A Dog's Tale: Biopunk Dramedy in development.:

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I was watching Noah - the family dog - in action, and started thinking "What would Noah be like if he was uplifted to sapience?" This is the same dog who would exploit every opening you gave him to escape and cause mischief and afterwards look back at you with that sly, mocking smile. Scoundrel enough to break any rule he could get away with (except for those laid down by Pa), charming enough that you couldn't help but forgive him. In essence, I realized, Noah was and is the canine form of Ferris Bueller. Nice story, you might be thinking, but what does that have to do with the subject matter of this website?

After some thought, I resolved to insert Noah into biopunk dramedy. Set in a near-future United States, Noah is a K-10 (uplifted canine) who once worked as a police dog before his partner was killed and he was framed for the murder. After a while living as a stray he was adopted by Hank Miles ( a high ranking executive in a rather shady biotech corporation who nonetheless comes off as an honorable man). He gets Noah a job as a security guard protecting his family. Problems is that his partner Jason (a rude, crude security guard who makes a point to prepare for anything) doesn't trust him one bit and in fact his preparing for Noah's sudden but inevitable betrayal, and there are ominous hints that his employer's company might have had something to do with his being framed in the first place. There's also Rozalyn: the boss's daughter. Presents herself as a "proper lady" and as such finds Jason utterly revolting, tolerating him only as much as she needs to. Nonetheless she's a gentle and kind soul, and takes a liking to Noah rather quickly.

Those are the four protagonists. I'll come up with situations both comedia and dramatic to place them in later, and am certainly open to suggestions. Supporting characters will also be developed. If anyone thinks there are any character types a particularly viable in this context, I'm open to suggestions. So what do you think?

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