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26 SKJAM4th Nov 2012 09:22:57 AM , Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
As for death, I'd go with All Deaths Are Final, with the caveat that "not everyone dies when they are killed." In other words, Never Found the Body, No One Could Survive That!, Faking the Dead, Backup Twin, Body Double and other twists can be used. Or as Welcome to Tranquility put it in one issue, "Yes, we've seen people come back from the dead before...but there was always a trick." You can get some nifty plot ideas from thinking up new tricks that the "back from the dead" character uses.

Idea: A particularly charismatic villain is caught, tried and executed. His followers manage to steal the body before it's autopsied. A few weeks later, villain is up and about, leading his minions. Eventually, our heroes defeat villain—and discover that the followers just turned his corpse into an animatronic puppet and The Man Behind the Man has gotten away.
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[up] [tup] (I love that new button grin)

There's also the possibility of characters who are Nigh Invulnerable.
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Raven Wilder
And, of course, if you bring Time Travel into the mix, no event can ever be truly final.

Which leads to the question: Should there be Time Travel in this setting? If so, what rules does it follow?

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[up] IMHO, [tdown]. Unless it's handled well, Time Travel can quickly make a setting an absolute clusterfuck. That said, the easiest way to include it would be by using the Stable Time Loop version of Time Travel whereby it is not possible to change the past, albeit You Already Changed the Past is still a possibility.
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30 nrjxll4th Nov 2012 01:24:35 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
[up][up]I'm going to say no time travel, period.
Raven Wilder
What about Alternate Universes, then?
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32 m8e4th Nov 2012 01:45:43 PM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
An other way is to use Alternate Timeline but every time someone travel in time they create a new time line. Trying to travel back to the real time line will only end up as a new time line.

From the point of view of the people in real time people who travel in time just disappears to never come back and it will never change the real time. But the traveler can still go back in time to ride dinosaurs or to the future to get that life saving drug.

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33 Sijo4th Nov 2012 02:02:03 PM from Puerto Rico
I vote [tdown] on time travel as well. The implications are just too troublesome; either you can change history, which could cause paradoxes, or you can't, which makes it pointless. Time travel stores CAN be fun but don't really belong in a superhero setting, in my opinion.
[up][up] So basically the Quantum Physics version?

I support this, it'd make for an interesting story and background lore with the person discovering time travel disappearing one day.
Ave Imperator
I'm not sure Time Travel is what we need to be talking about now.

If we're going with something along the lines of the Mass Super-Empowering Event I brought up, I think the first thing to do is figure out what the world is like at the time of the CV Impact Event, and the exact date it should take place on, then figure out how many years into the future the "present day" of this setting should be.

Personally, I think 2020 works fine. As for the month and day, how about October 2nd? That date is just off the top of my head.

Time? How about 19:43 / 6:43 PM? That's around sunset in southern Europe / Northern Africa right?

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Raven Wilder
Sure, why not? It'll take time to recover technology and for psychic powers to develop, so the exact time doesn't matter a whole lot.

How should the alien technology look stylistically? We going really simple, mostly just cubes and spheres with some glowing going on, or should there be all sorts of complex tubes and wires and bizarre fixtures that no one understands?
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[up][up] Make it October 24th, its my birthday tongue

[up] I think it would be cool if we went the "Old Future" route and made it rusty and industrial looking, like something that's been mass produced and has a lot of ware.

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38 nrjxll4th Nov 2012 07:59:00 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
[up][up]The former, I'd say.
Ave Imperator
kind of in between in my vision of it. Xenotech devices in my mind frequently incorporate nanoscopic or even smaller circuitry and machinery, many of which are composed of materials that do not appear to be baryonic matter. Of course, while xenotech technology looks all sleek in shiny in my vision of it, it's generally quite practically built. There are visible interface systems on devices that contain computers, weapons appear to have been built for a wide variety of users, though still seem to assume the species using it has graspers.

[up][up] That's what the human technology based off of xenotech should look like IMHO, especially since we're incorporating cyberpunk elements.

Regarding the date, I just realized that the date I specified is exactly 20 years and 20 days after the Second Impact of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not sure if we want that Shout-Out.

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40 SKJAM5th Nov 2012 04:53:02 AM , Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
To get around Not Wearing Tights, I'd have some fairly powerful and helpful people with powers decide to go with distinctive costumes early on, with mixed motives. For example:

  1. Someone who's really intense about their Secret Identity uses a full-body costume designed to disguise their appearance as much as possible, with bright colors to distract people from looking for the contours.

  2. Person with flashy powers who wants to make it in showbiz uses a costume so they can trademark their image for marketing purposes.

  3. Ascended Fanboy who is totally into the whole brightly-colored costume thing.

They're competent (surprisingly so, perhaps) and other powered people tend to follow the leader. There are lots of powered people who don't wear costumes, but they tend not to be superheroes.
[up] Do we really need costumes? Especially since it seems many "supers" are going to be working professionally instead of as vigilantes?
42 Sijo5th Nov 2012 06:30:35 AM from Puerto Rico
The majority of superhumans might not wear costumes, but the most notable ones (and the PCs, if they want) will, for the above reasons. The Marvel Universe works like that (it had millions of noncostumed mutants at one point- before Decimation Day, that is.) Really the costumed super is too classic a trope to leave out completely.

(Alternatively, a character's powers can hide his appearance -eg, by turning to steel, being covered in flames etc.- and still look cool without having to wear "funny clothing.")

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Ave Imperator
[up] For some heroes, there's also the option of cool looking futuristic body armor or even Power Armor, especially in the case of Badass Normal characters. Or you know, trenchcoats since this setting has Cyberpunk elements.

Speaking of the cyberpunk stuff, do you think we're going to have many Corporate Samurai type characters?

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Personally I would consider a superhero setting based on videogame certain genres and stories.

Have we touched on organizations yet?

The thing I love the Marvel universe is that there multiple factions that can be considered protagonists in one story and antagonists in another.

From my own head, I've created a few organizations, heroic and villainous. Here's just the heroic ones.

  • An global peacekeeping force of various superhumans, aliens, mutants, and androids. The organization is split into distinct branches based on the powers and talents of its founding members. The organization is also highly bureaucratic in that it has dress code, a written handbook on use of force, and often consults with a country's national government or the members of UN before performing certain operations.

  • An international military coalition of the nations of Earth. While they don't employ superhumans, they possess massive stockpiles of military equipment pooled from the contributions of the member states as well as reverse engineered from enemy equipment. Also unlike the peacekeepers, they are no so merciful as they almost always use lethal force and if given the chance to fight on enemy territory they will launch a counter invasion.

  • A confederation of superheros that split off from the peacekeepers due to the latter organization being far too focused on the bureaucratic side of protecting humanity. As a result this organization is far more lax in how its members handle situations and how they dress when on duty. This lax enforcement of internal conduct is both a blessing and a curse as dangerous situations can be resolved much more quickly, but hasty decision making can have unforeseen consequences.

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Ave Imperator
[up] I'm not to keen on the idea of a legitimate N.G.O. Superpower, at least not one that isn't a Mega Corp. or PMC given the cyberpunk elements, because to me, it seems rather implausible in a way that doesn't fall under the Magic A of this setting, AKA for the same reasons NGO Superpowers in real life aren't military forces.

Also, considering the cyberpunk stuff, I imagine that Mega Corps and PMCs would have a fair number of metahumans in their employ.
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46 SKJAM5th Nov 2012 07:06:07 PM , Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
You can also look into how real-world organizations might be affected. For example, CSICOP (Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal.) The Randi prize has been won, so their focus has perhaps shifted to preventing people from being scammed by fake mentalists.
47 nrjxll5th Nov 2012 07:19:43 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I'd be leery about over-emphasizing "classic" cyberpunk elements as it is - as far as real life goes it's something of a discredited genre.
Ave Imperator
[up][up]I imagine that actual government organizations would take over there. Considering the amount of damage a psychic could do with their powers if they had less than benign intentions, even the most liberal nations would probably devote a great deal of effort to identifying and monitoring psychics.

[up] But of course. That said, I wouldn't necessarily say exceedingly powerful corporations is something that was left in the era of classic cyberpunk; you could quite easily argue that it's Truth in Television.

Back to the topic of what sort of organizations would be formed as a result of the CV Impact Event, I imagine there would be at least some international legislature regarding psychics.

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Raven Wilder
You said the alien artifacts crashed in the ocean, right? In that case, I'd excpect there to be a huge boom in the salvage industry. A superpowered deep-sea salvage crew could be an interesting group of characters to base stories on.
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50 nrjxll5th Nov 2012 10:14:04 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
[up][up]I was thinking more of the bit about Corporate Samurai and trenchcoats, although now that I think about it there is a pretty big difference between the classic cyberpunk Mega Corp. and real-life supercorporations.

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