PS3 Hacked (again): All Future Games Decryptable, No Solution Possible:

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1 onyhow26th Oct 2012 07:29:55 AM , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Welp...what would happen in the future because of this?
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2 Journeyman26th Oct 2012 07:46:38 AM from Here and there.
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Well, if Sony can afford it, they'll put out a PS4 as soon as possible. In the long run? A crackdown on hackers, tougher than before. If you thought SOPA was bad, you'll probably forget it in the wake of the measures they'd have to produce to fight this.

Then again, Sony could do the smart thing, watch the gaming black market, and try to actually HIRE the better independent developers who will have a field day with this. If they can hire hackers of their own . . . well, you would do anything you could to defend your livelihood too, wouldn't you?
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3 Cassie26th Oct 2012 08:06:12 AM from Malaysia, but where?
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At this point onwards, I expect Sony execs to realize their own futile and thin-skinned means to curb something that seems detrimental to their incomes, yet bring them more publicity in the long run. Business is all about public rep, and they can't get profit with the way they are now. They should come take a trip in Malaysia. They'll understand how well their console games are taken because of pirate copies (like, self-printed discs for sale)
What profit is it to a man, when he gains his money, but loses his internet? Anonymous 16:26 I believe...
How come there's never any news of the 360 or Wii getting hacked? I'm sure people try to do it, but it doesn't make the news.
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5 Fighteer26th Oct 2012 08:59:17 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
I'm unclear on the full ramifications of this. Does it enable piracy of existing and future Sony titles, or does it just let people use their consoles for whatever they want instead of being restricted to Sony's OS?
6 Cassie26th Oct 2012 09:09:57 AM from Malaysia, but where?
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I am no market analyst or news channel hired descriptor, but what I think entails is that it allows digital copies of PS3 to be transferred between each other AND can be played afterwards. There's a catch: in order to do so, you now have to place a built-in component, much like how modders did with PS2. Doing so voids the warranty, but then again, Sony's service never left a good track record to warrant buying authetic stuff.

Years past, you have to use a mod client called Multiman to play copy games. Multiman can't support post-November 2011 games however, due to firmware killswitch implements planted inside game discs, which meant that most of the people who own a PS3 around where I live can't even enjoy the latest titles. With the component however, it bypasses firmware checksums, so firmware-induced console self-destruction is averted.

As for rammifications, I wouldn't worry about that. As long as Japan and USA are still buying authentic copies, any profit/loss of game devs are basically their own fruits of labor. This kind of thing will only prosper in markets OUTSIDE the two countries anyway.

MIGHT I ADD: The thread title rubs me off in the wrong way. There's no solution possible, but then again this isn't a problem to begin with. The whole issue is a snowballing cause-and-effect complication. If the PSN policy wasn't that hard on people, how would it have caused malicious activities against it? If Sony didn't implement console killswitches that practically FORCE players to go online or suffer a permanent console shutdown, how would it inspire pirates and less privilleged customers to retaliate?

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What profit is it to a man, when he gains his money, but loses his internet? Anonymous 16:26 I believe...
7 Zendervai26th Oct 2012 09:28:22 AM from North Toronto , Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
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[up][up][up] The Wii was hacked ages ago.
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[up]But the news never makes a big deal about all the hacking making Nintendo lose money.
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Because most people don't hack their consoles. It takes effort.
10 DragonGeyser26th Oct 2012 09:47:16 AM from a computer, DUH.
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Also, Nintendo didn't dominate the two console generations before this one. Sony did, and for some, that might just put a target on their back.
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11 NEO26th Oct 2012 09:56:54 AM from Qrrbrbirlbel , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
[up][up][up][up][up] Forcing players to go online? I know nothing of it. And then again, even if Sony was perfectly honest with its customers, there would still be piracy.

[up][up] Hacking the Wii is the easiest thing ever.

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12 onyhow26th Oct 2012 10:10:13 AM , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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@Cassie: Eh I'm just copy pasting the topic from Forbes...please don't shoot me...

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In fact, I don't think they even made that big of a deal when it was found out that the Gamecube's modem adapter could be used to easily hack the GCN.

After reading the article, it looks like what they did to the PS3 is similar to what they've been doing with the Wii for quite some time now. They're enabling easy homebrew and other custom applications, and probably piracy. But they're making a big deal about it with PS3 while they didn't make that big of a deal about it with the Wii.
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14 foodbattle26th Oct 2012 12:49:00 PM from Tahiti (it's a magical place)
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I still don't understand what this means. Is it that P S3s won't be able to play newer games?
15 Enkufka26th Oct 2012 01:17:29 PM from Bay of White fish
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@foodbattle: from what I understand, it basically lets people hack their own consoles to make it possible to share a single copy of a purchased game with any user.

Unhacked P S3s lock content to their system; if you buy a game with your system, that game will only work on that system. Hacked, you can share that game to anyone with a hacked system.

It also allows people to make their own games and share them across systems. or if they're malicious, make a virus to share with hacked consoles.

This isn't that systems won't be able to play newer games, it's that the systems will be able to play any game. (so long as it's for the playstation)

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16 CorrTerek26th Oct 2012 02:08:05 PM from The Bland Line
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Also, note that if I'm understanding this correctly, this will allow users to install custom programs on their PS3. This is not necessarily a bad thing, if the Wii homebrew scene is any indication.

[up][up] Wait, PS3 games can only be played in one system? Is that what you're saying?
18 Rem26th Oct 2012 02:26:38 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
I feel a bit bad for Sony's programmers. Even if this isn't their fault (I have no idea if it is or not, actually. Realistically, pretty much anything can be hacked with enough determination, but I don't know if they made a huge mistake or if the hackers were just really stubborn. Most of security is just making it more trouble than it's worth, right?), things are going to be pretty embarrassing for a while.

Is it true that the hackers only released it because someone else was trying to profit from their work? I'm not sure if that's ironic or not.

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[up][up]Things like DLC or games from the Playstation Network; PS3 games from a disc can be played on any PS3.
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20 Cassie26th Oct 2012 02:33:06 PM from Malaysia, but where?
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It's profitable work to begin with: by putting the custom firmware, it's possible to share games between one console with another for a price. Sony should be grateful that PSN games can't be shared. Yet
What profit is it to a man, when he gains his money, but loses his internet? Anonymous 16:26 I believe...
21 NEO26th Oct 2012 03:26:10 PM from Qrrbrbirlbel , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Actually, I think it's kinda funny that they didn't want their hack to leak... If that's the case, then why were they doing that in the first place?
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22 Enkufka26th Oct 2012 03:27:25 PM from Bay of White fish
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[up]For Science!.

@NLK: PS3 disc games can be played on any system. Downloaded anything, except maybe movies, are locked to one system.
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So, you can paly any games as long is Playstation games???

where is the bad thing???
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[up][up] I specifically support this.
25 Ryuhza26th Oct 2012 03:46:19 PM from San Diego, California
Actually, downloaded content can be used on precisely two systems. It used to be around 5 or 6, but then Sony got wind that this was mostly used for game-sharing.

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