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1 Byakuko25th Jan 2013 04:24:35 AM from Great Prosperity Sphere
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so, looked for this, didn't see it, created it.

Ax Men

gotta say, the way rygaard is bullying the one guy was uncool, peeing on the equipment he had to handle, the older rygaard actually aiming LOGS at him!

that should be considered assault! with a deadly weapon!

the swamp man is funny, though he strays into Too Dumb to Live territory. shooting wildly, racing his jetboat at high speed, someone was even injured in one case. his dog is so damn cute!!!

for s&s logging...

i always thought the dad would die from a raeg heart attack, it's clear he'll be dead from cancer, he can barely speak and has sores on his arms, he event went from over weight to looking like a dachau inmate.

and his son doesn't even have the decency to harvest a single log, instead fucking off all season.

didn't s&s make a wager with dreadnoughts? well, not even a challenge, though the one guy almost got killed by a log.
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