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I'm working on this comic. It's suppose to be a fun, adventurous fantasy story but the main character is a very grouchy, salty guy. I'm worried that the main character's attitude might change or conflict with the tone of the story. But I don't want to change the story or character (but if I had to, I would much rather change the character than the tone).

And by tone, I mean how the story feels. Like silly vs. serious, cynical vs. idealistic, wacky, intense, gritty, funny, somber, etc. I want the story to be silly/idealistic/fun but the main character isn't any of those things.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can better include this character and keep the tone like I want, maybe give an example of a story where the character's attitude is opposite the tone of the story? Or should I change the main character to better fit the desired tone?
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Try looking at the Ultimate Spiderman episode that had Wolverine for some ideas. Flanderization, having the grouchy character play the straight man in the silly world, that could work.
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Yeah, if you use everything else to keep a upbeat tone, as long as your protagonist doesn't try invoking more cynical elements, you should be fine.

Another thing you can do is to either make the 1st person narration to be lightly snarky, or use a more distant 3rd person point of view.
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Yeah. Even if the protagonist starts slaughtering innocents, unless it's shown as serious, it'll stay in comedy territory...although I'm not sure you'll take that direction.

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