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I liked all the additional cases that Rockstar released as DLC for LA Noire. But sometimes I thought about how much fun it would be if they'd done something like the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption, in a DLC short game that paid tribute to the Hollywood sci-fi disaster films of the era of the game, where Cole Phelps discovers evidence of and then has to defend the city from an invasion of Martians in flying saucers.

What's the DLC/expansion/bonus material of your dreams, for what game? The game where you thought "If they release an expansion where you can do 'X' I would buy it in a heartbeat".

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Does it apply for games that can't currently get DLC?

If not, Sonic 2006 with actual glitch fixes, and everything, well, changed to what it should have been.

If so, DLC to Quest 64 to give it all the Japanese changes, and Gameboy cutscenes(text-based, just like the one cutscene at the end of the n64 version).
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All of the Final Mix content for the Kingdom Hearts games.

Really this should be like number on on the list...
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By dream content you'd mean it'd be free, long and consistently enjoyable, right?
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An expansion pack. :V
"All of the Final Mix content for the Kingdom Hearts games." OMG. YES.
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[up] DLC used to be called Expansion Packs, how about that?
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DLC that allows us to see what the characters in TWEWY are wearing
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Mass Effect 3 DLC that (a) adds the multiplayer-exclusive powers to single-player and (b) lets you customize your powers by class at character creation. For instance, Sentinel!Shep would get 3 biotic powers of choice and 3 tech powers of choice (excluding powers unique to another class, like Biotic Charge), plus the usual passives and bonus power.
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Forza Horizon adding motorcycles (Yes, I'm a biker IRL, sue me.)
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Playable Rouge in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
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A turns the game good DLC for Superman 64.

On a serious note, it's just me, but I wouldn't mind one more expansion for Binding of Isaac.
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More missions for Star Wars: Republic Commando.
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All of it, but for free.
17 XiphosOrochi6668th Nov 2012 11:13:28 AM from Dark Reflection-Glitch River
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A playable Luigi,Metal Mario and Dry Bowser boss fights in Paper Mario:Sticker Star

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Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Dry Bones in Mario Kart 7.
19 TamH708th Nov 2012 02:20:48 PM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Xenogears Disc Two complete as per original script.
20 Yinyang1078th Nov 2012 03:12:39 PM from the True North , Relationship Status: Tongue-tied
[up]Along those lines, the same thing for Knights of the Old Republic II.
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Horse Armor 2: Gold edition.
22 Enkufka8th Nov 2012 03:23:45 PM from Bay of White fish
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mudcrab armor.

dragon armor

Draugr armor

sword armor

shield armor

armor armor

armor armor armor.
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People seem to miss the point behind DLC and costing money.

With how much expensive hardware has become, the soft ware has become this as well.

Just having DLC for free all the time won't bring back any losses that can be made to make up the budget used for the games being made.
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Appetite For Destruction (the full album) on Rock Band.
25 Cassie14th Nov 2012 04:34:37 AM from Malaysia, but where?
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Enemies and map packs for Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries mode. Revisit the chaotic fights against Ganados, and the hectic lynch mobs of Majini, in the newest playstyle.

Ganados Pack - Salazar Castle interior with modifications. Los Illuminados Church and surroundings. Appearing enemies: Ganados villagers and construction worker islanders, as well as Los Illuminados cultists black and red variants. Blind wolverine as the elite mook, and Regenerator / Iron Maiden as nerfed but still elite mook.

Majini Pack - Coastal Village. Progenitor Research Labs. Tanker Bulkhead. Appearing enemies: Majini villagers and soldiers, as well as tribal people. Executioner and Lickers as elite mooks.

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