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126 PsychoFreaX22nd Oct 2012 08:56:58 AM from Transcended Humanity
Sorry this might take a while. I didn't expect to deal with Gault's whole creepy tendril thing.

"Wait so you said the hallucination may still be due to intoxication or enchantments right?" Rina queried as they back walked out of the tomb, into the desert heat and toward they're tent.

"Congrats for remembering the last two minutes," Prisha and Rina arrived back at their tent and he starts searching his supplies. "Though it's more likely enchantment. Intoxication is usually done through either touch, taste or smell. I try not to get near suspicious objects more than anyone else let alone eat it. Smell is also improbable as no one else in the excavation group was affected."

"It is true that enchantments still usually must take effect by one of the five basic senses though and those high enough tier to enchant someone outside those limits are rare. If it's an enchantment it's probably done through sight by the hieroglyphs I've been read," Prisha finished explaining constantly under the pressure that this creature can affect him again in some way.

"So with enchantment, it should be easily taken care of according to the PSI scale law right?" Rina suggested cheerfully. "You just need to overpower it which has always been easy at your level."

"I try not to be careless though," Prisha held up the syringe he's been looking for. "We'll start with intoxication."

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127 Night22nd Oct 2012 12:26:39 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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There was something distinctly off about this room in a moment. A sensation similar to the presence of a Belkan Langford, or other form of targeted mental contaminant. Certain manipulation of local dimensional topology was a necessary component, you couldn't just show the image and hope for the best. He looked around, but absent anyone flipping out and screaming in ancient tongues they weren't supposed to know, it probably wouldn't be possible to figure out who had been exposed.

Then it faded again. Curious. al-Faddil shook his head and turned to the matter at hand. "We have a couple of mechanically-assisted sorts. Three, actually, though I only see two here, the other must be outside. We could simply give the door a push and see if it budges. Failing that, it should be possible to cut through it," he lifted his blade and the way it caught the light suggested it wasn't catching the lights that were actually present, "given some time. A few hours. Or to manipulate the interior mechanisms, in the same timeframe."

Outside, the largest suit of armor waited near the entrance to the dig, surprisingly silently, though if Cain or Marion abruptly turned left they'd be rather surprised. Not that'd he'd intended to eavesdrop, it simply provided good sightlines and he wasn't keen to move.
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128 PsychoFreaX22nd Oct 2012 02:32:32 PM from Transcended Humanity
Prisha finished drawing a blood sample from his arm within the syringe and handed it to Rina, "Whether it's clean or not answer in the style of that cryptogram we both remember."

And she done so. Prisha waited to find Rina hand him a note saying in an encrypted version of Nope, no intoxication. In a way it was disappointing but it also fulfills an ulterior motive before moving on to plan B, "Right."

This time Prisha focus to raise his PSI level enough to see if he can break any enchantment within his own mind. There doesn't seem to be any enchantment. But this is where he can move to the next phase one he can't inform Rina on but she probably already knows.

Those who practice PSI are trained to have more internal awareness than anyone else. If this creature entered Prisha's mind it had also entered the territory where he had most power over. He concentrated on finding where that abnormality is. Seeing as it mainly plays with his perception it was most likely the occipital lobe so he started there and before he knew it he found the abnormality.

Now he only had to pull it out of his head. He might be able to do it with basic PSI but if that doesn't work he has one more plan. There is a possibility this creature is still prone to physical changes and it doesn't have as much resistance to the cold that he had. He only has to use his powers to decrease the temperature and force it out on it's own. Disappointingly it never got to that part. He was able to pull the tendril out of his ear along two fingers until he felt the last of it leave his mind and he flicked it onto the sand where it shifted for Rina to see.

"There it is! Kill it! KILL IT!" Rina conjured shurikens along her finger tips threw a spray of an entire array of it at the tendril in order to well... kill it.
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its marie! by potarafusions

Adam watched as Prisha and Rina walked through the door, confused and concerned. Jackson put a hand on his shoulder.

"We should probably start on the dig." He said, "We'll come back for them later."

"Are you sure?" Adam asked, "I mean...he looked kind of off."

"I'm sure Rina is taking care of him." Nick said, "Whatever's in that room, we'll find out for ourselves. In the meantime, Jackso wants to see how useful his gloves are."

Jackson growled as they headed back outside, "I told you not to call me that!"

Adam looked back at the door. Part of him wanted to rush in there and join his other friends. But he knew that his friends and parents would be worried sick if he left without notice again. He would wait for when the time was right.

He ran back up to catch up with Nick and Jackson.
130 Gault22nd Oct 2012 04:58:48 PM from somewhere far, far away , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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The tendril of the eldritch presence, being a mere metaphorical construction for the purpose of helping a writer's audience visualize a non-corporeal phenomenon, remained embedded in Prisha's head. As a mere manifestation of the ancient entity's supernatural influence and not an actual physical object, it was immune to any attempts to physically remove it.

Though it's current host's attempt to force it out with a psionic display was noted with a small measure of smugness. The child had detected his presence, had tried to defend himself, and in doing so had revealed what was probably the greatest weapon he had.

Feeling it had learned all it needed to about this particular subject, the presence withdrew, seeking another host through which it might gain further insight into these would-be tomb raiders.

A tendril drifted lazily in the direction of their leader. He was at the front of the group assembled, giving a speech. A prospective candidate. Perhaps this one would prove to be a more reliable messenger. Yes, this was someone the rest of them would listen to.

It touched Rune's bald head, sending a quiet ripple through his mind. To Rune Prestegard's eyes, a portion of his notes would have rearranged themselves. They now said, Hello.

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131 PsychoFreaX22nd Oct 2012 06:17:04 PM from Transcended Humanity
"Well the feeling of unease is gone," Prisha sighed.

"So about our return trip..." Rina looked around at the desert across the horizon. "Will we have to call Rachel to summon Garuda again? Because it will be a pain to walk and get lost for years."

"Who ever said we were leaving the dig site entirely," Prisha frowned then walked a little away from the tomb. It's best not to get too near it when they don't have to. "We would have wasted too much time coming here. Besides Rachel will want her share of the payment and we'll be poor enough to die from famine."

"What? The last time we went inside the tomb, a creepy tendril thing got into your head!" Rina queried loudly also following Prisha away from the tomb. "As you said, we'll be Ians to go back in!"
132 Tehpillowstar22nd Oct 2012 09:26:13 PM from the remains of the Galactic Federation fleet , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Giant alien spiders are no joke.
Predictable reasoning, it also spoke a lot about Marion—she wasn't corrupted by avarice, nor swayed by the temptation of bribes. He concocted his answer—one that would appease her but mask his true intentions. "I'm interested in what you find. We're searching for information about Ancient Egyptians. I'm interested in that; they knew a lot of interesting things."

He paused to take a drink of water, then continued. "If Kaidza didn't mention this, I know a lot of healing magic and mundane healing. It could prove useful."

He felt something stir in the tomb. Something...otherworldly. Eldritch. Possibly dangerous? He wasn't sure, and he wasn't sure if he should go and investigate. Curiosity tends to kill in horrible ways when Lovecraftian entities are abound. No, better not to actively investigate, instead simply just keeping his eyes peeled.

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133 Ryuhza23rd Oct 2012 02:16:09 AM from San Diego, California
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Rune listened to Herakleios and Kalogeros's short explanation, scratching his chin and nodding slowly, though by the end he had a slight look of doubt— or perhaps uncertainty— on his face. They seemed certain enough about it, and given the look of the two of them and, well, every other impossibility he had seen at the dig, he wouldn't deny the plausibility of their method. However, one thing kept him from leaping on the idea straight away.

"Okay," he said slowly, "Good suggestion, but—and correct me if I'm mistaken—that would require us to know which wall has an open space behind it. Often times, the entrances to Egyptian tombs- or in this case, the tomb proper, have a narrow hallway just beyond or before a doorway like this. Of course, it's not the same in all cases, but there stands the possibility that your hole creation would yield nothing but more brick." He paused for a moment, then added quickly, "If I'm grasping how it works correctly, that is."

"It's a good idea though, I'm keeping it in high consideration." He said, waving his finger. Rune took out his notebook and quickly titled the next blank page ideas, scribbling down a brief recap of what he had just heard.

When someone else nearby began offering a suggestion, he quickly shifted his attention to the one speaking, notebook still in hand. The man speaking wore dark clothing, and Rune recognized him. He knew that Marion had pointed him out, but that had been so quick, whatever name she had told Rune hadn't stuck. Still, he probably wrote it down in his notebook, maybe that would incite- oh, he's got a name-tag! Way to miss that one.

"Well, al-Faddil, I appreciate the suggestion, though I think we're going to try avoiding cutting through the door if at all possible. Once again, as an object of potential historical and cultural significance, we don't want to damage it. However, if your... uh... suits can manage to push the door without noticeably damaging the carvings on its surface, then by all means, have them give it a shot. But if the door doesn't give way with a moderate amount of pressure, I'd ask you to have them refrain from continuing."

Rune turned away, remembering that someone else had wanted to offer a suggestion earlier, shortly after Rune had arrived. He looked around, but Rune couldn't spot the person in the immediate surrounding of people. Once again, he knew that Marion had pointed the man out and named him, but Rune, having had no real conversation with him, had let it go over his head. Still, he would've scribbled it onto his page of names in his notebook, maybe seeing it would jog his memory and bond the relationship it had with the person.

He flipped his notebook open to where he had written down all of the names of the people present, and began eying them one-by-one. Har-ee, a-moo, keyn, ahy-duh-noh, Hello.


The names ended there, with several missing and in their place, one word. Hello. Rune furrowed his brow and stared at it. When had he written that? He hadn't, had he? No, no, it was in ink, but the word was slightly larger than the others and not in his handwriting. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. He had thought that the jet-lag would have been taken care of by now, but-, the word was still there. He closed the notebook. He opened it back up again.


Had somebody else written it in? Snagged his notebook somehow while he wasn't paying attention, and then slipped it back into his bag? Tucker? But... no, it would have had to have been between when he wrote the names down and now, and he hadn't seen Tucker since they'd entered the tomb. Or was that all the more damning? He looked up from the notebook and scanned around the crowd again. He spotted Tucker, but the man wasn't paying any attention to him, just taking pictures and talking to someone. Rune looked around at everyone else, but he couldn't tell if anyone was giving him any undue attention.

He glanced back down at the page and sighed. Hello. Okay. No big deal, just silliness. Still, Rune felt dissatisfied with the word there and no answer to how it got there. And something else about it was bothering him, though he couldn't pin down what. It was there on the paper, and the names were gone. Had he written it after all? Subconsciously written down somebody's greeting? Rune shook his head in frustration and scribbled a large question mark next to the hello, then closed his notebook and left it closed.

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134 PsychoFreaX23rd Oct 2012 03:54:14 AM from Transcended Humanity
Sorry, drama happened. But let's just put that behind and look to the future in enjoying the thread. I know I'm going off on my own for a while now trying to get back from dealing with the tendril. I'll try not to make it too long.

"It's true there's no completely safe way but we can minimize the risk," Prisha started to explain thoughtfully. "Tell me Rina, if you wanted to keep intruders out of your house, where would you place the trap?"

"The front do- No the back!" Rina answered still waiting impatiently to see the point.

"Those would be first two areas right?" Prisha nodded then continued. "Where next then?"

"Any other door? Or window?" Rina stated the obvious.

"Why don't people usually set traps all around the house, behind everywhere wall just to make sure?" Prisha still quizzed her.

"Duh the resources," Rina answered before figuring out what Prisha meant and exclaimed. "Oh right, since most of the traps are stationed at the entrance, we'll have a better chance of entering through a wa..." However Rina looked back at the tomb. "But at least with the house we can see where the walls are."

"There's a chance the tomb travels back along the valley wall, not definite, but it's not worth dismissing," Prisha said.

"So how do we find out?" Rina thought aloud. Before exclaiming and conjuring a large axe, smiling mischievously, "I know! We tear the whole valley down!"

"Yeah, while that excavation group is still inside, I'm sure we won't get charged fo-" Prisha comment before seeing Rina readying the axe at the valley walls and quickly yelled, "I WAS BEING SARCASTIC!"

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135 Elfhunter23rd Oct 2012 05:51:57 AM from India , Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
Kalogeros looked down thoughtfully at the floor after hearing out the problems Rune had with his idea. He hadn’t considered that possibility, chiefly because he was unaware how common it was for structures here. But it was good to know that the one managing the Dig was at least competent at his job.

Once Rune was finished talking to al-Faddil, Kalogeros said, looking up, “If the hallway is really that narrow, there’s still an easy way to around that – if the hole goes too deep, we’ll just stop, enter it and then transmute a new hole to its side. If there is a hallway behind the door, we’ll connect to it from the side.”

“Too much work,” Herakleios commented, still looking through the book in his hand. He was starting to lose interest with this conversation. If it was going to take this long getting past one door, he could only imagine how long it would take for him to finish and get back home. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, only boring.

“Oh yeah?” Kalogeros responded, indignant, “Do you have a better plan?”

Herakleios looked at al-Faddil and said, “Cut through the door. In fact, it would be better if you could chop it down to little pieces.” Looking around and seeing the puzzled expression on everyone’s face, he continued, “We can carry it to the surface and then I’ll reconstitute it somewhere with more resources to study it.”

“Damn,” said Kalogeros, slapping his forehead, “I’d forgotten about the reconstitution spell. Yeah, I guess that could work.”

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136 TeraChimera23rd Oct 2012 07:25:38 AM from somewhere out there
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No shit, Sherlock. Why else would you be here? The shopping? All in all, not much of a catch; he didn't even trot out the "knowledge for knowledge's sake" schtick that academics and rich eccentrics did. The whole thing was a bit of a generalization that could apply to anything. And, in the days of the Internet, this was more than a bit suspicious. Why come here when you could research it online? If it had been the experience of working in the field, Cain would've said so. Additionally, with his money, he probably could've gone to a university and interviewed one of the faculty, for a more personal and less dirty experience. He's probably Up To Something. Maybe a smash and grab.

...But if he was, why was he offering money? To get on her good side? Or maybe there would be a virus of some sort embedded in the transfer somehow that could get information from her account. Marion knew less about computers than she liked to admit; she was going off on tangents, here, and that might not even be possible. Something to look into when all of this was over. Still, it wasn't a good idea to accept something this free of strings.

"Hmm," said Marion. "I'll have to think about it." She paused for a moment and looked up at the sun. "If you don't mind me asking, what do you do? Nice to know where money's coming from. Of course, I understand if you'd prefer not to talk about it. I've worked with people like that." Need to see how he reacts to this. Plus, possible information about him.
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There it was again, that flamelike motion licking at his feet. It vanished off his radar as quickly as it came, evading all attempts for him to at least see what it was before people started attempting to wedge this door open. The thing didn't even look like a door; it seemed more like a giant-ass shrine, and they might not get a favorable outcome if they hit the door and discovered that this was the thing's house or something.

Vince approached Rune. "I believe I've found a way to open the door that shouldn't involve destroying it. It has its own energy signature, and there's holes that I should be able to exploit," he said as he summoned three glass medallions to his hand.
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138 PsychoFreaX23rd Oct 2012 04:17:37 PM from Transcended Humanity
Prisha walked to a part of the valley walls and put his hand in front of it to use his most basic ability which hardly requires any energy, "Frozen Touch!"

Then despite the heat of the desert, the rocky walls began to freeze up forming icicles on the surface. "Where a chamber is closer to the valley wall, the wall between it would be thinner. There should be a difference in it's freezing and/or defrosting rate."

"I predict a thirty two point seventy seventy percent chance of a chamber being eighteen meters to my left," Prisha looked to his left the turned to his right. "And a fifty eight point five four percent it's twelve meters to my right."

"Awesome! Let's go see if we can break it down!" Rina rushed to the area.

"Not yet," Prisha had interrupted walking in front of the most likely area as well. Then placed his hand in front of it to freeze it again. "Rina do you know why the desert is filled with sand?"

"The rapid change of temperature through night and day breaks down the minerals," Prisha continues to freeze and wait the wall to defrost and rinse and repeat. "If we weaken the wall here, not only will it be easier to break, but we can focus the damage only to this wall."

"I think it's ready now," Prisha stepped back for Rina to attack it. "Try the spear."

And Rina done so. Concentrated on summoning a spear and stabbed it right through the wall. After levering it out, the cracks around also broke apart, revealing a chamber inside. There were more hieroglyphs on the walls and statues of giant cobras on each corner of the room. Left from where they're standing they can see another doorway path and in front of them a little to the right is another path.

Most interesting is the strange box in the center of the room decorated with gold smokey lines surrounding it, striking curiosity of what could be inside. After disengaging the spear Rina jumped and celebrated at the discovery, "Yatta! Sugoi Prishy! That's our genius!"
139 Masterofchaos23rd Oct 2012 04:45:09 PM from the void , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
its marie! by potarafusions
Inside the hallway, the three boys heard voices from near the tomb's door. It seemed that everyone else seemed to be interested in trying to open it.

Nick smirked and looked back at the others. He whispered, "Jackson! Try using your gloves!"

"That would sound lovely, but I don't want to risk breaking the door." He also whispered, "Besides, we don't even know what's behind there. For all we know, some demon could come out and posses us." He immediately hated himself for saying that.

Adam looked over at Vince, Rune, al-Faddil, and Kalgeros, trying to make sure none of them saw them yet. It seemed that one of them was a mage. That gave him an idea.

"Let's wait." He said, in a quiet tone, "I think one of them knows magic. If they can open that door, we can see what's in there."

Nick smiled, "I like your way of thinking."

I don't. Jackson thought.

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140 KillerClowns23rd Oct 2012 05:02:25 PM from MN House District 5 , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
Okul and Amu watched Vince thoughtfully. It was Okul who said, "unusual caution for a mage..."

Amu whispered, "he's not the same as our world's mages. Got the power naturally."

This seemed more to worry Okul than anything else. "Spirits, I knew we should have brought a shaman with us before seeing the Lightbringer. Still..."

Amu interrupted, "what are we waiting for? I mean, we came here to explore and discover, not stare at a door like a bunch of camels gaping at a Transcendent! Think about it. How long's that door been there? There's no way anything living is down there — anything powerful enough to survive entombment this long would have clawed its way out already."

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141 PsychoFreaX23rd Oct 2012 05:56:41 PM from Transcended Humanity
"A treasure box let's see what's inside!" Rina excitedly rushed to the box.

"Go ahead Pandora," Prisha commented before looking around a little more.

"Prisha! What's inside the box can also be useful to us!" Rina complained. "So what do we do? Just sell it or examine it more?"

"We'll look around!" Prisha suggested while examining the room. He peeked at the path to the left. There seems to be a stairway leading underground and also a very unusual odor coming from it. "How well the box is guarded can tell us how important it is. We can also bargain with the rest of the excavation crew to open it for us."

He then turned back to Rina to ask, "So which way should we head?"

"Well..." Rina looked around and also examined the left path. "Ugghhh I don't like the smell of that place let's head for the right."

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142 Night23rd Oct 2012 07:48:38 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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"Power," al-Faddil said softly, "does not always equate to mobility. This door is not likely to be the only barrier, and some things prefer the dark until you bother them. Have a care, Amu. Haste is not only dangerous, but often wasteful. And our employer was rather vague about why we were looking here, was she not?"

With a sigh, and a snap of displaced air, a black longcoat with silver trim appeared around him. At the high collar was an anchor pin on one side, and pin with a stylized rising cloud of smoke was on the other. "Perhaps I've been employed on the strength of my suspicion too long. But we've been told too little and that makes me think if we knew too much, we might not be here. Or perhaps Marion doesn't want us distinguishing the mundane from the important."
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"It's obvious, isn't it? All that money came from drug trafficking and paid assassinations," Cain deadpanned. He paused to see her reaction. He then gave her a look and rolled his eyes, "No, of course not. it was an inheritance." He took a swig of more water from his canteen and stared out of the horizon of bare sand dunes and more sand. In a way it was beautiful, but it was so...devoid of life, which made him feel strange.

"You probably are wondering why I am doing this. Perhaps you think I don't mean well for this dig site or your employees. I suppose that is reasonable," That was making him uneasy. Better to drop the conversation quick and check up on the others. "Creepy 2 meters tall guy offers you lots of cash. Why should you trust me?"

Stellark gave a nod at Marion's direction and walked back to the tombs, bumping his side on the large mecha with a curse. "I'll wait for your decision."

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144 TeraChimera23rd Oct 2012 11:10:41 PM from somewhere out there
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"All right," said Marion, nodding after Cain as he left. Inheritance. Hmm. Possible. It'd certainly explain some of his earlier actions. Drug running and killing is also still possible; give a confession sarcastically so I don't believe it, even though it's true. Still, in either case, he practically told me himself that I shouldn't trust him. He certainly didn't give me any reasons as to why I should. Keep a close eye on him.

She began pacing back and forth, thinking. I really should've asked him what kind of inheritance, though. Oil baron? Entrepreneur? Something else? 'Inheritance' is vague enough to not require any questions. Like a lot of his early answers, actually. Hmm.

Why can't anything be simple?

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145 PsychoFreaX23rd Oct 2012 11:28:49 PM from Transcended Humanity
Upon seeing Marion, Rina replied nervously, "Well we have found something didn't we? And technically we have been digging."

"Fine I'll explain," Rina sighed and told the story. "Before at the entrance of the tomb something affected Prisha and made him hallucinate. When we went out to find what it is, it turned out to be a tendril that went inside his brain and once we got rid of it, we decided the entrance isn't safe anymore because of the forces their origins are capable of and the possible traps they cou-"

"Oh crap the others are still inside!" Rina just remembered after being too preoccupied with going along with Prisha. Then rushed past Marion, leaving Prisha there to Face Palm.

Rina then ran back into the tomb's entrance and caught up to the excavation group, particularly Adam, telling them, "Um guys I don't think being here is such a good idea anymore."

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146 Ryuhza24th Oct 2012 01:22:39 AM from San Diego, California
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Rune stared at his closed notebook, feeling suddenly dazed from the strange and—by all accounts—harmless experience. Presently, he realized someone was talking to him. He looked up, doing his best to seem as though he had been listening the entire time. It was Kal... no, Herakleios, asking Kalo... Kalogerius? Rune almost went for his notebook again, but halfway through processing the idea in his head, he decided against it. Herakleios was asking the other man about a "better plan." Okay. They were making adjustments. Good. He hadn't missed too much.

"A solid idea," he said, having listened to Kalogeros's proposition, "But there's one issue that keeps me from giving that the A-OK straight off, besides having no solid idea of how your reconstitution spell works." It was difficult for Rune to say 'reconstitution spell' without adding an 'uh' or 'umm' beforehand. Still, he was managing the adjusting without looking like a clueless idiot plan better than he had expected to. He gestured at al-Faddil, "al-Faddil has said that the cutting process would take a few hours. If there's a quicker alternative available with around the same degree of preservation—or better—I think it would be in our favor to take it."

Somewhat coincidentally, just as he had finished speaking, Rune was approached by the man with the suggestion, from earlier. The man was thankfully very forthright with giving his suggestion, however... "Hold on, just a moment. I like the sound of your plan and your confidence, but you'll have to tell me what exactly— well, generally, that's going to involve before I allow you to go ahead with it. To assuage my hesitance, if anything."

Rune glanced at al-Faddil as he spoke. His words made Rune feel uneasy, but his conjuring up a fancy black cloak perturbed him even more. Rune could barely suppress a sigh as he rubbed his forehead, and wondered whether he was the only person present who didn't have some sort of- of- magical ability. Even more, he wondered what implications that would have, what with him being the one in charge of the dig. Well, he wouldn't draw attention to it in any case. And he certainly wouldn't give any sign that he wasn't quite the Egyptian semi-expert that he claimed to be, truth be damned.

Tucker had spent the last several minutes split between forcing himself to stop taking pictures, forcing himself to stop touching the camera, and lastly, forcing himself to stop looking through and meticulously straightening and organizing the films. He'd photographed every wall that had so much as a single scratch of hieroglyphs at least twice already, some even more. It was far past time to stop. When next he had the opportunity, he would unload the camera back onto Rune.

He clasped his hands together to keep them from fidgeting, and looked around for someone to talk to. With a mental groan, Tucker realized that the only patrons that were in the tomb just then and not discussing how to open the door with Egytologist-supreme Rune, were the three teen boys from before, two robotic-looking fellows, and a creepy man that looked to be two meters tall.

Well, now's not the time to be judgmental. Better to make a new friend, or at least some distracting conversation, before he developed claustrophobia along with his new-found camera OCD. He started walking towards the tall man. Tucker wasn't used to seeing someone who was that much taller than him. He always thought of himself as being somewhat tall, around six feet and an inch. This man was a whole nose and chin taller. He was nearing the man, and thinking about how to greet him, but all he could come up with was a weak, "Hey... there."

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147 PsychoFreaX24th Oct 2012 03:43:56 AM from Transcended Humanity
"Oh it's because..." Rina replied to Tucker but decided to joke for just a second. comically false stern face. "You let Rin die."

"Seriously though it's no time to joke," Rina hastened back to her usual tone. Then looked around carefully and whispered. "I just don't think having a creepy tendril going inside your brain is very safe. If it can make people hallucinate, who knows what else it's capable of."

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I should probably get back inside. See how everything's going. It wouldn't do for the workers to think their boss was lounging around. Marion walked back inside the tomb. She wished the entrance corridor was a bit larger; the walls brushing against her wings made her a little nervous. It wasn't even the fact that the whole thing was underground, it was the compactness of it.

Once back inside, Marion leaned against a wall, examining the crew. Nothing bad seemed to have come up yet. Hopefully, everyone would be able to work together; in her experience, humans were remarkably poor at grinning and bearing it. Sure, there plenty who could, but it was by no means a species-wide trait.

I wonder if I should contact someone to be ready in case this all goes south.

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Mori's still there. He may not be very intrusive because I literally just made the guy, but he's there.

"It's simple, well... not really," he said with some vague amusement as he opened the hand with the medallions. "Diffuse these medallions into the wall like so-" the one on the bottom dropped straight through his hand as the other two remained atop his palm, then disappeared into the ground with watery ripples "-and take advantage of the holes in the signature that way." The medallion fell out of the ripples of space-time, dropping neatly into his hand.

Sitting against a column, Mori had fallen into a daze with the lack of actions, waking up only a little bit to see that nothing had really changed. His eyes wandering around the room, the small pulse of light as Rikos' clan medallion fell through the ground caught his attention.

Why did he have to do that stuff? There was no point to it. Everyone knew he was playing the gods by now; he didn't have to bring it up. In fact, Mori could see the confusion coming to that poor man's face right about now. It was going to be here anytime.

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Cain turned and looked down at the dark-haired Tucker. "Hello," he said, "Nice camera." If one looked carefully, they could see elongated canines—fangs, another lasting scar from the Corruption. Cain stuck his hands in his pockets, fingering the small, wax paper wrappers in there. His fingers felt something hard in a wrapper. Could it be?


Haruka watched the events with an impassive eye.

She was bored. Dusty old relics and hieroglyphics didn't interest her, quite frankly, a healthy mindset for an immortal.

She wandered back outside, almost colliding with the strange teenage girl who didn't want to connect with the others, and telling people to beware of the 'tendril'.

Okay...strange. She didn't let that bother her too much as she wandered back to their campsite. Several tents were already set up along with shades made from tarp that was white on the top and black on the other side, to maximize shade and to keep things cool in the tents. There was also another of this sun shelters set up next to a foldaway table. In the middle was a small fireplace that someone set up.

Haruka opened the cooler, and took out some cubes of beef and chicken, and then two metal skewers. She speared the meat on the two skewers and began roasting it over the fire. She used telekinesis to hold up the skewers as she sat under the shade and read a book.

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