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Continuing from this thread. This page is way too broad to be a trope. A character having an opinion on her large breasts is not trope. Some of these sections can probably can probably have their pages while the others could be merged with larger tropes. Indifferent Beauty, Obliviously Beautiful, and Proud Beauty which came out of the previous thread have already been launched.

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If we've launched those beauty pages, we've solved the problem. We can just cut and redirect this.
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There's still Embrassed Beauty and Resentful Beauty to take care of.
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Resentful Beauty would probably fall under So Beautiful, It's a Curse and embarrassed beauty can be launched anytime. We just need to decide whether it's also part of So Beautiful, It's a Curse (trs thread).
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I believe this trope can be merged with existing tropes that pertain to beauty but are not so breast-fixated.
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We already established that in the previous thread (linked to in the OP).
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Why don't we just move all examples to the remaining YKTT Ws and redirect the page to one of the launched YKTT Ws?
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Which YKTTWs? Sorry, not in the health to search right now.

Gah, why do I always miss the ?s?

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Move all examples to Indifferent Beauty, Obliviously Beautiful, Big Breast Pride, So Beautiful, It's a Curse and Embarrassed Beauty.

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And to Anatomy Tropes, if applicable.
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I think a large number of tropes associated with breasts can go. Big breasts aren't exactly a trope; certain things about them are but aren't well-defined.
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@ Amy Gdala

Do make changes to pages until we've decided what to do. Big Breasts, Big Deal had a number of poorly written examples and most, if all the examples added to Indifferent Beauty don't belong under that trope.
Okay - I commented out the moved examples, but they remain gone from the Big Breasts, Big Deal page.
Those should be put back as well. Again lets not make major changes to pages without discussing what we're gonna do.
Didn't we discuss moving the examples to appropriate Beauty tropes a year ago? That's why we made and launched the pages.
That thread never resolved and tropes that came out of it could have a been made without a TRS thread. A character's reaction to their large breasts and their attractiveness don't always overlap which is probably most of the examples added to Obliviously Beautiful and embarrassed beauty don't fit those tropes, least they don't read like they do.

I think some of the sections on Big Breasts, Big Deal should just be their own pages.
19 EditorPallMall13th Apr 2013 08:40:52 PM from United States, East Coast
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[up]No. That would be The Same but More Specific of already existing (or proposed) tropes. While we could make subpages of those tropes, that would simply be Fetish Fuel Lite; something we do not want.
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[up] Some of these aren't looking like The Same but More Specific and I'm not seeing any Fetish Fuel potential here. It's about a character reaction to their big breasts not the breasts themselves.

Edit: also I know tropes dealing with large breasts have had there fair share of problem (especially since I've helped clean up most of them) but doesn't we not allow to make new legitimate ones.

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[up]You are going to have to explain more than that. Which of these types can stand as their own tropes, not subtropes, and why?
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Resentment should probably be it's only page. Not every example deals with with the attention a character's breasts bring as the problem. There numerous cases about a character being resentful because their large breasts getting in the way or hinder them.

Not sure why we're leaving sub tropes off the table because Big Breasts, Big Deal pride of should be a Sub-Trope Proud Beauty. There's way too many cases of a character being proud of their large breasts to leave on one the same page with other types of examples.

Also, we already have A-Cup Angst and Petite Pride, not sure why we shouldn't have their inverse tropes.

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[up] For what it's worth, I agree and think these conclusions are obvious. The "pride" subtype is almost necessarily coincidental with Proud Beauty, so it's a natural subtrope. The case where a character is proud of large breasts without being beautiful probably has no examples and can be ignored.

And naturally the exact inverse of a trope must also be a trope when there are more than a few examples. I'd like to see a trope for which that wouldn't be true.
Does a character being proud of their large breasts ever play out differently from their just being proud of their beauty?

Perhaps in the case of adolescents, but that would be Puberty Pride, not Breast Pride.
Playing differently? I don't think so because that's kinda missing the point of a Sub-Trope. They're all about a character main point of pride in they're beauty being their large breasts. I don't any other feature comes up as frequently as large breasts.

Puberty Pride, sounds like it has more to due with a character being proud of maturing not their attractiveness. Also, is doesn't have to deal with large breasts.

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