Empathic Powers Without Story Breaking Power:

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1 TheMuse26th Feb 2013 08:09:39 AM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Okay, so in my fantasy-verse, all wielders of magic have some basic ability with empathic powers. Anyone has the potential to get extremely skilled at it, but very few do because becoming an expert empath isn't really that practical in most field. There's a small minority of people who are born with extremely strong empathic powers at birth (they are called super-empaths) I want to ensure that this remains balanced and not too perfect (I'll list some basic pro's and cons)
  • Pros:
    • They often can a good grasp of certain aspects that would take a while for an average mage to get the hang of. They often are quite good at 'mind reading' (not Hollywood Mind Reading, more of being able to sense one's emotions and being able to draw a very simplified idea of what they are attempting to do. ex: hiding, fleeing looking for something, etc.)
    • They can often easily sense when people have gone through experiences very similar to their own. For example, if one character has had something tramatic happen to them, and this has also happened to the super-empath, they can often pick it up. If one character is strongly attracted to another character and this has also happened to the empath, they can also pick up on this as well
  • Cons
    • Super-empaths nearly always need someone to help them develop their powers from a young age, due to the fact that being so tuned in on everyone's emotions can often cause young super-empaths to become unstable
    • The usually end up unconciously pulling mental Sherlock Scans on people, a majority of people are kind of unsettled by this. They must make a concious effort not too.
    • The whole 'sensing other people's past experiences' only works in a very broad sense. You would be able to 'tell' if one has had a tramatic experience similar to their own, but have no idea what it was. This power also doesn't take nonstandard reactions into account. For example, if a super-empath once killed someone and felt extremely bad about it and they encounter another person who killed someone, but the latter has no remorse, they wouldn't be able to tell.
    • This power also acts as almost a Ambiguous Disorder, similar to a sensory disorder. Super-empaths often don't fare well in high tension crowds, busy crowds or other situations, due to the fact that they WILL pick up on all of the bad emotions and/or become very distracted. (They often do even worse at crowded funerals) A few of them have emotional problems because of it, but most of them have manage themselves quite well.

Does this seem like it is a potential Story Breaking Power due to being a little too Mary Sue-ish or does it have the potential to be to Angst-y? I'd really appreciate any thoughts or tips you have on this.
2 Matues26th Feb 2013 08:36:59 AM from eye on the horizon , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Not really.

The Empath is rarely considered having a game-breaking power in any real way.

Most humans can tell if someone's upset. A person with a more advanced version of this is hardly a Mary Sue.
3 fillerdude27th Feb 2013 03:26:46 AM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
[up] What he said. What you described doesn't even look story-breaking at all.
4 TheMuse27th Feb 2013 04:35:52 AM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
And not even mildly Sue-ish? Okay, thanks :)
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