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Hey all,

Iím currently trying to work out a concept that involves heavy use of Puppeteer Parasite creatures. Iím currently working on a different project which uses a (hopefully) far better concept, but I really want to do this someday (I absolutely adore this trope, for some reason. Donít ask why) and so would appreciate any feedback people have.

Östill with me? Right, here goesÖ

Essentially, a small population of parasites arrive on Earth out of little more than a religious conviction that living inside a host is the natural, and therefore correct, way to live. Having integrated themselves within multiple human populations, they then proceed to live quietly without making any attempts to significantly grow their population and/or take over. They are therefore able to live for many generations before anyone realises they are there. By the time they are discovered, they have neither the inclination nor the ability to leave the planet, having fallen out of contact with their original civilisation centuries earlier.

With regards to their abilities, they have no access to their hostís mind or memories and so have to observe that hostís behaviour for a period of time before making their presence known. Even after their host is aware of them, however, they usually remain in a meditative state and leave said host to get on with their life. Body-jacking is usually viewed as a simple defence mechanism with which to keep their hostís mouth shut regarding their situation. However, the added strain on their hostís body can shorten their lifespan by a decade or two, creating a very real incentive to get rid of the parasite at the first opportunity.

By the time any of the plots I have in mind actually start, people have long since learned how to recognise when someone is infested. Many hosts are overjoyed at the chance to finally be free, but for various reasons (some genuine, some due to psychological manipulation) certain people express a wish to keep the parasites. A further complication is that removal, while easy to carry out via surgery, is usually always fatal for the creatures. As a result, infestation cases have become increasingly bogged down by ethical and legal issues as the initial panic about their existence dies down.

SoÖyeah. Iíve left out a few of the more intricate details, but I believe this covers the basics. Essentially, my aim with this is to handle this topic in a way which doesn't seem like a complete rip-off of anything. I do have a few ideas for plots, but Iím not going to go into that here.

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It's an intriguing idea in my opinion. I actually enjoy how you've created an incredibly gray situation that doesn't fall on Black and White Morality type of situation. Conceptually and as a starting foundation, I think you have the solid bases. Of course, without knowing the character following, what the theme of story is, and so on, I can't deliver too much feedback. Still, I do want you to be aware I tip my hat this. It's creative too and something I'm not all that familiar with, so you have that going for you too in the different category. I feel you worked well with a tool there and found a way to make it your own.
Hi Prime,

I'm glad to see that you liked it. As I said before, the last thing I want is to have a rip off on my hands; I was therefore particularly pleased when I read the last sentence in your post. Thank you ever so much for your reply.
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It's certainly a very clever and intriguing concept. Keep us posted on how the actual writing goes; I'd like to know when I can get my hands on the finished product.
Hi Specialist,

Thank you for replying. To be honest I'm not exactly sure when I'll start writing this up, but hopefully It'll be sooner rather than later. I'll certainly be sure to post when I have something concrete.

I'm going to go ahead and blank the original post for now until I have something actually written down. Thank you both for your feedback.

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I saw your original post before you blanked it, and I have one sentence to say: Go write it!

Oh, and good luck!
Well, I've now gone ahead and posted a short story on the above concept here, in addition to a more in-depth descripton of the concept itself.

I'd be exceedingly grateful if any tropers could give their opinions on what I've got so far.

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Okay, big plothole in the story that needs to be addressed.

How do the parasites successfully hide in human society for millennial without getting noticed by healers, physicians, doctors, or scientists? Ancient people were not as stupid as you make out. Not to mention if a host dies in an accident the alien corpse would easily be exposed.
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How do the parasites successfully hide in human society for millennial without getting noticed by healers, physicians, doctors, or scientists? Ancient people were not as stupid as you make out. Not to mention if a host dies in an accident the alien corpse would easily be exposed.

Funnily enough, that's pretty much what I had in mind for how they eventually got discovered.

That said, I see your point. Thank you very much for pointing this out. I do have an explanation, but it still sounds rather handwavey at present. The basic idea is that they try to arrange things so that hosts live in close proximity to one another. When one dies, their parasite is retrieved and evidence of its presence removed before the body is seen by anyone who is not also infested. Of course, all it takes is one badly-timed accident for the whole thing to unravel...
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