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So, who here has played? I think it was pretty cool, but the jumping mechanic in Portal added a lot of dimension to the gameplay that Narbacular Drop missed out on. However, with the simpler puzzles, there's not all that much (in the basic game, at least) that would be affected by a one-foot jump. Making it easier to get through sloppily-placed wall portals, perhaps, and maybe slightly affecting "Very Vertical", but not much.

And how about that ending, neh? Or should I say, No Ending. Esoteric Happy Ending? Whatever "Fire With Fire" was, aside from Cut Short. It really makes one wonder about Wally. And "You Win!"... Heh, I suppose the player wins, but the Princess certainly doesn't. It might explain why Wally has such limited ability to place portals (that is, "only where the princess looks", not "not on metal or concrete"), considering he's the spirit of the entire mountain. Perhaps the princess's uses of his portals gave him ideas for defeating the (lava-proof?) demon, such as dropping it through a portal loop and splatting him against a floor at maximum velocity, and then because he had no more need to help the princess, he didn't.

Anyone have any favourite fan-made levels? Or any preferred fan-continuations of the game's story? Or ca-razy theories regarding the nature of the setting and characters?

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