Pokemon X and Y - Gen VI for the 3DS (SPOILER WARNING):

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101 FullMoon8th Jan 2013 07:16:51 AM from Surface , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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I thought of another Water/Ground, hopefully I'm wrong.
the fire starters are not all Chinese zodiac themed because they are a salamander, an Echidna, a chicken, a chimpanzee, and a pig. Not that a snake would not make a good fire type starter and an ox would be funny.
103 EviIPaladin8th Jan 2013 07:21:32 AM from Burlington, ON , Relationship Status: Noddin' my head like yeah
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I think you know that I'm hyped for this game and what causes me to be in such a way.
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104 YamiiDenryuu8th Jan 2013 07:22:38 AM from You know, that place , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
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105 Enlong8th Jan 2013 07:23:47 AM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
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He looks like Tepig meets Slowking.
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Water/psychic for the frog as the white spots on its face resembling spectacles and skinny limbs makes it look like an intellectual. Totally hoping it's not just pure water. Definitely not going to be water/ground.

Imagine if we end up with grass/fighting, Fire/dark, and water/psychic. That'd be interesting.
107 Beorc8th Jan 2013 07:25:04 AM from hither and yon , Relationship Status: I know
Ridley and Ridley

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108 Marioguy1288th Jan 2013 07:31:25 AM from various galaxies
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! SO EXCITED! I'm so getting that frog mon once the games come out.
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I hope Froakie will have a mustache it it evolution.
110 PippingFool8th Jan 2013 07:32:04 AM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
I'm more curious about 3makes than anything else.

We're they skipped over because of ageing DS hardware? Or because GF sees no point in remaking them? Will they ever come? We're well overdue for an updated G3, and it makes financial sense to do so? Will all the anti-3make people be right or wrong?

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Touch The Sky
The chestmunk's artwork is so ugly though. Doesn't do him justice at all, he looks so much better in-game.

I'm hoping the battles are more fluid and less dull than the console pokemon games. They certainly look so on the trailer.

I also love how everyone is making a huge deal about Froakie's attack in the trailer. I thought it was just quick attack lol.

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112 MrAHR8th Jan 2013 07:42:01 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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113 Sorastitch8th Jan 2013 07:43:23 AM from Last Seen in The Shadowlands
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114 MrAHR8th Jan 2013 07:43:56 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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Also, not fire/fighting? MAYBE?

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115 SapphireBlue8th Jan 2013 07:46:20 AM from California , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
This looks so awesome! 8D Can't wait to see more of the Pokemon.

WE ALL GET IT AT THE SAME TIME asdklafjlakhfal

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Knouge forever!!
Pokemon say their names now?
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Froakie is pretty damn adorable, and its proportions aren't that outlandish compared to an actual tree frog. Easily my favorite of the three.

The two legendaries look uninspiring.

I'm sad that Golurk got hit in the trailer. I like Golurk. sad
118 SpookyMask8th Jan 2013 08:01:48 AM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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^^I hope that isn't going to be the case
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119 hazzaboner8th Jan 2013 08:03:53 AM from Sniper Land (your heart) , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Nidoran needs love!
I've heard speculation that since it has a cloud collar, Froakie will evolve to be Water/Flying.
Touch The Sky
The deer legend reminds me of Princess Mononoke. I really like the colors for the flying legend.

[up]I thought of that as well, though it seems to refer to tree frogs' frothy bubble nests.

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121 HandsomeRob8th Jan 2013 08:07:04 AM from Shining time station , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
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New Pokemon for 3DS eh?



Man, I still haven't played either the 4th or 5th gen(though I've been considering it for a long time), and can't even afford the games right now. It's good to see some new stuff coming, but I wonder if I'll ever get back into playing Pokemon.

Looks good though. I be interesting in seeing where they go plot wise after the stuff they pulled with Black And White.
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a dude on serebii pointed this out regarding the legends:

Read the first paragraph at the end, three creatures that live in yggdrasil are an eagle, a dragon and an stag.

Y = eagle, X= stag, so perhaps our hypothetical Z is the dragon?

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123 SBaneN8th Jan 2013 08:21:21 AM from Somewhere calm
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A "Yggdrasil trio" sounds... weird, but probably awesome.

It'd be hilarious if one of the legendaries is a dragon... for some, like me.

Wonder how many new Pokémon there will be.

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Touch The Sky
Japanese game developers love Norse mythology and use it quite a bit, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.

Another serebii speculation: The X/Y/Z thing could be referring to planes, with X and Y being a 2D plane and the Z making it 3D. Seeing as this game is 3D on the 3DS that would make a good deal of sense.

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125 YamiiDenryuu8th Jan 2013 08:30:45 AM from You know, that place , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
I have known about this game for mere hours and already I have spawned a plotbunny for it wherein both of the pcs are crossdressers. Why, brain, why?!
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