

  • Evil Vegetarian: One of the villains is a fruit bat that eats sentient fruit.

  • Nice Hat: Some people get discounts based on how cool their hat is.

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  • A Man Is Not a Virgin: Zigzagged. One of my male characters happens to be asexual and isn't interested in sex and doesn't mind, but gets a little teasing for it from his Ethical Slut cousin, but eventually his cousin learns to accept it.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: There's a couple downplayed examples

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