Ideas for a Tenchi fanfic and a Space Outlaw Character:

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I've come up with an OC for the Tenchi Muyo! series, and I'm trying to think of a good story for a fanfic based around him. I don't know how many here are very familiar with Tenchi, but I'll do my best to not make things confusing.

For my character, I'm going for a Han Solo type space outlaw, whom I'm naming Leonz. I always thought the Tenchi series lacked the Space Western flavor. He's based on a smuggler character I created for Star Wars: The Old Republic. He's not just a bounty hunter or some kind of space pirate, he more or less just does a lot of dangerous odd jobs for various types of people, both legal and illegal, from smuggling to body guarding, and he does go bounty hunting when he needs to. Basically a lot like Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star. Personality wise, he's pretty laid back most of the time, but has a sort of Robin Hood sense of justice.

My story needs to start off with Leonz kidnapping Princess Ayeka. What I was thinking is that he delivers her to a guild of space pirates in exchange for lifting the bounty they put on his head. And why Leonz has a price on his head is another matter. What I'm thinking is that either Leonz screwed up a major deal with some pirates, or stole something from them, or was framed by a rival. That's what I'm having trouble figuring out right now.

Whatever the case is, Leonz hopes that if he gives the pirates a princess that will get them off his back. At the same time though, he doesn't really want to do it. He's not a bad guy, and is afraid of what the pirates might do to Ayeka once they have her, but he's gotten very desperate. Leonz assumes the pirates will just hold the princess for ransom, but it turns out they really plan to make her a kind of trophy slave, along with with several other prisoners. Leonz decides it's not worth it and tries to free all the slaves.

However, the princess has some very powerful friends and family who are all going to try and rescue her, and in the end there's a big clash between the Jurai Empire, the Galaxy Police, and the space pirates. I was thinking it would be possible that Leonz' ship, which is his home, ends up destroyed, and from there he ends up staying on Earth with the rest of the main characters. That, or he ends up getting arrested, but is granted parole for freeing the slaves and helping to fight the pirates as long as he stays on Earth.

So, any thoughts, ideas, or criticisms? This is more or less just an introduction for my character into the Tenchi universe. I'm wondering if it would fit better in the OVA continuity or the Universe continuity.
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