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Retelling a classic- be faithful to the source or not?:

 1 Morwen Edhelwen, Sun, 13th Jan '13 6:08:40 PM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
When retelling a classic, should the roots of the story be relatively obvious or not? Is it better if, for example, people think, "Oh, , this sounds familiar" when they read it?

edited 13th Jan '13 6:11:36 PM by MorwenEdhelwen

The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
Terracotta Soldier Man
It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish with the story in question.

Sorry for the vague answer, but it's kind of a vague question.

 3 Morwen Edhelwen, Sun, 13th Jan '13 6:36:31 PM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
You mean whether you want it to be an obvious reselling versus standing on its own?
The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
 4 peccantis, Mon, 14th Jan '13 1:22:56 AM Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
the flies will find you
If you want to be taken seriously, keep it subtle. Few of us could bear to be compared with the original.

Unless it's about faerie tales. Have fun with those.

edited 14th Jan '13 1:23:29 AM by peccantis

before the darkness arrives
 5 Morwen Edhelwen, Mon, 14th Jan '13 3:01:36 AM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
[up]It's Evita.
The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
Terracotta Soldier Man
After reading this and the other thread and making the connection, I think your best bet would probably be to change about half of the names to make it slightly less obvious that you're retelling a story about real-world politicians (unless the fact that they're specifically the same people in a different world is important to the setup).

I'm not saying that you couldn't keep subtle allusions to their real identities — for instance, have everyone call the clone "Ernesto" and let sufficiently clever readers chuckle for being "in" on the joke.

 7 Morwen Edhelwen, Tue, 15th Jan '13 4:58:22 AM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
[up]Another nickname for Che is "Neto" - a short form of Ernesto.
The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
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