A Western Equivalent of Jump Ultimate Stars?:

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I would figure that many here would know what Jump Ultimate Stars is. If not, well, Jump Super Stars & its sequel, Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS were Mascot Fighters that bout characters from Weekly Shonen Jump Against each other.

Here's a combo video.

They're considered one of the finest games on the system.

Unfortunately, they were never released outside of Japan, probably due to licensing issues. Not only that , but a few of the Shonen Jump titles were never localized either. These series could be considered unusual to Western Audiences, anyway.

Wishful Thinking, but what if there could be a Western Answer to this? Why not one with Marvel or DC characters?

Basically, one the same engine, but with Characters the West would know and understand.
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Ehhhh... I don't know if I would pick those alone.

But maybe a bunch of American characters, including those guys who debuted in America atleast.(even if made originally in Japan, it first appeared in America) Or maybe not.

But still, we have more than enough ones. A lot of Disney characters, for instance. Some comic characters. Maybe some Western Cartoon or Animesque characters.(Ben Tennyson, for instance)
There is Marvel vs. Capcom...
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[up][up]You may want to limit your choices to two or fewer intellectual property owners to stay realistic.

So what's wrong with Injustice: Gods Among Us or Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion?

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Well, you could have Disney, Time Warner and Viacom.

Disney has, well, Disney, Marvel and Lucas Film, Time Warner has Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Animation (which includes the Hannah-Barbera library), Cartoon Network, DC Comics and CNN, Viacom has Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Game Trailers.

I mean, imagine Luke Skywalker duking it out against Samurai Jack and Geoff Keighley.
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For the record, an actual equivalent of Jump Ultimate Stars would have to keep this in mind:

Shueisha owns more than just Weekly Shonen Jump. However, they restricted themselves solely to the stuff in that one anthology for it.

As such, it's kinda cheating and not really an equivalent if you pull out big companies like Time Warner and use all of the companies it owns.
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I was actually refering to its gameplay engine.

Have you seen that combo video? With the use of the komas? I would LOVE something similar with comic and cartoon characters.

Using panels instead of komas, of course.
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8 Recon57th Nov 2012 07:10:27 PM from Southeast Asia
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[up] Why use existing characters then?
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Well, the original used existing characters.

Existing or OC, I wouldn't care less.
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Well, part of the draw to the game was that readers of Shounen Jump could recognize the koma from the manga.
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