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Gundemonium Series':

 1 That One Guy Named X, Mon, 5th Nov '12 11:21:12 AM from     Arica, Chile   
I find it a bit odd that there's no thread for this relatively So Okay, It's Average shooter.

It's pretty cheap on Steam and PSN right now. Though I haven't played much of them after buying them, myself.

Anyone else ever played this or am I the only one who's played any of these? :I
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 2 Shirow Shirow, Mon, 5th Nov '12 3:21:22 PM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Saintia SHOU!
I've gotten them off a indie bundle. They're fun. Punishingly brutal but fun. Unfortunately I can't play them right now since I don't have my PC controller and there's no way I can play a high-speed shooter with my cruddy keyboard.
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 3 Hourai Rabbit, Wed, 7th Nov '12 3:14:14 PM from Fort Sandbox, El Paso Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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I'm bad with bullet hell games and do not want to commit to practicing so I haven't gotten very far in them. The patterns are pretty neat but the art and soundtrack are forgettable even after the remake, which is another reason I haven't really been motivated to play.
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 4 That One Guy Named X, Sun, 25th Nov '12 8:58:32 AM from     Arica, Chile   
The soundtrack is pretty good. Although I can't get but think they're trying to channel some other, more popular games with the design

Which is a shame, since when you strip down the games of those elements they're actually pretty good. Not unique, but alright.
You avoided the last two pages... so you could hit on my sandwich.- Slendid Suit
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