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Lord of the Avians
Hyrule. A land dominated by the mountain dwelling Gorons, the water dwelling Zoras, the xenophobic Deku Tribe, and the ever present Hylians. From all these races come adventurers, armed with weapons and magic, all driven by a hunger for glory. This is a story of those courageous few, and the adventures they live for.

So, Zelda RP! I'll try to get all the important parts of the setting down, but if anyone needs to know something that isn't in here, ask away!

  • Loction: the locations of this Hyrule are based on those of Ocarina of Time, with important differences.
    • Hyrule Field will be much larger, with dozens of farms and ranches dotted about.
    • Castle Town will also be larger, with many more shops, as well as inns, parks, and most other things a capital city would have. This is the one place where all the races come together on a regular basis, and is also where the adventurers will live during the off time.
    • The Temple of Time is inaccessible to laymen.
    • Kokiri Forest is untouchable by anyone except the Kokiri and the Deku Tribe, and any adult foolish enough to enter will be transformed into a Stalfos.
    • The Lost Woods are the home territory of the Deku Tribe, and any non-Deku that attempts to enter the woods without a guide will almost certainly find themselves lost until a Deku sentinel shows them out with a Deku Nut.
    • Kakariko Village is the home of the Sheikah, and the place where most of their secret rituals take place. Kakariko Village also houses the traditional graveyard of the majority of Hyrule's people, whether they are Sheikah, Hylian, or otherwise. Kakariko Village is also the border between Death Mountain and Hyrule Field, making it an important trading region for those interested in Goron weapons and armor.
    • Death Mountain is one of the most dangerous regions of Hyrule, and any region unconnected to the Death Mountain trail is inaccessible to all but the most experienced mountain climbers. It houses Goron City, the second largest city in Hyrule and the home of most Gorons, as well as the Goron Mines, where the Gorons obtain most of their food and the materials needed by their blacksmiths.
    • Zora's Domain is the spiritual capital of Zora territory, and the home of both their King and their Patron Deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu. It is only accessible by those capable of surviving long periods of time underwater.
    • Zora River is a relatively enclosed area that is the source of half the water in Hyrule, and is the only place aside from Zora's Domain and Castle Town that has more than a couple Zora citizens.
    • Lake Hylia is the source of half the water in Hyrule, and is sparsely populated, with only a mad scientist, a few fishermen, and Zora priests making the area home. It is an extremely beautiful place, however, and is quite the tourist attraction during the summer.
    • The Gerudo Desert is ruled by the Gerudo Tribe, a race of female thieves that are even more distrustful than the Deku Tribe, and protect their border with a zealousness that makes natural barriers seem like tree stumps in comparison.
    • Lastly, the Dark Canyon is an uncharted region at the southern end of Hyrule Field, and is said to be the source of all monsters. No mortal that has ever entered the canyon has returned to reveal it's secrets.

  • Races: There are five races that control most of Hyrule. These five races will be the generally acceptable races to play in the RP, and any character that is from another race will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
    • Goron: the Gorons are a race of living stone, who's culture is centered around the mining of stone and precious metals, as well as the crafting of anything metal. They reside on Death Mountain.
    • Zora: the Zora are a race of aquatic humanoids that care for the rivers and lakes of Hyrule. They are a religious people, and worship the great fish Lord Jabu-Jabu as their patron deity.
    • Hylian: the Hylians are the largest race in Hyrule, and primarily reside in the ranches and farms of Hyrule Field, and also make up the majority of Castle Town's population.
    • Sheikah: an extremely secretive race, physically identical to the elf-like Hylians aside from their distinctive red eyes, the Sheikah live in Kakariko village, where they care for the bodies of the deceased and practice their shadow magic.
    • Deku: a xenophobic race of plant-like forest dwellers, the Deku Tribe makes it's home in the Lost Woods, and devotes most of their resources to making sure it's the only residents. Adventurers from this race tend to be quite a bit more friendly then their tribe, as their profession almost always leads to interaction with other races.

  • Adventurers: player characters in this game will be adventurers, searching for fame and fortune, or just enjoying the thrill of a quest. Adventurers make a living by helping others, whether it's protecting a caravan from monsters, saving a kidnapped child, or just finding a lost dog. Adventurers come in two main forms: Warriors and Magicians.
    • Warriors use weapons, armor, and other gear to help them in their adventures, and their play style can range from the simple to the unique and complex, depending on their weapons and gear.
    • Magicians use spell books and magic artifacts to channel elemental magic, that can range from a simple fireball, to healing wounds, and even to the warping of time. A Magicians spells are dependent on what elements they have put points into, and the power of spells will increase the more points there are in a single element. A powerful enough Magician can even craft new spells. They are much weaker then warriors, however, and are clumsy with most mundane weaponry and adventuring gear. A list of all magic categories and the basic abilities that come with them will be posted after this post.

Okay, that should be all the info needed for Warriors, so I'll put up the signup now, and put all the info on magic in a follow up post so this post isn't too massive.

Sign Up Sheet

  • Name:
  • Race: What race is your character?
  • Gender:
  • Appearance: Only required for Hylians and Sheikah, although you can feel free to detail your character's appearance, whatever it's race.
  • Adventurer Type: Is your character a Warrior or a Magician?
  • Primary Weapon(Warrior only): What is your Warrior's weapon of choice(can be more than one weapon, if the Warrior, for example, fights with two swords)?
  • Starting Magic(Magician only): Select 3 elements for your Magician to begin with. The Magician will start with the basic spell for each of the three selected elements, and 1 point in each.
  • Personality: How does your character act?
  • History: Give a little information about your character's past here.
Lord of the Avians
Magic in this RP is separated into several categories, most focused on the elements. Magicians will obtain spells by placing points(earned through various means) into a category of their choice. They are:

  • Forest: Low level forest magic is all about poison, and a magician with a basic knowledge of Forest Magic can conjure poisonous needles to hurl at enemies from a distance, injecting them with toxins that will leave them lethargic and slowly damage them.
  • Fire: a relatively straight-forward category, a Magician with a basic knowledge of Fire Magic can conjure fireballs to burn enemies from afar.
  • Water: a category that includes a variety of different kinds of spells, a Magician with a basic knowledge of Water Magic would be capable of healing flesh wounds by enchanting water.
  • Ice: a category devoted to all things frozen, a Magicisn with a basic understanding of Ice Magic is capable of conjuring shards of ice to stab enemies from afar.
  • Sand: a category primarily devoted to effecting sand already in existence, a Magician with a basic understanding of Sand Magic can reveal the location of treasure hidden in sandy areas.
  • Wind: a category of magic devoted to manipulating the air, a Magician with a basic understanding of Wind Magic can create small-but-powerful bursts of wind, capable of knocking enemies off their feet and triggering objects that are powered by wind.
  • Light: a form of magic focused on the purging of evil, a Magician with a basic understanding of Light Magic can heal illnesses with a touch.
  • Darkness: a form of magic devoted to all the more questionable forms of magic, a Magician with a basic understanding of Dark Magic can conjure orbs of darkness to damage enemies from afar.

Aside from these, there are also the categories of Time and Music. Time is unavailable for use, due to it's primary purpose being time travel, and music is the category for any magic that is triggered through songs and other musical pieces. Music does not follow the point system, and is the only form of magic usable by both types of Adventurer.
Is there a timeline or a page we Zelda newbs (again, only played a bit of Ocarina of Time and finished only Twilight Princess) can use to get more info on races and important events?
Lord of the Avians
This is set in an alternate timeline that is not connected to the canon, and has not had any major events in recent times. However, the time period is roughly equivalent to the time inbetween the Force Era and OcarinaOfTime. The Hyrule Unification War has not occurred in this timeline, so the races are somewhat isolated from each other, outside of Castle Town.

As for info on the races, here is info on the Gorons(note that in this game, female Gorons DO exist), Zoras(We'll be using the appearance from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask), Hylians, Sheikah(They will, of course, be more numerous then they are in the video games), and Deku(The Deku of this game will physically be closer to Deku Link then the classic Deku Scrub, and will have a culture based on the Terminean version of the Deku. They will reside in the Lost Woods, however).

I just realized, I haven't given any info about the leaders of Hyrule. I'll be sure to post that soon.
Hrm... sorry, Falkon, but I'm going to be withdrawing interest. I wish you best of luck in your RP. It's just that from reading those pages, I feel like my lack of knowledge of the Zeldaverse will eventually lead to problems and me losing interest, so I'll be "dropping out" right now. But this RP seems like it'll work out great, and I hope you and the other players have fun.
Interest! Working on a character now, should hopefully have it up some time tomorrow.
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No gerudo?
Lord of the Avians
[up][up][up]Well, okay. I can understand that. If you change your mind, feel free to come back, though!

[up][up]Good to hear it!

[up]Gerudo won't be playable. While they do exist, there are only a few scattered Gerudo that live in Hyrule. Other than that, the race is completely isolated in Gerudo Valley, to the point where even if a person wanted to leave, chances are they would find it impossible.

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Definite interest. Also, t does that setting information mean that it's possible to play as Sheikah or Deku Tribe people?
Lord of the Avians
[up]Glad to hear it. And yes, Sheikah and Deku Scrubs are, indeed, playable.
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How about faeries? You know, those balls people put in bottles?
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Which means limiting your options to being able to heal someone once or revive someone once.
"Yup. That tasted purple."
Lord of the Avians
Unless you can give me an extremely good reason to accept a character from any race I didn't already list as acceptable, it won't be acceptable. And fairies won't have an extremely good reason.
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Not even Cirno parodies?
Lord of the Avians
I'm not particularly sure who Cirno is, but I think I can safely say that the answer would still be no. Sorry.
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"Yup. That tasted purple."
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Yeah, I stand by my earlier statement.
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Just as the spell says.
Is there a reason why Gerudos are ruled out?
Lord of the Avians
Okay, first off, I want to apologize to anyone that might've been excited about this. Sadly, recent developments elsewhere, along with starting school soon and simply joining far too many roleplays during the holiday, has lead to me having an overfilled plate of Internet... Things. Since this is the case, I need to cut the amount of stuff I have on my plate. Sadly, I foresee G Ming this to be a rather large chunk. So, until I have more time, this RP is CLOSED. Once again, I'd like to apologize to anyone who might've been looking forward to this. I really wish I could, but I just picked a horrible time to begin.

[up]Not that it matters anymore, but I was planning to have the Gerudo be a relatively major enemy later in the game.

Aww. Sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to this. But it's better to drop this than try to keep going with too much stuff, ehehe.

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