Thinking of getting back into video games:

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I have a really complicated and controversial history with video games, which is up there with the backstory of the average B-list Batman: The Animated Series villain like The Clock King or The Mad Hatter for example, because a lot of my early experience with video games was profoundly negative, namely when I tried to play Goldeneye64 but got ganged up on by my 12 year old friends but kept pretending to like it because I had nowhere else to go.

Freudian Excuse aside, apart from handheld games I find playing video games really problematic due to my motor skills making it hard to do boss battles where I have to click the button lots and very hard, as well as the reality that after playing a video game for an hour or slightly longer I get very tired and generally give up too easy because of the length between save points on some games.

I was thinking of picking up a 3DS for my birthday in January but I'm just a bit worried I'm doomed to never be able to enjoy this medium of entertainment as much as a lot of other young people seem to, and I'll go back to clinging to my iPhone and Kindle like rosary beads in front of a vampire that just won't die because he keeps trying to seduce me and I think I'm better than this but I fall for the Cullen bastard yet again anyway.
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Well, the 3DS is a handheld, and it can probably me put into "sleep mode" like the DS so I'd say it's quite good even if you can't play for long, even if the game has Check-Point Starvation.

Personally I almost only find time to play handhelds, thanks to public transportation, and I rely heavily on my DS's sleep mode.
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[up][up]How do you feel about slower paced games? Puzzles, strategy, RP Gs, etc...?
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I'd say the 3DS is a good place to start if you want to get back into video games. There's a lot of great titles released so far and if you're looking for smaller and simple games the eShop is filled with some great games like Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force, etc.

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Yeah, casting my lot on "3DS is an okay place to start". Launch lineup was terrible, but soon enough, they managed to rectify that with really good first party titles, and a wide variety of games on E Shop. Plus, even if you don't like the titles available for Thirds, I'm a hundred percent sure that you'll find something worthwhile in the DS Library, considering the fucking gigantic number of games it has.

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Super Monkey Ball looks really, really fun and up my alley.

I was initially tempted by Ocarina of Time, one of the three video games I actually finished in my lifetime as a younger man, but it might be just as overly complex and frustrating as I remember, pity since I enjoyed the hell out of the story enough to finish it.

Also unsure about whether Dead or Alive on 3DS is worth it. I remember something vaguely appealing about that series growing up when I played it at a friend's house. It may have involved jugs.
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Would a PSP also be good? surprised
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Ocarina's not that frustratingly complex.
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[up][up][up]Avoid Dead or Alive. It's a fighting game, and unless you manage to learn the combos and counters well enough you're going to end up being beaten everytime, even by the easier AI difficulties. In fact given your new nature to the community, I'd recommend staying away from fighting games altogether until you can get some experience under your belt first.
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