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(NOTE: The title of this post isn't the official title; it's just a brief descriptor).

2055. The world has become a warzone. Nearly 20 years ago, an advanced weapon's blueprints and specs were "accidentally" leaked onto both the black market and the Internet, roughly around the time an energy crisis was finally resolved. As a result, every military, billionaire, and wacko with the right connections had their own variation of this weapon.

By 2042, In order to try to maintain a balance to keep up, multiple PMC units began to crop up as an effort to keep things under control. In addition to soldiers who'd already proven their mettle in training and on the battlefield, advances in nanomachines and cybernetics helped many PMC soldiers develop abilities that bordered on superhuman.

Eventually, it got to the point that soldiers were no longer fighting for things like honor, country, etc. The PMC soldiers are simply fighting a series of endless proxy wars simply for the sake of fighting. Endless battle; a world where soldiers always have their place. More importantly, virtually every business on Earth is "green-collar" in some way, shape or form.

In 2045, a megacorp that was essentially acting as an umbrella for a half-dozen PMC units formulated an idea for a "special" unit. Combing the mercenary ranks and files, the company chose based on the following criteria:

Out of the various companies, they were able to recruit approximately three dozen soldiers. This team wouldn't be involved in diplomacy or escort missions; plain and simple, this was a kill-squad. Led by Captain Jacob Katyn, a former Spetsnaz captain, the team worked in perfect sync for nearly three years. During their time as a team, the so-called "Lost Souls" were responsible for the deaths of nearly four hundred soldiers, many of them high-ranking members of their various mercenary companies.

In 2048, it was discovered that a hidden base in Cardiff had been secretly been kidnapping children to give them the same "upgrades" as their normal soldiers. A glitch occurred in the mission, and the kill-squad was forced to abandon the mission. Nobody questioned why Captain Katyn got into a different transport than the rest of the team; they were under heavy fire, and there was no time to argue.

Until the explosion.

With a single block of C4, Jacob Katyn had gone freelance, willing to sell his talents to the highest bidders, no task too gruesome or sadistic. Whether he'd been planning this for a while, or spur-of-the-moment, was unknown. Tragically, Katyn was in such a rush to escape that he hadn't bothered to check for survivors.

A half-dozen members of the "Lost Souls" survived, though with various injuries. Officially dead and off-radar, they decided that it was best that their superiors continue to assume that they were gone. No longer affiliated with any specific PMC, for the last seven years, the "Wild Bunch", led by Lieutenant JG Eugene Trent have decided to devote their remaining time taking down other rogue PMC units via attrition (or, if they show promise, recruiting them as moles/suppliers/contacts).

None are out for revenge on their traitor commander; if their paths cross, it may be a different story.

Essentially, a blend of The A-Team and Metal Gear Solid 4, with a dash of the Rat Patrol and Sergeant Fury for flavor. Whacha think; could this premise work or not?
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Your setting doesn't seem to shaky, but the first thing I thought about when I saw it was 'This is MG 4'; it's nearly completely identical to the world. I'm not sure about how many people would fight for the sake of fighting; I don't doubt that there are, but most people have at least some cause for fighting. And how was the energy crisis resolved, if it was?

Beyond that, do you have a plot for this? Is it a web serial, book, webcomic, ect ect?

Edit: Changed the wording in one sentence.

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Primarily, it was designed as a setting for my RPG group, so it'd be an ongoing series. As for the energy crisis, I pretty much decided to deliberately leave that ambiguous.
Embroiled in slave rebellion, I escaped crucifixion simply by declaring 'I am Vito', everyone else apparently being called 'Spartacus'.
Nice. A crisis of any sort is good enough reason for conflicts to turn bloody.

I see a lot of small scale, lightning fast "wars" between well armed groups instead of armies in this world.

Still, I doubt the survivors would be out for blood.

What's keeping them from assuming a new identity, going back to work under new bosses and just writing the whole thing as a learning experience?

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