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Okul and Amu turned to each other, then Amu grinned and said, "really, Rune?" As he and Okul proceeded to follow him, Amu continued, "you really think we're gonna miss this either?" It occurred to Amu as he moved that, if he tried, he could probably pick a few pockets in the confusion. But no marks caught his eye yet — all nearby seemed too wary to miss even a skilled thief such as himself.
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All three boys followed Rina and Prisha inside the tomb, taking a moment to look at the art.

"Huh." Jackson said, "I honestly didn't expect the place to be this big."

"'s a tomb. What did you expect?" Nick said, "I would give you a little history lesson, but-" He was interrupted by a punch in the arm, "Ow!"

Adam looked back at Rina. "Are you ok?"

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Kalogeros stared with childish wonder at the device in Marion’s hand. He’d been looking to make that very same device for quite a while now and, within moments of arriving in this world, he found he’d been beaten to it. He guessed the magic archives in this world had much better accessibility than on Gaia, which made him wonder if he would really be of any use at all here.

He found himself tempted to open the device up and see how it was constructed, and indeed his hands did slowly creep towards it while Marion was distracted by another person. But he noticed Herakleios, from the corner of his eye, looking at him with a raised eyebrow and he quickly straightened up.

Herakleios’ eyes followed Kalogeros’ movements, having trouble believing this was really the chief tactical weapons expert for Neo Aima. It seemed people really could move up the ranks with nothing but talent. He, however, didn’t have time to ponder the implications of that as Marion invited everyone into the tomb. The two sorcerers entered along with a number of other people.

The first thing Herakleios noticed was that the room was completely bare, but he guessed the people on the site were responsible for that. The next thing he noticed was the large door with markings on them, with what looked like birds flying into a large room with a man seated on a throne. Herakleios approached to get a closer look at the door, but unable to make any sense of it, he turned to Marion and asked, “What do these symbols mean?”
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Marion glanced over to Herakleios and briefly flared her wings. "Hell if I know," she said. She grinned slightly as she turned back to the door. "If I knew that, I wouldn't need any people to help with this. I haven't even tried to get through the door yet, so we could just need to push it to get it to open, as far as I know. I just saw this door and knew that I'd soon need more resources than the ones I had at the moment." She looked over the people already assembled. "I'll set them to it once we get a few more people here."

You know, if I'm having a head of the digging, I'll probably need a head of security, too. Of course, it'll need to be someone who's both professionally competent and has a good knowledge of magic and present-day weapons. Slim pickings, here. Marion glanced around the room a bit more thoroughly to see if someone who fit the criteria was there. Her gaze fell on al-Faddil.

Oh, why not? She walked over to him. "Excuse me," she said, "but I was wondering: would you be interested in being the general head of security for the dig? If not, I can understand."

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Overhearing Marion's question to al-Faddil, Okul pushed his way towards them, Amu following behind. When he was near, Okul looked al-Faddil over. Then he said, "from our conversations, you seem capable, and you have clear familiarity with this land. Not an unworthy candidate. But I must ask: what experience do you have in leading?" He motioned back at the crowd. "For I think the warriors about to be dropped in your lap will need a lot of leading."

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Rina and Prisha waited until most of the others went in then they too headed into the tomb, followed by Adam, Nick and Jackson. Adam soon asked Rina in which she replied bewilderingly, "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Oh right, don't worry about me," She then smiled figuring that most people aren't used to being in ancient tombs. "I've explored much creepier places than this. Umm... what about you? You're okay right?"

"Also," Rina looked around at the walls where the hieroglyphs are. She didn't know enough about ancient Egypt so she had to ask, "Say... we can make an educated guess on what each symbol means by what pictures they look like right?"

Prisha thought it was obviously probable even though he didn't know much about Egypt either. There was a theory that would easily make sense. But he still wasn't a hundred percent certain so he'll stay quiet and see if anyone else could answer. Besides, while a lot of the symbols clearly resembles a concept, like the hand, bird or water, a lot are still hard to make out. Maybe he looks around for more to analyze there would be enough hints to crack the code entirely.

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Cain smiled, "Very well." Both he and Haruka stepped into the tomb. Electrical lightning lit the entire, giving everything a stark, white, and ugly contrast.

He examined a wall that was relatively shrouded in shadow, not being near to any of the lights. He couldn't fluently read hieroglyphs, but he knew enough of them to gain a very rough understanding of what he read on the wall. It didn't say anything that he was looking for, which disappointed him, but perhaps Marion and her crew have unearthed and taken away some texts of his interest. He would have to examine them later.

In the distance, he heard Marion offer the job of Head of Security to some guy. He bit back disappointment, while keeping his face in an expression of mild curiosity and interest at the walls. It would make things slightly more difficult, but not impossible. It would also mean that he would have to step around more carefully. He had been impatient with Marion. It would not happen again.

He took a glance at the others. He would also have to find some way to gauge how powerful they all were—if he underestimated the others, there were plenty of ways they could make him regret it once he showed his true colors. Like being sealed in a sarcophagus for 1,500 years. Yes, that would be wonderfulmaybe they would even be sympathetic enough to let him have a pack of cards with him during his hypothetical imprisonment.

Yeah. Right.

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The future of warfare in UC.
al-Faddil almost chuckled. "While your choice is arguably inspired, given that I didn't really tell you much of my background, I must decline. I have no real desire to bust any heads merely because they're fools." He gently placed a hand on the door, closing his eyes. "I would be happy to assist whoever you select of course."

He opened his eyes. "The door here and at least the immediate area beyond show faint traces of magic, but I doubt there's sufficient power left in it to kill an insect if it was intended as a trap. There is some fairly powerful work done further in. Well-crafted, considering the tools they must have had to work with. It must have taken considerable time, but from this distance discerning purpose is difficult."

Outside, the larger powered suit had resealed its visor and was moving around a bit, familiarizing itself with the layout of the camp, and also keeping an eye on everyone left on the surface.
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Okul and Amu exchanged worried glances up al-Faddil's refusal. Then Okul said, "a shame. And I cannot really offer myself — I'm too used to disciplined warriors and loyal advisors, not..." he paused, then looked to Amu. "You. Did you not turn a pack of ragtag, desperate, starving ex-slaves into the most ferocious stormtroops to ever roam the Badlands?"

Amu gulped nervously and said, "not really. I ain't a tactician, that all goes to One-Eye Imeyo."

"But," Okul said, "you had to keep them from killing one another, yes? The field workers looked down on the quarry workers as dumb brutes, the quarry worker thought the house workers cowardly weaklings, damn near a quarter of your tribe threatened to leave when you started letting women fight alongside men, and yet here you are."

Amu shook his head, and said, "still, I knew their struggles — we all knew the taste of an Elasane whip all too well. And we were all united towards a single purpose, whatever our differences. But this..." he looked out towards the assembled group. "I don't think they want or need a leader."

Okul leaned in and whispered, "they don't want one. But need... hmm, we shall see."
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"Although if you were head of security," said Marion, "you choose how you wanted to deal with threats. But..." She raised her hands. "...of course, the choice is yours, and I won't force it on you." Damn it. I should've known something like this would come up. Should've brought at least one of my own men.

Marion really wasn't liking her choices for head of security. Everyone was either inexperienced with modern-day weaponry or wouldn't do the job properly. Maybe I should just manage it myself. It's not like I haven't had experience with it.

Turning back to the door, she said to al-Faddil, "I'd tell you to try and get through it, but the head of the dig — one Mr. Prestegard — doesn't seem to be here yet." She turned around and looked over the room, frowning. No, he wasn't. "I haven't tried anything to open it," she said, turning back around, "so you'll be starting from scratch. And, to be honest, I don't care how you open it as long as it involves a minimum of destruction or explosives."
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Krajn and Harry once again emerged from their ship's camouflage field and walked briskly towards the tomb entrance, still not looking at each other as they moved.

I'm with Cecelia. Let's just get out of here before the usual.

Harry, please let me do the talking. As difficult as the concept may be for you to grasp, this is actually important. That is, even more important than it was.

Harry gave a resigned shrug and backed off as Krajn approached Marion and inclined her head in another noncommittal greeting. Despite herself, she couldn't quite prevent a slight degree of annoyance from entering the angle of her neck, though at least the chimera wouldn't be able to recognize it.

"I apologize for my quick departure," she said. "It was necessary to speak with our third member. In answer to your question from before" - she flicked open a backup window to check - "yes, my translation software should be capable of dealing with any standard dialect from this era. In addition, I believe I could be able to provide security assistance, although this would require cooperation from anyone else present with the necessary skill-set."

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Rune glanced back at the two and shrugged, "Well, what I meant was, It's imperative that I be there as soon as possible; if you two were to lag behind slightly it wouldn't-" He stopped himself before he said something rude. His words hadn't come out sounding at all like he had hoped. "Uhh, what I mean is- er... never mind." Rune decided to keep his mouth shut for the remainder of his walk to the tomb.

When the call to begin had sounded, Weller had headed to the entrance of the tomb with some of the other workers. However, when he had waited for a few minutes, taking a couple of pictures of the interior of the tomb, and Rune still hadn't shown up, he stepped back outside to look for him.

More minutes passed. An average looking guy accompanied by an average looking space alien passed. Weller took a quick photograph of them walking into the tomb— too quick; it came out unfocused and muddy. No big loss, it would've just been the backs of their heads anyway.

He passed yet more time taking a couple of closer pictures of the entrance to the tomb. He grew impatient, and his impatience turned to frustration, and his frustration turned into taking more pictures. Pointless pictures, pictures of his shoes, pictures of the sand and dirt, pictures of his pictures. He'd have kept taking pictures until the camera ran out of film, but Rune finally showed up.

"Hey-" He said, walking next to him, "I've got plenty of pictures of the outside, not so much of our coworkers unfortunately, but I think they might have been bothered by a guy they probably haven't met taking pictures of them and running off. Oh, and maybe when we get inside, you can go take pictures and let me wander off to do whatever the hell I want. Sound good?" Weller glanced at Rune, and, "Hey! Are you even listening to me?"

Rune appeared to have not heard him- or, more likely, was ignoring him on purpose. "Drrrgh!" growled Weller in his frustration. Just before they stepped into the tomb with the others, he grabbed rune by the collar of his shirt and pulled him to the side, pressing him against the dusty excavated wall.

"Now, you'll listen to me." Weller said, shaking his finger and glaring at Rune, who seemed to be only somewhat bothered and actually looked kind of bored. Weller shook his head, "Just who exactly is in charge here? Really! Let's get this straight! You might know more about science and- I don't know, impossible things, than I do, but I provide you with money, I provide you with resources, I even cover your ass when you do something stupid. If you continue to treat me like your throwaway piggy-bank, then I'll just leave you here in Egypt."

Rune raised his eyebrows skeptically. "Yeaaah... well, I don't think so." When Weller responded with an absolutely flabbergasted look, Rune continued, spelling it out for him, "If you were really going to drop me, you would have done it already. I should hope so, anyway. Certainly once you found out I was responsible for turning your cousin into a giant talking lizard. But you haven't. So..."

He held up his hands in a shrug, and made as though he were going to go inside. Before he could though, Weller, who was left briefly wordless, pulled him back and angrily hissed, "Oh, oh, you don't think I'm willing to cut you off? You think you can walk- all over me, without consequence? Well get this: you're fired! No money, no resources, no ass-covering..." he paused.

"...for a week!"

Rune, who had started to look concerned, raised his eyebrows again, this time in amusement. He sighed, "See? You're just as curious as I am to see what we can accomplish together. What untold secrets of the world we can find. What barriers of science and reason we can break. And for that, I am too valuable to you. That's why you won't get rid of me."

"I like to think of it as partially being a gentleman's respect." Said Weller, huffily.

He had let go of Rune, and now had his arms folded in a stance of bitter withdrawal. Rune frowned slightly. He did feel somewhat bad for the guy, and even for treating him with disrespect. "Hey, Tucker... yeah, I'm sorry. You're right, I shouldn't be taking advantage of you and I owe you a debt of gratitude for all you've done for me. From here on out, we'll deal with things on an even scale. Like gentlemen, right?" He put a hand on Tucker's shoulder and gave him a friendly smile, then glanced at the entrance to the tomb, "but, right now, I've really got to get in there. I'm supposed to have some leadership in this thing, you know."

Tucker sighed, part in exasperation, but part in relief. "Sure, sure, whatever. Let's go." He took his sunglasses off, and headed into the tomb behind Rune.

Rune did not take long in finding Marion. She was surrounded by a couple of other people, including Okul and Amu, who must've gotten ahead of him while he was busy chatting with Tucker. Edging his way into the small cluster, he heard a few snatches of their conversation; security, explosives, something about the tomb containing magic. Hmmn, he could use that, best keep it in mind.

When he got close enough to be noticed, he held up his hands apologetically, and began, "Sorry, sorry- here I am, I apologize for being so late Marion, I did not think that you were going to begin quite so soon." He took a look at the others present, "Ah, hello. I'm Rune Prestegard, I believe I'll be acting as guidance for this dig, is that correct?" he glanced at Marion, then back at everyone else. "Who do we have here?"
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Jackson looked back at Rina and smirked, "We've been to much more 'creepier' places in the past. This is tamed."

Nick nodded, before studying the pictures on the wall. "I remember going over these kinds of things in my history class." He chuckled, "I used to think that touching them will open a trap, like in those movies."

"That's because...they're movies." Adam said, "Dad said that the pictures are about their pharaohs, or their gods and goddesses."
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“Is that a fact?” Kalogeros asked after having given Rune a sweeping glance. He recognized him as one of the pair who had interrupted his talk with Marion earlier. That had already lowered his opinion of him, but being the last person to arrive here was just too much. ‘Geez, who did you have to blow to get this gig?’ he thought.

“Well, whatever,” Kalogeros said, “Marion was looking for suggestions to open this door without having to blow shit up. Personally I would just transmute a hole through it.”

Meanwhile, Herakleios was looking through the book Marion gave him, comparing any symbols he could find with the ones on the door, with very little result. He turned to Kalogeros, as the latter made his suggestion, and said, “No, don't ruin the carvings. I'll make one in the wall."
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All this time, Vince appeared to be studying the door, though not, if one bothered to follow his eyes, paying attention to the carvings. The vaguely glazed look he had managed to put off Mori enough for him to stay to the side with Marion.

Energetic signatures were one of those things that managed to hold fast through the marches of man and Earth alike, he found. The door's signature had settled into a faint trigonal pattern, a significant number of Egyptian religion. Five and seven might come later, he thought. If only it was eight instead of seven, they'd have a Fibonacci sequence. He liked Fibonacci; there was a certain beauty to this mathematical perfection of nature.

The fact that he got the pattern figured out was easy enough, but as for how he'd do it, he still wasn't quite confident in, well, doing actual magic. 309 days until he was to leave this world, and he just now learned to do something his son picked up within days of simultaneously losing his vision and gaining access to magic- being able to sense it.

But enough of that; someone was about to blow a hole in this wall.

He approached them semi-urgently. "Stop, I think I've figured this out."

Mori glanced at his friend, then went back to staring into space uncomfortably.

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"All right, good," said Marion to Krajn, nodding. "Getting a translation that easy will be a lot of help. And, as for security, I haven't gotten it entirely figured out yet..." You know, she might not be a bad idea. Seems professional enough. "...but when I do, I'll let you know."

She turned to Prestegard — wait, had he said his first name was Rune? Useful to know. "Well, I figured that people were going to get bored soon. Plus, I'm eager to get in here myself. Now, as for who we've got here..." She looked over the people assembled in the room. She couldn't remember all of their names, but began listing off the ones she did know, pointing them out in turn. "Um... Harry, Krajn, Vince, Idunno, Those Two Kids Who Didn't Give Me Their Names Or Their Abilities, Herakleios, Kalogeros, al-Faddil, Cain, Idunno, Amu, and Okul. Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment..."

She stepped in front of the door and cleared her throat. Speaking to the entire group she said, "Thank you for coming. Now, as you can see, we need to get through this door to proceed." She hit the door with a fist. "Some of you have heard this already, but I literally haven't tried anything to get through it yet, so anything you can offer is new. Please try to get through the door — and the tomb itself — with a minimum of destruction. Once you do, flashlights and flares are right here." She kicked at a small crate to one side of the door. "As Rune Prestegard-" She pointed him out. "-is our resident Egyptologist, I've placed him in charge of the dig."

Marion walked back to Cain. "Alright. Now we can talk money." She glanced back up the hallway to the outside. "Um, you wouldn't mind if we talked outside, would you? I'm a little claustrophobic. But if you'd rather stay inside to see the door opened, that's fine too. I don't have it that bad."

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Cain was startled. He could almost hear the pop of his train of thought being jostled from his mind. He turned around to see Marion calling for him. He took a deep breath to steady himself. He better not screw this up.

"No, I don't mind," he said. He walked out of the tomb entrance out into the desert sun. He didn't mind not being able to work on the tomb door, even though he ached to try it. It wouldn't be smart to flaunt his abilities around, and thus possibly scaring people and definitely making enemies. Not now, anyway.

He paused, collecting his thoughts, and then spoke, "I was thinking I could sponsor some money for this expedition. For something this ambitious, it probably ate a nice hole in your wallet. So, here's my offer: 3 million US dollars, which I can wire to your accounts at this moment, now."

He watched her warily to see her reaction.

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With no answer to Rina's question, Prisha guessed it might be because it was just too plain obvious that no one bothers. Or they simply didn't hear. Prisha decided to explain it himself at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, "I would guess so, they're called pictographs. Even though everyone here seems to be from different dimensions, they all seem to speak English. I can also guess they share our own evolution of language. Literary language originated from drawing pictures to communicate. Soon, civilization moved on to drawing a string of pictures which in turn form a sentence."

"This being "ancient" Egypt would obviously mean it predates far back from modern English. Probably during said period, before letters were invented," Prisha finished his exposition, still examining the hieroglyphs on the walls. "I don't recognize what every one these symbols could mean just yet. But a few more hieroglyphic walls should be enough for me to logically deduce the language."

Both him and Rina soon also found the group now at the end of this chamber where they are planning to blow a hole through a wall and Rina had to comment smiling, "Great, so I don't have to play the impatient fool who rushes ahead here."

In actuality, everyone except Prisha used to play that though.

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As Prisha studied the hieroglyphs laid out across the wall, that same latent eldritch presence began to extend itself. It's unseen tentacles began to reach up through the ground, probing, but more carefully. Mindful of the periphery that had sent them coiling back in phantom pain.

They cast about, unseen, with a slow and deliberate method, sweeping the inside of the volume to which they were confined.

This time, they found something.

A mind, young and impetuous. Young even by mortal standards, it seemed. And magical as well. Most intriguing.

These otherworldly tendrils coiled around Prisha's head, pressing slowly in and invading his mind. He didn't quite notice, their touch subtle enough to be perceived only as a feeling of general unease. And yet, it was distinctly alien. Quite unlike anything the boy had felt before in the entirety of his short life.

Then, the ancient influence took hold.

The hieroglyphics on the wall that Prisha had been staring at began to shift before his eyes. The pictures melted or broke apart, lines ran together, snaked and reformed into new shapes. Shapes that Prisha recognized to be English. There now read a message on the wall that only Prisha could see.

Open the door.

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Krajn walked back over towards Marion. "I believe it could be possible for me to remove the doorway," she said without preamble, "although it could take some time."

Meanwhile, Harry stepped slightly back from the mass of the crowd. He felt a brief twinge of pain from his temple and put a hand to it, glancing around suspiciously. No Cloak Guy. Okay, we're cool for now.

He flicked open his backup to where he'd left it before - a wikipage on Ancient Egypt - and briefly skimmed it, chuckling a bit at certain sections on "the power of the pyramids". The Recycling Hypothesis just got a little bit stronger. I'd like to meet these guys.

Closing the window, he turned to the nearest person. "So, what's up?"

I'm a bit lost, so I'll leave it open as to who he's talking with.
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"Oh just brilliant," Prisha saw the symbols on the walls change form into the English words open the door. It looks like some magic really does still have effect in this place. It didn't freak him though, with the number of weird things he's encountered in his life since before the age of eight. However, "I guess we can no longer trust what any of the symbols on the walls say, need we decipher it or if it's laid out in plain English. If there's a sentient force changing it's form at will, we can only read what it wants us to read which can be dangerous if it has ill intentions."

"Huh? Change form?" Rina questioned bewilderingly looking at the hieroglyphs.

"Do you need to decipher the English words Open the door?" Prisha snarked as he nodded to the wall with the words.

Rina still stared at it, confused, "Not if you can update me on when the English language decided to go back to looking like ancient Egyptian."

"This... could be trouble," Prisha said. Now it was enough to at least freak him out a little more though his perpetual frown shows nothing of it. "If we are perceiving the same object from the same direction in two different ways, one of our perception is being played with. Given how the symbols looked from the beginning and the unnatural feeling I just had, it's more likely me."

"Whaaa?? Are you serious?" Rina panicked, not believing how Prisha could talk about such an issue so calmly. Then tried to cheer up with the best solution she could think of, "I know! It's probably just some form of intoxication or enchantment. If you go out and rest those could heal over time right?"

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Rune scribbled down the names he was given, and tried to make a mental note of whom each belonged to. In his haste, he accidentally wrote down ahy-duh-noh without realizing what Marion was really saying. He nodded at the page when he had finished and then at Marion as she stepped away to address the rest of the group. "Good, great, thanks!"

He listened to what she had to say with the rest of the group— formal greeting, basic precautions, the expected edification. When Marion designated Rune as being in charge of the entire dig, he swore several times in his head. Dritt, dritt, dritt, pikk ost... He made a great deal of effort to remain at the very least looking prepared, or perhaps just... at ease. So much for his hopes of having a sideline part in guiding the dig.

He took a deep breath, then moved next to the door and called the group— or those who were willing to listen— to attention once more. "Hello everybody! If you haven't heard, I'm Rune Prestegard- semiprofessional Egyptologist and director of this dig." Rune refrained from adding I guess at the end. "As you know, we're trying to get through this door with the least damage done possible. The carvings on it's surface could potentially tell us invaluable information about ancient Egypt and it's culture. Ideally, we would be able to manage getting through this door without a scratch, but I'm afraid that on our short notice, such methods are highly improbable. That's not to say they're impossible, should any of you have such ideas, but I think it's within reason settle for a little less."

He clapped his hands together, "Alright! Ideas! Suggestions! Front and center! What methods can we use to get through this door with minimal damage? Share aloud, and we can discuss."

With that, Rune breathed out in quiet relief, and glanced at Herakleios and Kalogeros. "Kalogeros?" He asked, looking at Herakleios, "You said that you could transmute a hole on one of these walls? Okay, what does that involve?"

Tucker tried making his way through the group of people, attempting to get closer to Rune without having to push people around and without damaging the camera. He sighed. The camera. Somehow he had let Rune get away without giving the lumpy thing back to him. He had little success easing forward further into the tomb, so there he was, taking more pictures.

He snapped a photo of one wall with several hieroglyphs that the two of the young teens were currently looking at. Somewhat curious, if only arbitrarily, and he eavesdropped for a moment. One of them, the boy with surprisingly purple hair, was talking about 'perception' and the symbols. Tucker thought he understood. They were looking at the hieroglyphs like clouds; where one saw three claw scratchings, the other saw curtains. Where one saw an eye, the other saw a man hanging himself. Tucker sighed and stepped away. This dig would have to pull out something really worthwhile if he was going to put any money into it.

Rune had begun addressing the audience. Tucker half-listened, taking a few pictures here and there. He was happy to hear that they were working diligently on getting the door open, so the exploration could truly get underway. He had just taken another picture of a wall with a set of hieroglyphs that he couldn't tell apart from the others, but figured were still important to have on insta-film, when someone nearby asked, "So, what's up?"

Tucker paused, unsure of whether the voice was speaking to him. He would have glanced around to make sure there was no one else around, but he wasn't wearing his sunglasses and didn't want to look any more awkward than was necessary. Instead, he sighed slightly, tipped his head towards the guy whom the voice belonged to and said, "Pictures, documentation, and perhaps later, analysis. Idle-work while the rest of them figure out that door. Y'know..." he turned his head and smiled at the man, who was, he noted, the somewhat average looking guy who had been walking with the less-average looking alien. "A little boring when you don't know how to read any of this, but necessary."
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His hair is blue! BLUE!

"It's possible but I doubt it," Prisha looked around. "Look around Rina, what do you notice? It seems I'm the only one hallucinating due to the under reaction of the rest of the excavation crew. Usually the small number of people affected can be due to their limited resources. But one is really suspicious. Some sentient creature on it's own might have gotten to my brain."

"Okay! How the HELL ARE YOU SO CALM?" Rina yelled at him. But Prisha decided not to explain anything anymore. After all this creature has enough of a mind to form the words Open the door, it can probably hear them too. Prisha wanted to warn Rina, it would be too much of a pain to come up with a story for the Occult Society on how Rina vanished. But then, would she actually believe this?

One thing that bugged Prisha though was what this creature was hoping to achieve by making him see the words, Open the door? If only he could see it and no one else around him, wouldn't it be easy to figure out it was a hallucination? What if the creature was counting on it? What level of intellect did it expect Prisha to be? Now he also had to remind himself what level of intellect were normal people at. He knew they were stupid but can they be gullible enough to just believe the message?

Assuming he did believe the message would he just walk over and open the door? Can he even? Aren't the excavation crew discussing on how to open the door at this moment? Maybe it has something to do with him having magic. It was said there was some signs of magic in this place after all.

Furthermore, what is the extent of this creature's power. How much of what he sees was a hallucination? And how much more can this creature affect a mind? Can it traditionally mind control? Not likely, or it would have done so to make him do what it wanted instead of seeing an illusion. Can it read his mind? Not likely either. But the smallest chance it can, it's game over. Unless, the kind of influence it has works similar to PSI. So many questions.

Prisha can at least see if the risk can be lowered so he turned to Rina to ask, "Hey, how long ago was it since I met you and the others?"

"Umm, two years?" Rina answered. But does Prisha always have to confuse her like this? "Why?"

"I'm sorry but we're leaving," Prisha turned for the exit and walked, looking around vigilantly. "We'd be Ian's to stay here now. Also be careful."

"Prisha?" Rina followed him. "Hey wait up!"

"Darn..." She mumbled and frowned in disappointment with their adventure cutting short. But she's more worried about what Prisha is saying.

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Kalogeros had been looking at two people who were still standing and talking near the door after Rune had asked them all for ideas. “Tch, what’s their problem?” he said under his breath. As he heard his name being called, he answered Rune in unison with Herakleios,

“Basically we just draw a rune…”

“Actually my name’s Herakleios…”

They both stopped and looked at each other before Kalogeros continued, “Do you mind?”

“Go ahead,” Herakleios answered.

“We displace material from one portion of the wall and send it to another. And it doesn’t matter how hard the stones are, we can move it like it was wet sand.”

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"What are you going to do, stab me?" - said the stab victim.
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Cool Celtic Composition
"Well, don't tell me that," said Marion to Krajn. "Talk to the people doing the digging." She gestured to the assembled group. With that, she followed Cain outside.

It was nice to be out in the air again. Marion flared her wings and breathed deeply as she listened to Cain. Three million dollars... Tempting, but not an especially large amount, as far as her own wealth went. Sure, it would help, but it wasn't like she needed it. She wouldn't be sponsoring the dig if she couldn't afford it. And what kind of person just offered three million dollars out of nowhere? Even she herself would want something in return. "That depends. What's the catch?"

Not to mention that Marion was loathe to accept charity. She hadn't gotten to where she was by riding on others' coattails. If something was wanted in return for the money, then it would be business, but otherwise...
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