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There is on TV Tropes, a common bad habit that persists among editors of using appearance tropes, or names that sound like they could be appearance tropes, badly. They always suffer from the same problems and they tend to clog up the TRS like they're on a revolving door. As such I'm making a large scale special effort in order to address the common problems all of these tropes have.

Sometimes non-appearance tropes are mistaken for appearance tropes. Report them here and the clean-up will be handled.

We're going to search for the best ways to change the culture and make sure that the misuse stops. Tropes will be handled here and we'll likely have a fair number of crowners on this thread. Keep checking back for new developments.

For full details, including the to-do list and crowner list, check this post.

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^ Right, symbolic appearence stuff would likely be covered by the specific tropes, like blue eyes symbolizing innocence etc, and then the meaningful appearence trope would be for stuff like 'we know this guy is actually the secret prince because he has sky blue eyes exactly the shade the dead queen had.'

I am totally for that.
Okay, if it's plot relevance that matters, then use "Appearance As Device" or the like. "Meaningful" is too vague. Covering every type of meaning that every type of appearance trait could convey is too broad even for a supertrope—it would just be the entire Personal Appearance Tropes index. (Which already has like two dozen sub-indexes.) That's not useful.

Just as long as the title doesn't include the word "Meaningful." (Or "Significant." Same problem.) just bugs mejust bugs mejust bugs me

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303 shimaspawn14th Jan 2013 04:40:03 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
Yeah, it needs to be something like Plot Device Appearance. Since that seems to be the biggest thing that these things end up being. It's far more often that a appearance trait ends up only being significant in universe because it means something to the plot.
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To reiterate my position, I do not feel Mismatched Eyes needs a rename, just intensive curating. But I am willing to vote for Mismatched Eyes Matter as a backup choice.
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It's already suffering massive misuse. This is the fourth time it's had a formal clean up under this name. It keeps ending up having to be cleaned and no matter how many times it gets cleaned and the definition tweaked, it keeps getting misused. There's a point where we have to try changing the name to something descriptive.
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Some blasted rogue launcher launched Lightbulbs For A Face full of ZCE. Can we get some help here?
Quick question: Can we add Fairy Sexy to the list of tropes that have issues that need fixing? "A pixie that's young, female and attractive," sounds like every fairy and the 'attractive' part is open to audience interpretation.
Change it so that sexiness has to be an in universe reaction?
I don't see any examples that would cause disagreement. It's pretty obvious when work wants its audience to find a character attractive and we don't need in-universe requirements for that. All that page needs is for its examples to be elaborated on.
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[up] We can decide on that once we actually get to that point on the list... but as it is, it is very much in the style of hot X, narrowly avoiding being completely silly by managing to not be a snowclone (gasp!).
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So to elaborate on Pinocchio it would say that the blue fairy is blonde and wears a sparkly blue dress and that's good enough? Almost all fairies are 'young, female and attractive' so this could end up being a very long list.
  • The blue fairy from Pinocchio is a slender fair-skinned blonde that wears an elegant glittery blue dress and is crushed on by Jiminy Cricket.

Something like that. We're not dealing with an Omnipresent Trope so length isn't an issue.
313 SeptimusHeap17th Jan 2013 05:00:13 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
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Two things:
I'm going with more like Blue Eyes.
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Eh, I was thinking of something like this
316 oneuglybunny19th Jan 2013 06:24:04 AM from Binghamton, New York, US
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There are some proper examples of Mismatched Eyes entered already. Perhaps foremost of these are the cubi from Amber Panyko Williams' Dan And Mab's Furry Adventures web comic. Possibly one panel from this series as the Trope Image?

Heterochromatic eyes are an identifying trait of clan Quoar; curiously, Abel Rewanz also has Mismatched Eyes (blue / green) though he is of clan Siar. Clan affiliation strongly influences a character's powers, strengths and weaknesses in the DMFA universe.

It shouldn't need to be said, but perhaps adjust the Trope Title to "Meaningful Mismatched Eyes?"
317 SeptimusHeap19th Jan 2013 06:33:43 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
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We also proposed Mismatched Eyes Matter, also because it's easier to rename to.
318 Noaqiyeum19th Jan 2013 11:24:51 AM from Kcymaerxthaere , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up] Horribly clunky, sounds like some sort of heterochromic advocacy slogan.

I propose Metaphorical Mismatched Eyes.
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I'd prefer Meaningfully Mismatched Eyes because Mismatched Eyes Matter just sounds so clunky and inelegant to me.
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All of those sound clunky to me. "Matter" is just as vague as "Meaningful" and they all stink of shoehorned alliteration for the sake of alliteration.

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321 Noaqiyeum19th Jan 2013 07:06:30 PM from Kcymaerxthaere , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up] ...and Metaphorical? :P
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That sounds even shoehornier. And as far as I can tell, metaphors aren't really part of this trope.
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323 Noaqiyeum19th Jan 2013 08:50:53 PM from Kcymaerxthaere , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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On the contrary, under the present definition, the idea that the eyes are different colours because it is symbolic of something about the character is integral to the trope.
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324 oneuglybunny19th Jan 2013 09:18:24 PM from Binghamton, New York, US
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Honestly, I'd like to see Mismatched Eyes remain intact. However, it's been brought to these discussion and repair boards because characters whose unlike eyes have no bearing on the plot or their universe's physics are being added to it.

The only reason that I favor "Meaningful ..." or "... Matter" is to give that stipulation from the get-go, because posters seemingly aren't reading the trope parameters.

This is a Trope because it's an indicator about the character: he's a hybrid, or a necromancer, or schizo, or marked as an outcast. Something other than the creator merely decorating the character.
325 Ironeye19th Jan 2013 11:14:30 PM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
...which is why we should be splitting this, not renaming it. There are patterns to the meaning associated with mismatched eyes, and the other examples fall under "[Unusual Trait] is significant" and have nothing to do with eyes or mis-matched colors. We've got some serious lumping going on, and not the good kind: we're lumping based on superficial aspects, not the underlying meaning.

We have (with examples):
  • Mismatched eyes indicating duality, whether literal or symbolic (Iceheart from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Yuna from FFX, Tuskiko from Order Of The Stick, Wikus in District 9, Tokidoki from Amatsuki, the Count from Gankutsuou, Nora in Nora)
  • Mismatched eyes indicating a chaotic personality or madness (Delerium from Sandman, 6 in 9, Vetti from Glass Fleet, Teatime from Discworld)
  • [Unusual Trait] is unsettling (the film version of Wormtongue from The Lord of the Rings, Teatime again, Dr Betruger from Doom 3, Euron Greyjoy from A Song of Ice and Fire)
  • Mismatched eyes hinting that one eye is special, such as being fake or special (Artemis from Artemis Fowl, Teatime again, Sven from Black Cat, Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Yakumo from Psychic Detective Yakumo, Dartz and Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • [Unusual trait] indicating magical aptitude or special nature—that is, a special nature not involving the duality meaning specific to mismatched eyes (enchanters from Enchanter, the mother and child from 28 Weeks Later, the coed in Xmen First Class, Shiera Seastar in A Song of Ice and Fire, Morgan from I am Morgan Le Fay)
  • [Shared unusual trait] indicates connection (Gaeriel and Malinza Captison from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Jason and his illusions in X-2, the girl and the vet in Redwood Curtain)

Though I didn't have time to check every example, all the other ones either had insufficient context or were non-significant features. We should split accordingly, just like with did for the other eye colors.

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