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Avoiding 'Hollywood Atheist":

 26 Madrugada, Wed, 6th Feb '13 10:20:01 PM Relationship Status: In season
Making his atheism contribute to his attachment issues could make a lot of sense. As with almost everything involved in writing, a lot is going to depend on how it's handled.
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@ OP: Why not make the make the character agnostic by personal choice instead of atheist? And if you're making the character a grumpy Straw Nihilist, why don't you make the character believe in Satan but not God? Most fiction generally doesn't go in that direction.

Personally, I don't like the "atheism because of bad events in life or evils of the world" trope because it usually leaves Satan out of the equation. Similar with Rage Against the Heavens, there should really be a Rage Against Satan trope. Actually, a character raging against God and Satan at the same time could be quite amusing.

Also, if you are going to give the character a religious Foil, please don't make them Catholic. They almost always end up Catholic; if you must have one, choose another denomination.

edited 10th Feb '13 4:32:29 PM by shiro_okami

He does have a Foil, who actually ISN'T Catholic. He's another agnostic who is slightly more theistic than him (this might be a little of his optimism talking, he has a terminal illness)

  • While Character A: Is quite pesimistic and uses his agnostism as a contribution to his attachment issues
  • Character B: Uses his Agnostism as a motivation to ensure he engages in all the experiences the world has to offer.
Character B is slightly more open to the idea of some greater force existing but still is skeptical. A little of his optimism rubs off on Character A, but he still maintains his same level of skeptical-ness.

edited 10th Feb '13 4:39:21 PM by TheMuse

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[up] So, Character A is a Straw Nihilist agnostic and Character B is The Anti-Nihilist agnostic?

Yeah, basically. Character A isn't too Nihlistic though and gets a little better.

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