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Unforgotten Quest (Kickstarter)::

Your friendly neighborhood Cartoonist

The Unforgotten Quest Kickstarter is starting this weekend (Hopefully). Let us all discuss this game!

EDIT: The Kickstarter is up now!

edited 17th Nov '12 3:34:14 PM by DingoWalley

I can't tell whether the game's artstyle looks bad or oddly charming...

On second though, I've decided on oddly charming.

It kind of makes me think of Drawn to Life.

edited 16th Nov '12 7:55:28 PM by Deathonabun

One of my few regrets about being born female is the inability to grow a handlebar mustache. -Landstander
Your friendly neighborhood Cartoonist
The Kickstarter is basically up now! grin

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