The Dead Linger:

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The Dead Linger is an open world procedurally generated zombie FPS. The goal is immersion, and a decent balance of realism and fun. The game is currently in a very rough and early Alpha state, with biweekly updates and is available for purchase for $25USD at the official website.

Some multiplayer Alpha footage:

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2 AlTheKiller31st Oct 2012 06:05:31 AM from The Swamp. , Relationship Status: I'm Clockwork and she's Quartz
Seems interesting enough.
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And this is kickstarter funded game tongue
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I'd recommend holding off buying it for a month or two at least. It has potential, but it's barely functional as is.

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Yeah, I feel the same way.

But reading what the dev team has said about what they want to create, I'm kind of excited. Part of me wants to buy it right away and get active in their forum community, and maybe offer the devs my help consulting on any firearms/military issues.
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The current Alpha build features 9mm shotguns and 12 gauge SKS's. From the random generation. I hope.

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It's Minecraft meets Day Z. I'll keep an eye on it.
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