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OK, so I'm writing an Historical Fantasy /Urban Fantasy set in a Never Was This World.To show it is not our world are some of the Scandinavian flags a bit different, all have a single-coloured Nordic cross. The problem is that I only afterwards realised where I had seen the Red with Yellow cross flag I had given Norway...

It was the flag of Quisling's Nasjonal Samling... Obviously not want to use a symbol if it is Ruined Forever thanks to nazi-friends. So do you, my neighbours to the west, think that I can get away with it?

(The German Empire never fell in this verse, so no Nazi germany by the way...)
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Scandanavian flags are crosses with random colours. Make it yellow and red instead of red and yellow. UNLESS they really are an evil Government Conspiracy in which case, keep those colours.
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[up] I don't think that you can say that for certain if you aren't from the country. Colours have meanings, and different flag designs bear different kinds of significance.
Red with yellow cross is also the inofficial flag used by the swedish-speaking minority of Finland, and the regional flag of one of Sweden's provinces.

Seriously, there's only so many possible two-color combinations, you're bound to see some repeats tongue.
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Nordic flags Abridged:
  • Danish flag = Some king used a red square with a white cross at some point, lets make it into a flag.
  • Swedish flag = That's a cool flag! We are already using blue and gold to show off the kings riches. Lets use a yellow cross on a blue background.
  • Norwegian flag = we have been pwned by both Sweden and Denmark, we can just copy them. Just take the danish flag and stick a blue cross in the middle.
  • Finnish flag = Ok every other nordic country is using the nordic cross, what do we have a lot of? Snow and water! Blue cross on white background.
  • Icelandic flag = We also have a lot of snow and water, but we have volcanoes too! Invert the finnish flag and stick a red cross in the middle. and yeah denmark pwned us...
  • Åland = ok, we are really a part of finland but we are pretty much swedes. We can copy the swedish flag and put a red cross in the middle.

or something like that.tongue

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Flags in my verse Normal: Real-world, Reversed: obvious, Imaginary: obvious:

Scandinavian Commonwealth (Kind of like United Kingdoms) Normal: Yellow with Red cross. (Flag of the union of Kalmar by the way.) "National" / "Union" flag

Sweden Normal: Blue with Yellow cross

Finland Reversed: Blue with White cross

Estonia Imaginary: Blue with Red cross

Denmark Normal: Red with White cross

The Isles (Island, Greenland, Feroyar,Svalbard and Frisland) Imaginary: Red with blue cross

Norway ?

As I said Red with Yellow cross would keep with the colour-theme a cross being yellow, white and either red or blue depending on if the country is historicaly "Danish" or "Swedish" but...sad Maybe giving Estonia's flag to Norway and Norway's flag-idea to estonia, even if it breaks the theme...wild mass guess

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I am constantly misreading the title of this thread as "Manly to all you Norwegians".
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Norwegian here. I'm not an expert on the general feel towards the Quisling regime's flag or how commonly known it is, but I'll say that yellow and red are good colors for an alternate-timeline Norway, as these are the colors present in the Norwegian Coat-of-Arms (the axe-bearing, crowned lion rampart gules on a red field) which has been in use since the 1200s.

As for the current flag, it is partly a unification of Swedish and Danish colours, and also a reference to the Liberty Tricolour of red, white and blue.
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[up][up][up] What, no Hanseatic Republic of Gotland? tongue

(Of course, then again, that's just the Crusader Kings geek in me coming out.)

As for the flag: This page from Flags of the World is an index of some of the proposals that were put forward around the time that Norway was in personal union with Sweden after the Napoleonic Wars. You might want to take a look and see if any of them inspire you to make your own design.

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[up] Interesting page. And I'll agree on Paradox making good

(And speaking of Gotland, In another of my stories is there a ship named Comet Sighted, guess where that name come from.tongue)

[up][up] Red and Yellow it is then and let us hope not to many get upset...

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