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So we're playing in a setting where the superpowers are done in a way that severely cripples the players and their options. So I made the decision to adjust it to a more efficient way but in return they'd have to have a sort of kryptonite. I'm feeling particularly creative but with some of the heroes I'm a bit lost on what to do or in need of a better idea. So below I shall name what each of the charater's have for powers and what I have going against them.

1.Titan a character made of metal with magnetic control. (The most difficult for me. All I can think of is opposing magnetism or superheating him but that's not much of a krptonite it's more of a fullt out attack.)

2.Umbra a man cursed with the essence of a demon as a baby with the power to read and oust the evil from individuals and use that to empower them. (I figured I could have his weakness be the demon's true name of which he is bound to but this is limiting to those that know it which could work but I'm open for more. Perhaps consecrated land and holy water as well. He himself is not evil it lurks within him.)

3. INC A young man with the power to bring his tattoos to life.He has wings on his back barbwire tattoos for throwing things around and making armor, he evens has a panther tattoo that he can shoot out. (Weakness wise I whipped up a supervillain who has a personal vendetta against him as their powers are opposites. One creates the other wipes away, his name is the void. Along with this I had intended that anything that covered up the image like paint would ruin it along with heavy application of water.)

4. Dead guy without a name has the power to commune with the dead and the spiritual powers that be and have them do his bidding. He's also friends with death they smoke on the weekends. (weakness wise I was going to limit his ghosts by the limits they possese such as salt water, running water, holy symbols, consecrated ground. This works but I'm hoping for suggestions on a supervillain or more weaknesses as he gets a great deal of benefits.)

5.Archangel a man who has a holy blade passed on to him granting mighty powers such as a flaming sword, flight and the power to oust evil (I presume he can do this I'm not quite sure what all he can do yet. This is quite difficult for me as I can't really figure what to do against this. Uholy water is just silly and desecrated land would be hard to come by in Pittsburgh so any suggestions would be nice.)

6. Kistune. Exactly what is says the dude's a kitsune. He has fire and illusion magic.(I was looking through their weaknesses of which he kept complaining that it's only some of which possese certain weaknesses like fear of dogs or losing a ball that contains their magic. I threw down that japanese magic works against him anything with banishment or otherwise beats him out. I want more though.)

7. Stretch. Not his real name but he hasn't come up with one he's got a fine combo of powers he has mystique's shapeshifting, Jake the dog's shapeshifting and the coup de grace beast boy's shapeshifting.(We've yet to figure out what gives him this shapeshifting whether it be magic, science, or alien. The weakness could have something to do with the origin but if anyone could come up with a villain or weakness it would be worth discussing.)

8. Last but not least is Storyteller. She has the power to change how things work out simple little things. "He struck a flagpole breaking his fall."... "The blow seemed to strike true but it was off if just barely." (This is fairly interesting I suppose she has the weakness of being mortal but it's not much I need something that honestly incapacitates her. She has a book that she has to write these things down in which might do the trick. For a villain I just have a name in mind Dreamweaver.)

So yeah that's what I'm working with anything come to mind?
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1. Weakness: low frequencies, frequency of body, tazers, lightning, allergy to cucumbers?, oxidation, soft ground, non ferrous materials

2. Weakness: Exorcists, bible/cross (stops demon), those saved can't be affected,

3. Nice

4. Supervillain: Guy who powers his machines with ghosts and give his machines intelligence from ghost loyal to him

5. Limited use of the sword due to not being an angel or still possessing sin, powers fail when faith waivers

7. Weakness: Square cube law, limited time due to limit energy from food he ate

8. She sounds like her reaction and writing time, freezing up,
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For the last one, you could do something like the comic the runaways — each sentence only works once. but that's just a general limiter, not a kryptonite.

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Some ideas have been made that the archangel can't use his powers without the holy sword. Now for supervillains. Umbra I was thinking of the cult leader that made him what he was. For the ghost hero I had this frankenstein/voorhees/ ash williams thing that powers itself with ghosts with bolts of lightning coming out of one hand and a chainsaw that slices through anything for the other. The rest are a bit tough for me though.

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