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Human Flesh Searches:

 1 garridob, Sun, 17th Feb '13 6:04:28 PM from South Korea
Ben here.
Hey there,

I'm working on a novel and I've decided to include a human flesh search. Can anybody help me find some real ones? My Chinese is a little (read a lot) rusty, so translations would be appreciated. I can get Chinese friends to help but, for the sake of my social life, I would prefer not to.

If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about -
Wouldn't any time that Anonymous has hunted down cat abusers, child pornographers/molesters, etc. count as this?
 3 garridob, Sun, 17th Feb '13 7:29:34 PM from South Korea
Ben here.
[up]Yes, although that's called "doxing" (I think) and it's a little different. In China they use it against corrupt officials, cheating husbands, cat killers etc, but they also use it against people who aren't sufficiently patriotic, people who hold controversial opinions, people who just dickish but not criminal.
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Total posts: 3

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