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Gunpla is amazing!
Remember when Maxis was good?
Too much adorableness
Yeah, it's not like companies like Paradox is having shitload of fans or such...they still seems to be doing well so far though...
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Gunpla is amazing!
One thing AAA games have is they can afford polish for the most part COUGHSKYRIMCOUGH

Pardox could greatly use said polish.
For some reason, I've grown to love Skyrim's horribly misprogrammed physics system.

Every time I see a mountain, I push on right ahead to bunny-hop to the top and then fall down right to the bottom (Sometimes through the mountain...).

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They really need to give you a mountain climbing set in one of those games. Let you scale shear surfaces organically.

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[up][up]For all the about shy skyrim. I'm just gonna wait till they make a GOTY version with all the DLC.

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A lot of the games we regard as classics, even from 'the time when AAA gaming was still good/getting good' are far less polished than we'd like to remember. Deus Ex and Morrowind are prime examples.

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Too much adorableness
^^ Nostalgia Filter...sometimes, I REALLY hate those...

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