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Norse Mythology and modern day paganism in fantasy:

 1 Morwen Edhelwen, Sat, 2nd Feb '13 5:17:57 PM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
Should people "fill in the gaps" in mythology-based fiction? How should mythology be handled when it still involves religion?

Is it culturally appropriative if I depict dwarves as patron spirits in a way similar to the ways modern-day Northern tradition pagans depict them? See Descriptions of Dwarves/Dvergar from a Northern Tradition Shaman's website. This information doesn't appear in any Norse mythology books.

edited 3rd Feb '13 1:23:53 AM by MorwenEdhelwen

The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
 2 Eagal, Sun, 3rd Feb '13 2:45:15 AM from This is a location. Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
This is a title.
More importantly does it matter?You'll never get anywhere if you're going to worry about who you might offend.

I have several characters based (VERY) loosely on Norse figures that wouldn't stand up to inspection (of course my characters use the idea that they are the truth behind the myth, but whatevs). Won't see me sayin', "I'm sorry I insulted your god, Bjorn Bjornson, allow me to change everything about the character till you are satisfied." And nor should you ssy somesuch.
The madness is catching.
 3 Morwen Edhelwen, Sun, 3rd Feb '13 3:47:48 AM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
@Eagal: Maybe it doesn't. I tend to be a bit of a worrywart. I need to stop driving myself insane.
The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
 4 Willbyr, Sun, 3rd Feb '13 7:12:24 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Title changed per request.
 5 Morwen Edhelwen, Sun, 3rd Feb '13 1:39:56 PM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
Thanks, Willbyr
The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
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