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1 ILoveDogs12th Nov 2012 03:31:38 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
I plan to get a new laptop for Christmas, with the ability to run Steam on it. Alienware looks great, but it's too expensive.

Is there a laptop that can run Steam, the Internet and is reasonably priced?
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2 burnpsy12th Nov 2012 03:38:27 PM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
Wait a minute, lemme get this straight.

You're looking for a "good" gaming laptop that isn't expensive?

Good, Laptop, Cheap. Pick any two.

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3 ILoveDogs12th Nov 2012 03:42:44 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Okay, never mind.
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Don't fall for the trap. Build a desktop. If you spend the amount you would've on a gaming laptop, you'll have a rig that can easily run pretty much any game in existence at max settings.
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5 Cassie12th Nov 2012 04:04:31 PM from Malaysia, but where?
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It's truth. Laptops simply weren't designed to last forever, let alone gaming. They're for business ventures, and usually for those whose salaries can pile up for another buy.

Desktops are much more durable and cheaper
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Build a desktop.

You'll thank me.

Or get a laptop and play older games like Rollercoaster Tycoon cool

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7 pvtnum1112th Nov 2012 04:07:03 PM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
If you never ever expect or desire to have it leave your desk, if portability is totally not a concern, then get a desktop. It's cheaper and your upgrading options are more extensive.

That said, I've found that there are plenty of gamer-centric laptops that aren't horribly expensive. If you can afford 1200 bucks, the Asus G55 is pretty good (shameless plug for what I bought), although there are others out there that will work just as well. I took the Asus specifically because the cooling system it has works very well. Just don't buy refurbished units. Buy new whenever possible.
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8 ILoveDogs12th Nov 2012 04:15:27 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
I don't care about portability, but I don't have a desk.
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That's an interesting conundrum.

I too echo the desktop sentiment, especially if portability isn't the primary concern. But no desk might be a dealbreaker.
10 ILoveDogs12th Nov 2012 04:23:46 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
And even if I did, there isn't anywhere in the house for me to put it.
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11 burnpsy12th Nov 2012 04:29:09 PM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
If you have a TV in your room (or any TV you won't have to constantly fight over), you could always hook everything up to it and use that as your monitor, with a wireless keyboard and mouse to make everything convenient.

Plus Steam Big Picture supports controllers for both Steam and a browser, and is in beta, so yeah, a wireless controller will become a viable option when it's finally done.

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12 Recon512th Nov 2012 04:29:19 PM from Southeast Asia
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Wait... so there's currently no recommended method to play Crysis on Ultra on the move?
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Not unless you want to blow your money for a dumb reason.
[up][up] No, too expensive and too short term. Better just getting a desktop.

I still wonder why someone hasn't created a wheeled-desktop yet...
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15 Recon512th Nov 2012 06:26:33 PM from Southeast Asia
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Makes me wonder how professional reviewers and livestreamers do their thing since they play the newest games while having to travel a lot to events and such.
16 burnpsy12th Nov 2012 06:26:47 PM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
[up][up]Couldn't you just put all of the stuff on a cart and call it a wheeled desktop?

[up]From what I gather, very selectively. One I follow just doesn't go to a lot of events, period, since it's not worth the money lost by spending time not reviewing stuff.

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Gunpla is amazing!

Most people just review the console version since PC exclusives are becoming so rare now ~_~
[up] This is actually true.
19 Recon512th Nov 2012 06:31:44 PM from Southeast Asia
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[up][up] Tell all those European, Chinese, Korean and Russian devs that they'd do a lot better on consoles. It's mostly the US and Japan who are locked onto the PS 360.

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20 Lemurian13th Nov 2012 02:16:08 AM from Touhou fanboy attic , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
@Recon: TotalBiscuit mentioned in one of his videos from E3 that he records directly onto hard-drives when possible. When that was not possible (often because the game developers did not want them to do it), he just had to make do with a camera.
21 pvtnum1114th Nov 2012 10:01:21 AM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
No desk? Well, that certainly makes a desktop rather... inconvienent, although not impossible. Typing will kind of suck, though.

Yes, it's called a laptop, but that doesn't mean you can't use it on a desk, table or other sturdy flat surface.

At least with a laptop, you can put it on a table for awhile, then pack it away when you need the table for something else (like eating, paying bills, reading the newspaper, and so on), if you don't have a proper desk. Cheap computer desks are less than fifty bucks, too. They're far better than nothing.

That or get a cooling mat and have it sitting on your lap - although laps are fare less stable than even the most basic of tables (my wife dropped her laptop no less than three times because she wanted to use her lap all the time).
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22 ILoveDogs14th Nov 2012 12:33:18 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Okay, I might be able to deal with only getting a laptop. Is Alienware any good?
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I also have been wanting to buy a gaming laptop for a while. And very annoyed everytime someone told to just "buy a desktop" like I was an idiot or something. Seriously, many people kept saying "Are you SURE it can't be a desktop?" like there was no practical difference. I'm a college student, I need to move it around a lot, morons. And I don't see why it's so ridiculous to ask when smartphones are doing crazy stuff nowadays.

Anyway, from everything I've read, it's not entirely true you have to spend over $1000 for a gaming laptop. It is if you want everything running at 1920X1080 at max settings, but at 1366X768 (which is what most "affordable" laptops are at anyway) on low-to medium (console-quality graphics or likely better.) there are laptops that are around $6-800. What you want is something like a Radeon 7670M or NVIDIA GT 540 M video card. Those are seen in $600-800 laptops, 15 or 17 inch, and can run games like I said above, console quality or better.

Of course that's still expensive, but I want one enough I'm still saving up for one. If you wanted one for $300 or so, or one under 15 inches, or one with 1080p resolution, give up on that.

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24 ILoveDogs14th Nov 2012 01:01:25 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
All I want to do is go on the Internet and play Steam without it lagging like a bitch.
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What games on Steam, though?

Any gaming-capable laptop will likely have good RAM and Processor, internet will be just fine.

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