New Crusader Kings 2 DLC: The Aztecs Invade Europe:

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Terracotta Soldier Man
I think that a lot of people are missing the point that this is supposed to be more a joke than anything else.

Granted, I'm not buying it either, specifically because I want to keep my CK 2 experience remotely plausible, but still...
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Indiana Solo
Well, I feel like a dumbass now. Game runs slow as shit on my laptop.*sigh* what was I really expecting...

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I would preffered Iroquious, but this good too
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Indiana Solo
I think they would have been happy just trading with the Europeans. they dont seem the type to invade you and butcher you and kill you and cut your still-beating heart out as a sacrifice to the gods.
Terracotta Soldier Man
The Iroquois were actually pretty militant. I recall that one of the tribes converted to Catholicism not so much because of the doctrine, but because when they tortured a Jesuit missionary to death, he went out without showing he was feeling any pain. (EDIT: My mistake. They didn't convert. They did, however, cut his heart out and eat it so they could get his courage along with it.)

That said, Paradox chose the Aztecs because everybody knows (or thinks they know) that the Aztecs were badass, heart-sacrificing, killing machines.

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Mayas are better, if not more evil that Aztec
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Indiana Solo
[up][up] I'm sure he had mixed feelings about that afterward.
Just a thought but realistically only three things need to happen in order for this DLC to be plausible. First the Aztecs need to continue to spread north instead of stagnating and eventually collapsing into a dark age of there own. Second they need to encounter the Norsemen who reached the new world in some form or another to give them the heads up that there is more stuff out there. And third they'd need to get a hold of our develop a ship capable of either crossing the ocean or island hoping up north like the Norse did.

First thing makes the second thing plausible and the second thing makes the third possible. If they continued growing northward it's actually pretty likely they would have had some contact with the Norse in North America even if it was just the two groups fighting to the death and stealing each others stuff which would have included boats.
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