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A closet Fourth Wall Observer?:

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My situation is a bit odd. In a way, almost everyone in my story's universe are borderline fourth wall observers, but they all believe that they're in a JRPG. I've had this character in my head for a while who was always meant to be the actual fourth wall observer, or the guy who knows that the story really takes place in a novel/comic book. But I don't want to make it overly blatant like some of the other examples. Is there any way to subtly hint this?
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When the other characters are trying to break the fourth wall he could do backhanded retorts but the other characters would more or less ignore his comments. During the introduction of conflicts, he could reference works or repeat quotes that seem nonsensical at the moment, but would always be proven to actually apply later on, but the reader would only notice that if s/he is observant enough.

Small details like the character always writing or reading would help, too.
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